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The most accurate zodiac predictions from the best astrologers! We are here to make your life easier, better and more sophisticated. An astrology app that can help to solve your problems. With Nebula you can: - Get a deeper understanding of yourself based on your zodiac sign. All zodiac signs, which include Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, have very detailed descriptions and beautiful zodiac characters both for women and men. - Check zodiac compatibility with your partner, friend, relative or just someone you like or dislike based on zodiac signs’ dates. - Improve your relationships based on deep analysis of your and your partner’s positive zodiac traits and negative zodiac characteristics and find out appropriate solutions with our ultimate 28-days relationship guide. - Find your perfect match, check marriage compatibility and build harmonic and happy relationships considering zodiac sign compatibility. - Find your most toxic match with astrology compatibility. Stop toxic relationships that ruin your life, make your life better understanding your horoscope and using horoscope compatibility check. - Learn all about astrology, the right way of reading horoscope, zodiac symbols, zodiac flowers, zodiac modality, zodiac polarity, zodiac birthstones, planets in astrology, stars in astrology, zodiac elements, etc. You will find out what your lucky days, lucky numbers are, and more! - Know how water signs, earth signs, fire signs, and air signs are different between each other - Scan your palm and receive a detailed palm reading - Chat with astrologers, receive their consultations about life, love, health, career, children and further. - Read for free: your daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, yearly horoscope. Is it not enough for you? Read horoscopes of your friends and family members and know what to expect from them. - Get your personal natal chart reading Nebula suggests a new way of approaching your personal life and relationships extrapolating your birth chart to everyday life. It is not just another horoscope app, It is a personal astrology coach in your pocket, which includes horoscopes and psychic readings, relationship improvement plan, astrology map, astrology love wheel! Every day our astrologists analyze the position of the stars, their movement, and influence on your life and astrology destiny. Spend a minute after you wake up to check your daily horoscope, open astrology secrets and your day will have become a better one. Stay prepared! With our premium subscription you will be able to: > Find your perfect match with unlimited compatibility reports > Get early access to Relationship guide > Master the latest astrology and palmistry knowledge > Get Horoscope & Astrology Stickers and live wallpapers with your zodiac sign If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make our app better, feel free to contact us via [email protected] Nebula offers an auto-renewing, weekly subscription for $9.99 with a free 3-day trial period, promotional yearly subscription for $49.99 with a 3-day the trial, and a one-time payment lifetime subscription for $119.99 to provide you with unlimited access while you maintain an active subscription. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription before the end of the free trial period. Terms of use: Privacy Policy: Contact email: [email protected]

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Give me my money back
thaibunny99 on 2021-01-23
Just signed up for free 3 day trial a few minutes ago. I selected the option to be charged monthly after the trial and was planning to just see if I liked it and then cancel. Well. They immediately charged my Apple/iTunes account $52.99 fora yearly subscription through my PayPal. Did I mention they say the yearly subscription is $49.99? Renewal date today instead of the free trial so I can’t get a refund. It’s like they made me click the wrong thing so they could deliberately charge me? I don’t think I even got the free trial? What’s free about $52.99???? Going to copy and paste this to BBB right now :) This is criminal behavior. Their terms and conditions of use is extremely long and full of “we can charge whatever we want whenever we want to we don’t have to notify you.” And “we don’t give refunds contact your App Store.” And “you forfeit the right to arbitration.” Hmmmmmmm, seriously? GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. Already emailed you at nebula Won’t stop until I get my $52.99 back for your ““free”” 3 day trial that I signed up for an hour ago and already got charged $52.99 for. Do you ever wonder what it’s like to actually work for a living? I’m a massage therapist. You think it’s okay to STEAL an hour of my time????????
Don’t waste your money
Sailor Juniper on 2021-01-23
Hard pass. I have waited several months to leave this review to see if the app improved at all but it hasn’t. The app mainly addresses the sun sign in the daily horoscope and basic compatibility features, and largely ignores other aspects of the chart. I can get that info for free on a lot of websites. The astrologer services are questionable. I paid $50 for an astrologer to put a compatibility chart together for me and my partner and she admitted to doing it wrong but wouldn’t create a new one so I had to ask Apple for a refund. On top of that there were other issues with my partner’s individual chart. They just used a software program to create these charts. There are always typos in the app, which seems unprofessional, and random generalized advice on a lot of pages, which lacks personalization. Other apps I use are mostly free and look at all aspects of your chart in the daily readings. They offer compatibility chart services that cost way way less money and are more accurate. I wish I had not invested in this app at all because it’s a lot of money for not a lot of return. At least I have my other apps.
