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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Take classic 2K action on the go with NBA 2K20 for mobile, featuring 5 new NBA Stories, a new MyCAREER storyline, and an all-new Run The Streets mode! From 5-on-5 basketball with current or all-time great NBA teams to streetball in Blacktop, NBA 2K20 is filled with a variety of game modes for all players. Features: ALL NEW RUN THE STREETS MODE For the first time in any NBA 2K game, take your MyPLAYER around the world in a series of 3-on-3 streetball competitions. Get on a hot streak and takeover the game with greatly improved abilities and attributes. Compete against other players for a place on the Ranked Leaderboard or see how far you can go through the Championship. NBA STORIES RETURNS Experience the history of some of the most famous NBA players and teams with 5 new NBA Stories to play through. NEW MyCAREER STORY Build your MyPLAYER and go on your journey from college to the NBA. Will you have what it takes to earn your place among the NBA all-time greats? THE ASSOCIATION Take control of a team as the GM. Manage the roster, scout and draft the incoming rookie class, handle the budget, and more! MULTIPLAYER Finding opponents is easier and faster than ever before with a new Quick Match feature. Connect with other players through LAN or Game Center to play 5-on-5 matches or Blacktop games. NEW 2K BEATS SOUNDTRACK A new soundtrack accompanies you on your journey to the top of the NBA, featuring songs from Drake, Diplo, T-Pain, and more!

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Needs improvement
MARKELTHEGOAT on 2020-12-01
2K20 this game is awesome. It’s amazing it’s just needs a thing/ missing things. I really don’t know why you have to do connections just to get equipment like I would like to buy it instead of having to unlock it. Zion Williamson is not shooter so he shouldn’t be shooting and she barely has dunks like I expected much more. For Ja Morant too, he needs more dunk packages too. I can’t get to 99 overall. I am a pg who is a shot creator and I’m 6’4. PLEASE FIX THE GREENS. I CAN’T HIT A GREEN EVEN IF IM WIDE OPEN OR NOT, GREENS SHOULD GO IN NO MATTER WHAT. Plz and thank you and I need takeover for mycareer player
Nba 2K20
IvanUzii on 2020-12-01
Ok...Let me Get started on this review and I hope you find this useful The game is fun! PERIOD!! Play My career,Association that’s what I play the most but this game needs updating NBA and these game developers need to listen to Us the people and stop trying to make things happen on there own but no disrespect to them This game needs updating And also The builds for the My career and the Options u can pick in my career Like if your player is a star he should be able to ask or Make decisions with the team Like My Guy Lebron could be better
lil drollaaa on 2020-12-01
Firstly I am going to open this up by saying this game has good things about it, but the cons are making this game horrible. I shouldn’t be missing all of the green lights I get, and the cpu defense is like a 99 overall lockdown’ it’s impossible to break pass the cpu. PLEASE FIX THAT SITUATION... and secondly please bring 1v1 online, and let us use our my players! That’s all the 2k mobile community is asking for :! And I’ve heard that y’all aren’t making a 2k21 version of the game -_- why wouldn’t y’all make a new version
ArthurSkillz on 2020-12-01
Please, PLEASE 2K make 2k21 on mobile better. Trust me what I am saying is how everyone feels too. We not asking for much. Just make 2k21 mobile more fun. Make mycareer better by having cutscenes and all star weekend mini games. Also have atleast a multiplayer 1v1, 2v2, 3v3. And add a leaderboard to make it more fun. Also fix that multiplayer quick game. And fix the audio commentary. And maybe better graphics. That’s all we want. We can sure wait for you to add that . Because the wait is worth it.
We want 21!
417Ro on 2020-12-01
I love this game so much. I’ve started like 3 my careers lol. A lot of people don’t know that you can connect your controller using Bluetooth so when people see me playing on the go it’s lit. The only thing I want them to improve for 21 is the my story experience. My only complaint was I bought a MVP VC package, was charged for it, and never got the VC I’d change my rate to a 5 if they drop 21 though
The shooting
whytomanyads on 2020-12-01
The only problem I kinda got with this game is when try to shoot after a dribble it’s like a stutter when I’m trying to shoot after a dribble move it stutters and then shoots and what I hate the most is missing my green lights when I make greens which I do almost ever my single shot I miss even on rookie I’m wide and can miss a green just fix your game especially the shooting
BordyGod on 2020-12-01
Fix the foul system especially defense in the paint so many foul calls like how Paul George pick up so many fouls is crazy like soon as my players put they arms in the air it’s a foul fix that and sometimes while I’m in motion for a teammate to pass me the ball why do I stop dead in my tracks even if I’m still touching the phone for the movement I stop smh needs some work
7 game
rvr.vera on 2020-12-01
I love this game until I can’t play the 7 game in the playoffs, I try 3 different sasons and it happened the three times. Since it happened I decide to delete the game. I’m really disappointed because i love this mobile game. Please fixed it..... I’m really upset with these issue, not one, not two, three times happened the same, can’t play the game seven
We need MyPark
superchefdave on 2020-12-01
All i can really say is that we NEED a MyPark or something where we can go against eachother with our players, run the streets was cool dont get me wrong but, a MyPark would be the best move at reviving 2k Mobile. That would bring You guys more money and global attention and us mobile gamers the gameplay that we need. Please pretty please consider it!!
RONNIE PLEASE help us don't leave us Like this release nba 21 PLEASE t
TjCommentTrashGame on 2020-12-01
Ronnie please release the game I will do anything please Make the game like ps5 Ronnie you could do this don't do this to mobile this is is Like fortnite mobile vs Nba 2k 21 mobile It's a nightmare please Ronnie here us out help us PLEASE RELEASE THE GAME PLEASE I WILL GIVE YOU BILLONS OF DOLLARS TO MAKE THE COPY OF THE GAME PLEASE

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