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Just tap into the NFL App for National Preseason games, exciting highlights, and every out-of-market Preseason game with NFL Game Pass (subscription required). iPhone and iPad Features: • NFL Network 24/7 with authentication • Up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts • Free live local and primetime games, in the Regular Seasonj • Live Playoffs and Super Bowl LVI • NFL Combine and Draft Coverage • Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL • Access to NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone from NFL Network with authentication NFL Game Pass is a subscription product with features that vary based on location** Learn more at Learn more about the NFL's digital offerings:,, and The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones of live games, NFL RedZone from NFL Network or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions. The Services may feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. Nielsen believes that you should have a choice about whether to contribute to our research and insights. To opt out of Nielsen measurement go into your iOS settings. Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking. Please visit: to learn more about the Nielsen digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them. *Data usage applies for app download and use. **Certain restrictions apply. Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions:

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Poor quality Video streams
GrooReview on 2021-09-17
I’m a gamepass subscriber in the US. The video feeds served via the app are HIGHLY compressed and a fairly low bitrate, regardless of high speed internet connections (500mbps+ up/down). Low motion frames are decently clear, though when players are moving things get ugly quickly. There are lots of compression artifacts. It looks closer to 480i/20fps, nowhere near 720p/30. There is no way to adjust video quality on your own. The app “auto detects” the bitrate, a process that doesn’t work at all for the consumer. NFL App support is non existent. Their support team has a selection of auto-mails they will send about “fixing” issues that show they don’t actually read the mails they are sent. If all you want is scores and stats, this will work. If you’re pondering paying for gamepass, skip it.
Automatically charged without consent
davebo15 on 2021-09-17
So I cancelled my Game pass “free” trial before September 5th but got charged $99 anyway, and the worst part is I STILL don’t even have access. So I was charged $99 for nothing! I watched one preseason game that didn’t even work, and even though I successfully cancelled through Android and the chrome browser, Apple still decided to charge me for some inexplicable reason (its all under the same account btw). But even when I got to the nfl app on my iPad, it’s still saying “start your free trial”, so literally I was robbed 99$. Don’t download this, definitely don’t get the “free trial”, and don’t, don’t, don’t give away your credit card info!
NFL... why don’t you want my money?
Timezones on 2021-09-17
The NFL has the most backwards, ancient, and pointless rules and restrictions for streaming and new consumer technologies. There’s literally an entire paragraph in the app description, explaining how you can use an iPad for some things, an iPhone for other things, and AirPlay can’t be used for this, and anything with an HDMI can’t be used for that, etc.... it’s unbelievably ridiculous that in 2021 they’re still finding ways to make watching football overly difficult. All I want is to legally stream RedZone to any of my devices, as a stand-alone service, which I will happily pay for. This is why people pirate stuff.
Absolute garbage
Aim for the face on 2021-09-17
The only reliable parts of this app are that it will break every single time we use it and that it will show scores of finished games before you watch them. No matter how many times I select to “hide scores”, it ruins football every week. The interface is not user friendly at all and is extremely poorly designed. The app clearly says “no commercials”, but there are full commercials throughout the game. The only positive is occasionally I can see a few minutes of football. (For some reason, I’m required to give this mess at least 1 star.)
Consistently functions poorly
I TK I on 2021-09-17
Very frustrated with this App’s inability to function. It freezes, fails to load, takes a very long time to load, and doesn’t always stick to the settings (e.g. sometimes shows scores despite being set to not show them). First time I’ve ever rated an app this low and the first time I’ve written a review to complain about an app. Hoping more 1 stars will prompt improvements, particularly for those who pay for services associated with it (i.e. $99 for gamepass) and actually expect them to work. If I had a different option, I’d take it.
Poorly engineered mess
rlr524 on 2021-09-17
The NFL takes all the problems with (auto playing videos, outdated design / clunky interface, junk ads) and puts them in the app. Box scores are a mess with game stats relegated to about 1/4 of the screen. Videos play randomly while scrolling the day’s game recaps (the section with video highlights and analysis). The whole app is slow and clunky. The nfl tries to portray itself as this modern, high tech league so why do your flagship web site and app look like something from 2011?
westbenjamin on 2021-09-17
I have multiple Apple TV’s in my house and subscribe to NFL Game Pass through Apple. I have to reauthenticate every single time I switch TVs. To make it worse, the app won’t let me use the restore purchase function even though I subscribed via Apple. I sometimes use HomePod Minis with my Apple TV to ply music in other rooms. I can’t hear audio through my TV speakers unless I also airplay you one of my Homepods. Totally have buyers remorse with the GamePass subscription.
Love it last year, now subscriptions isn’t working
Redzoneblues on 2021-09-17
I started subscribing to Redzone last year. I love watching football. The broadcast streaming was a bit slow and cut out at times, but for the most part, it was great. Now, I still have the subscription and don’t have to renew till the end of this month and for some reason and can’t access my redzone. It’s says the stream is having issues, but I can watch the regular games. I’m paying for Redzone, so I expect to have access to Redzone as long as my subscription is active.
This is not a good app
agill010 on 2021-09-17
Every year I have hope that they would have fixed their issues with the app. So many bugs and I have red zone but I cannot watch it due to the poorly functioning app. Every year I install the app with hope, then end up deleting it within a couple weeks because nothing works. I have no idea how this has 4.5 stars. I have an easier time finding shady streams online that play seamlessly over this app that is run by a multi billion dollar corporation. Get it together, please.
Issues this year
Treadeshi on 2021-09-17
I’ve always loved this app and I pay for GP, but this year it takes opening and closing the app 2-4 times for it to load without freezing. To top that off, the audio/video are behind and it no longer shows the current scores on the scores tab. Soooo frustrating as a fan who has paid for this app when it doesn’t work. It’s been like this through pre-season and is still messed up now. Definitely not worth paying for GP until they fix all the issues within the app.

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