Not worth it.
KristinaHalona on 2021-01-23
Personally I’m more into Vedic Astrology but for this app I had a Western reading done. The response I got from this person was the complete opposite of my Vedic readings and my other western readings that have been 100% accurate from the 2018 to present events in my life... Updating my comment based on response by Obrio Limited. Let me clarify what I meant. You can claim and say Astrology is not a science all you want but I am a firm believer of the stars and planets. Reading the stars and planet movements was considered science from many ancient civilizations and have predicted many things. In other words, I don’t doubt Astrology, your readers are either not that great or not very enthusiastic working for your platform... Since the last reading, I got another one done from a different astrologer on your app. Although he was a little better, still both were very lacking... Astro Veda and Yodha Pro is SOOOO much more thorough and accurate.
lmononob on 2021-01-23
I like the design of the app but don’t enjoy how often it asks you to subscribe and interrupt you with ads. I don’t really know if I want to subscribe right away and it doesn’t really give me a chance to explore without all of the interruptions which turns me off from it a bit. I don’t know much about astrology but I thought it was an interesting / educational app (but I could be wrong since I’m a noob). The other thing that bothered me right away was that it makes you pick male or female as your gender. Gender is a social construct and and not everybody identifies as male or female, so you’re making people who may not identify as either of those two genders choose between them. That’s not fair for non-binary/gender non conforming folks. This app could be good, but I
COULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT!!!!! only one fix needed
J3___ on 2021-01-23
This app is a great basic tool for anyone who has an interest to learn more about their personal astrology. Well laid out and easy to navigate. Before you have access to anything you must create your profile by imputing your information. However you also MUST select a gender to proceed: male or female. I do realize that masculine and feminine energies heavily effect ones birth chart. There must be a way for you to incorporate an algorithm that switches up the standard male and female details that are marketed towards the user. There are a lot of the non-binary community that would probably love to use your app but cannot even get past the start up screen. Hopefully these improvements can be made sooner than later to be as inclusive as possible.
Very pleased with this app!
emmadelimma21 on 2021-01-23
I’ve been using this app consistently for over 6 months now. I just wanted to take some time out of my night to express my gratitude for Nebula! This app honestly has impressed me because when I downloaded it I assumed it would be like all of the rest of the horoscope apps- mostly just ads and a very brief, short or dull daily reading. But I stand corrected... In the past 6 months, without even paying a dime, I’ve been able to get a VERY accurate daily and weekly horoscope reading, hair cut/coloring calendar, beauty tips relating to my zodiac sign, and more all thanks to Nebula. A big thank you to the people who run this app ❤️ blessings to you guys
Taylorepayge on 2021-01-23
I never, ever, ever leave a review on apps, just a few stars here and there so some people know what their signing up for buuuut, this app has me floored. The horoscopes have proven to be crazy, crazy accurate which almost never happens, and even going past that for those who don’t know much about astrology or are new to it, there is a portion that teaches you about it which could be very, very useful to others. It’s not just horoscopes, and I love that. You can ask the astrologers questions, and they don’t just send you some crazy guess back, they ask detailed questions backing the question. Highly recommend this app!
do not download if ads annoy you
louwho.18 on 2021-01-23
I downloaded this app because I was trying different astrology apps after learning that co-star was not the best one to use for a couple of different reasons. This was the second app I tried and I liked the layout at first but then I started looking further through my chart and noticed the excessive use of ads. Every time I clicked a different part of my chart to look further it would show me an ad, and for most of the app it would show an ad after doing basically anything too. So I recommend to find a different app to use for all your astrology needs if you dislike an excessive use of ads.
iskdbdjsndjakdbdkqksbd on 2021-01-23
Its genuinely so accurate id just gotten done telling a friend not to k*ll himself and helped another out of an ab*sive relationship and i go on to the app for it to say my focus of the day is “support”. Like it really couldn't be more accurate I just wish i had full access for free. Im not going to pay for it because Im 13 and fine with not being able to access everything, its just annoying. I wish i wouldn't have to pay for an app because I know they get money off of downloads and its not costing anything to give predictions.
Incredibly generic and underwhelming
LVBlunt on 2021-01-23
I never got the email from these people that allows me to unsubscribe to the free trial. I knew I did not like this app before I was 30 seconds into using it and now i can’t delete it because it’s gonna charge me ridiculous amounts of money for a weekly subscription!! There is not area for settings or link to unsubscribe inside the app.. nothing. I need the developers to take my info out of the subscriptions and refund any payments they may have taken.

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