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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



Collect your favorite NFL players to build your unbeatable football team. Challenge your opponents in quick 5-minute head-to-head matches. Compete against your friends to rise up in the leaderboards. Rush your way to victory and dominate the game with your very own NFL team! Features include: • Featuring 120+ of your favorite NFL players! • Build your own NFL team to dominate opponents • Challenge live players in real-time PvP sessions • Acquire new players and collect trophies with every victory • Climb the leaderboards and earn bragging rights by beating your friends Download today and join in on this head-to-head football action!

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Great game! Could use some tweaks though
Xantonio55 on 2021-10-23
I love this game it is an absolute blast to play. That being said, there are some issues I have with the mechanics that I think could make this into a 5 star game. First, the halves need to be longer, because you pretty much only get one possession per half, two if you’re lucky, which feels a bit unfair. Second, the zone coverage corners and safeties are not good to use at all. If the receiver leaves the zone you put your safety or corner to defend, your DB will give up on the play which is ridiculous. Third, kickoffs are so broken. If any player is put down to return and the defense plays no one, there is a chance for that player to break free for a return touchdown. There is no reason why a player like Mathew Stafford should be running 105 yards just because he goes against default defenders. Plus, as mentioned above if there is only 1-2 possessions per half a return touchdown puts you in an extremely difficult position to win the game. Finally, the clock never stops even when there is no play going on. For example, before the kickoff even happens the clock is ticking. Time in this game is already an issue as you get very short halves, so this fix would be great. I love the game and have been playing it nonstop, but these fixes would make it that much better and all the frustration I have for this game would go out the window.
Game Would Be 5 Stars If Not For Terrible Overtime Concept.
J Sterba on 2021-10-23
This game is a TON of fun. I really enjoy playing it and it’s a great football mobile experience. What I don’t enjoy, is how severely unfair the overtime is in this game. It gives you one minute to play on either offense or defense, if offense scores 7 they win, if they kick a field goal they win, if you stop them from scoring within a minute the game ends in a draw. You don’t even get a chance to score back for the win, and a minute is basically a guarantee that you’re not getting the ball back without a turnover. They need to fix this because it’s extremely unfair for whoever is on the defensive side and it’s a truly sour taste to lose or draw in overtime with the current concept that we’ve been given. Please PLEASE fix this, and I’ll change my review to a 5 star. EDIT: Passing animation also needs work. It’s WAY too slow and often leads to getting sacked especially when you’re backed into your endzone. This game has promise, but also has typical rushed mobile game issues that will hopefully be fixed soon.
Fix the game
Star shawdow on 2021-10-23
I love this game it’s fun but you jus need to add a First down marker and stop the clock when the ball drops or when someone scores a TD or when your player goes out of bounds also I don’t have time to put my players and it causes me a TD soooo you should add 5 min per half and 25 sec to put your players you should also add a TE Position and have a longer field you should also add three time outs sooo the player that’s fallen behind have time if they stop their opponent on Offense.You should also add a joy stick to control your QB because my QB Gets sacked all the time and it barely can’t escape.Also you can add more players and add Nfl Legends like Joe Montana or Lawrence Taylor and maybe a Pass sooo it’s easier to get players upgraded and add a commentary it would make it intense like 14-13 game the player w 13 pts could win it all. But besides all that it’s a fun Game to play w yo friends and Family
Needs work
idkallthenamesaregone on 2021-10-23
It’s fun to play but a few things I really didn’t like about it, one is when I’ll put my run blockers in and they clearly have the level advantage with a power runner rank 7 and I’ll break past the D and somehow get sucked back into the D when I’m ahead of them? Very frustrating don’t understand how you’re supposed to break plays and score if the defense has a magnet perk that won’t allow it 🤷‍♂️ second thing is delayed passing, for example if I start a play and notice a blitz coming and need to do a quick pass to a quick route I can’t get the whole to throw the ball fast enough before the blitz causes a sack, another frustrating thing should at least have an option to throw the ball out of bounds or something. Aside from that I love the game but I found these issues frustrating enough to feel like I couldn’t play it so I’ll try again later after an update or two.
Great idea, bad execution
jeffcoll0916 on 2021-10-23
I really like this format of game and the style and strategy of the game. Although, there are a lot of flaws. It takes me way too long to get into a game, then once i am in either the person i am playing against debugs out and they never play or I debug out. This causes me or the other person to lose trophies for a game that was never even played. Also game mechanics and animations look weird and almost broken. Epic players in early arenas are also just insanely broken for the fact they can break 6 tackles and score even when they are evenly matched. I also find that progression is really weird and it’s hard to keep playing this game. I also found overtime gameplay to be a bit annoying and I think they could’ve been a little more creative with how it works. I think this is a great game and has great potential, but as of right now it is almost unplayable for me.
Could be better
CodyE94 on 2021-10-23
I don’t normally do reviews but this game needs some changes made. It could be a really fun and competitive game but it just falls short at the moment. When you are going to drop your players on the field you get 10 seconds to figure out who to use and also what play to run. Not to mention the lack of control you have trying to get the RB or WR to do what you want as far as where to run or what route to run. The time you have to choose to figure out if you want a touchback or return is ever shorter. I believe you only get 5 seconds to decide what you want to do and if you want to put a RB or WR on the field to return the ball. Other wise it’s not a bad game design wise. Just wish controlling your players was easier and they gave you more time on the “game clock” to figure out what you want to do.
Money rigged
Ccollins353 on 2021-10-23
Want to win games pay money, for example how is it that I barely started playing had three guys blocking one receiver and some how that receiver caught the ball and managed to shake off all my guys to score a touchdown??? Also why do I put long pass to receive short pass game plans that get me no wear??? And why do I press to pass to an open receiver just for the QB to do a fake and get sacked. Literally lost 6 games in a row that I also can’t explain. I did all sort of changes to my team to just loose to players that apparently are god tier when I’m literally just starting out and have no idea how these guys are so powerful they need one player to truck an entire team. Worst game ever another money hungry game.
League features and more Cards
Tymcdjucub on 2021-10-23
Honestly this is my favorite game on the App Store ever, no football game on here can beat it, but for the leagues there should be features such as clan wars from Clash Royale or the ability to challenge your friends to friendly bouts it would be a lot more fun if that were a feature, and I can’t wait for future updates to hopefully add these and definitely to add more players cuz the roster is good but definitely needs more players and maybe possibly even legends players like Brian Dawkins, Ray Lewis, Dan Marino, etc. Any way thank you for making this game and I hope you guys are looking at these for feedback because this game is amazing.
Couple Problems
mvrik24 on 2021-10-23
This game is great and I love it, it’s really fun to play, but there are a few issues that I think can be easily fixed. For one, it’s way too hard to get coins and upgrade players, and getting the players themselves is hard as well. Something like a pass Royale would be very beneficial IMO. Also there’s a bug where a player might hurdle into the end zone over a tackle and they are ruled out of bounds somehow. Finally, tackling is sometimes way too broken and a player may break 4 or 5 tackles for a td. Overall though, this game is great and just needs a few updates and fixes to be even better.
Ridiculous load times (minutes)
murfo on 2021-10-23
This is a fun game when it loads. Graphics are pretty basic, but good gameplay. BUT seriously long load times.Sometimes it is just unplayable because it takes too long to download, on my 1gb Wifi network or my 5G cell network. Progress regularly goes to 72% and then below it says downloading, with count to 100%. C’mon guys, bundle all this in your app, when you need to update, make a patch and compress it, then push the just the changed bits. I would give this a solid 4 stars, but these constant updates and downloads are killing the playability of the game, so 2 stars.

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