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Local news updates can bring you closer to your community, and we need that now more than ever. Health scares and shutdowns are leaving us separated. Connection is key during these turbulent times. Get ready for your day with an app that delivers local news at scale across the U.S. Receive local headlines, breaking news, and relevant stories that matter to you straight to your phone, with News Break. Be one of the 45M+ locals that trust us to deliver your local news. Now you can get news you care about directly from your home screen with our newly designed, customizable news widget for iOS 14. It's the best news widget that allows you to follow local and national news topics without any hustle. Make your home screen a portal to your local community and the world. Get local news, US news and a personalized selection of news stories that matter to you. Whether you’re interested in celebrity news, political news, business news or any other local news, News Break can help you find it. See all the trending news and get news alerts for what matters to you. Know what’s going on in your local community and around the world. From curated local briefings to hand-picked national/world headlines, emergency alerts to crime stories, News Break is your must-have news app. Local News Highlights • Get a curated daily brief about local news, traffic, events, crime and more. Follow local news, events and activities. • Get local weather reports at a glance. National News • Stay up to date with our coverage around protests and public safety. • Browse national headlines and read comprehensive, in-depth stories. • Use the discovery engine to discover stories from over 10,000 trusted sources, including Fox News, CNN, Business Insider, Newsweek, HuffPost, Reuters, The Associated Press (AP), Bloomberg, Time, and more! Personalized News Feed • Get the stories that matter to you with a highly personalized feed, relevant to your likes and dislikes. • Keep up with celebrity news, business news, sports news and more – whatever you’re interested in! • Our news aggregator collects and delivers the news that matters to you. • Get news alerts customized to your tastes. Your Community News • Find local restaurants, deals, shop openings, and more ahead of time. • Read personal and vivid stories from our local writers and content creators. • Treat us as your personal newsstand, magazine collector, restaurant reviewer, and more. Create Civic Value - Support the Cause • Use News Break to revive the local news ecosystem and support small publishers • Increase local story volume and geographic coverage to stimulate local storytelling and community power Follow or Block the Trend - It’s Up to You • It’s totally cool to stay on top of some topics, or totally hate them! • News Break allows you to follow what is trending, or completely block some topics you don’t appreciate. • You can laugh, share, think, cry, upvote, downvote, comment, reply... • News Break is a free ground that welcomes you to express emotions & opinions. Download News Break today and stay informed on local news! Better informed, better life.

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realtor rock on 2021-01-19
You’re no different than any of the other Enquirer journalist out there. Your articles absolutely infuriate people that read them for the lies that you have no other choice but to say it because after all you have to be like everybody else. This is ridiculous he is the best president we have had whether you like him or not!! We had four years of economic growth and it was only going to continue until the rich decided who would keep getting richer. Are we the people not smart enough to know if they went after Biden’s Son, then it would uncover Pelosi, Maxwell And one can only imagine what it would truly uncover!! Who knows who all have benefited from paid bribes!!
Big Tech Anti-Trump Fake News
crosssssssssss on 2021-01-19
Another news app peddling negative biased fake news. Breaks only negative news. Consistently promotes liberal conspiracies and propaganda. Founded by Asian businessman and former Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang, funded by IDG Capital, a venture capital company with significant ties in China metropolitan cities such as Shanghai and Hong-Kong; forcing more biased misinformation to further divide and peddle big tech influence and political propaganda.
Do not turn on notifications!!!!!
zzziippyyy on 2021-01-19
The app itself is good a wealth of news you probably won’t find otherwise. Here is the problem. If you have notifications turned on be prepared to be barraged with notifications. On a recent day I received over 50 notifications from this app! Your phone will light up 24/7 with notifications. Extremely irritating to say the least. If they reigned it in and sent notifications for major news stories than fine but right now it’s overload.
Notifications Dont take you to the Story
Kidologist on 2021-01-19
This app is a tease. LOL You get a notification about a story, you click on the notification, it takes you to the app, but not to the story from the notification. So then you have to search the app and try to find the story that peaked your interest. Ends up being a huge waste of time. What is the point of a notification if it doesn’t take you to the story in the notification? Ends up being a huge waste of time.
Seems like it could be useful, too many adds
Raudskeggr on 2021-01-19
If I wanted that many adds I’d go watch cable tv. Sometimes they are a a debate as every 2-3 news items in the feed, and tend to contain bandwidth-hogging items like videos too. Losing so many adds, chunky performance, and constant nagging about turning in notifications make for a bad user experience and a fast uninstall. Steer clear. Otherwise it would be a great aggregator of local news.
News app loves conflict
Khblessed89 on 2021-01-19
I don’t believe half of the articles they post. And it always becomes a black and white issue on this app ( as for the comments ) it could be an article about the sun and some one will make it there business to bring up black and white . People are so disrespectful on here. They repeat articles. Just from reading the headlines who can tell it will be drama in the comments ( whits vs blacks )
I was skeptical .....
Yvette Marie 65 on 2021-01-19
But pleasantly surprised with all the news sources in one app. There are all the familiar national news sources but I love that I have more local news sources available. I get the news before everyone else! There are features on this app that I have even touched upon yet. It’s a great app to have. My only gripe-All the ads! Will you ever have a paid version ????
So frustrated with this app
Lindibur on 2021-01-19
First, I like the notifications, of stories of local interest. But, so many times I go to a story, only to be taken someplace else. Or sent to a site where the ads are so disruptive I can’t even read the story. Or, it comes up as local interest, and turns out it is someplace in Eastern Europe. Honestly, I am ready to delete the app because I am so frustrated with it.
Great content — lousy writing and EDITING !
!mikie! on 2021-01-19
I really don’t understand why they refuse to edit stories before posting them online for edumafied readers to see. Unlike the Associated Press, which prides itself in introducing errors intentionally so they can re-file the same story two or three times (as “corrections”), this publication seems to be genuinely ignorant of its continuing absence of quality control.
Hostagal on 2021-01-19
I like Newsbreak . What I don’t like is all the opinions that are filled with vile, racist, white superiority, stupid comments. I will try it again and hopefully there will be some editing of these remarks since now we all know where these come from. If there is no editing out of these fascist type comments, I am out and will let the advertising companies know why.

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