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Just tap into the NFL App for Live, Local and Primetime games, exciting highlights, and replay every game with NFL Game Pass (subscription required). iPhone and iPad Features: • NFL Network 24/7 with authentication • Up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts • Free live local and primetime games, in the Regular Season • Live Playoffs and Super Bowl LVI • NFL Combine and Draft Coverage • Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL • Access to NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone from NFL Network with authentication NFL Game Pass is a subscription product with features that vary based on location** Learn more at Learn more about the NFL's digital offerings:,, and The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones of live games, NFL RedZone from NFL Network or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions. The Services may feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. Nielsen believes that you should have a choice about whether to contribute to our research and insights. To opt out of Nielsen measurement go into your iOS settings. Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking. Please visit: to learn more about the Nielsen digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them. *Data usage applies for app download and use. **Certain restrictions apply. Privacy Policy: Terms and Conditions:

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Season Ticket Holder No Red Zone Access
gfanjdvehh on 2021-10-16
This is mega-frustrating. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 15 years, which is supposed to provide free access to NFL RedZone in the NFL app on my iPhone, and has worked seamlessly for the past several years, but it simply stopped working this year. I’ve done everything suggested in the troubleshooting guidelines: clearing my data; resetting the app; uninstalling & reinstalling; logging out and then in again using my season ticket credentials; making sure I’ve logged out of my cable provider; attempting to restore in app purchases; and even contacting my season ticket rep followed by putting in a ticket with NFL Digital Care at his suggestion when he couldn’t help. Here we are at week 2 of the season & I still can’t access RedZone, and aside from a generic response asking me to try all of the things I’ve already tried, I’ve gotten no response or assistance from the Digital Care team, so I feel like I’ve got no other options but to write a bad review here. Please either fix whatever bug is causing this issue, and/or give season ticket holders that are having this issue (seems like it’s mostly those of us on iOS from the forums I’m reading) a code to bypass the purchase option in the app so we can access our benefits. There are only so many NFL games a season. Each week missed is a big chunk of the season relatively speaking. Being unable to access our season ticket benefits for multiple weeks is unacceptable. We’re the ones filling the stadiums & forking over the money to help the league rebound from COVID. We deserve our benefits. Edit: It looks like developers fixed the issue & as of week four, access has been restored; however, I’m only bumping to 3-stars because there should’ve been a stop-gap measure employed (i.e. the code option mentioned above) to prevent season ticket members from losing 20% of the season.
The app is absolute crap.
Pekjr on 2021-10-16
I cannot believe that I paid more than one hundred dollars to be able to listen to my Broncos play live. Since I now live in Ohio, I was very excited to be able to at least catch the game while working in the yard, or even while watching my second-favorite team, the Bengals. The app won’t load at least 75% of the time I open it. Or, it will open, think with the swirling circle of death, and freeze there. When I am able to get the game pass to load, after multiple times trying, the simulcast is choppy, with varying volume and bad mixing with crowd noise, and then, 100% of the time, it cuts out and won’t come back- unless I close the app, then open it multiple times, to try to get it to load. How a multi-billion company can make such a piece of crap that only frustrates fans is beyond me. My advice- don’t get it. Find a radio app that lets you listen to the game on an affiliated station in your home state. Using this BTW on an IPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G. Streaming is a joke but only with this app- everything else on my phone for streaming works well. Junk.
Too Glitchy
Skywalton on 2021-10-16
When I went in to write a review for this app I was shocked to see it has a near 5 star approval rating. I just knew so many were experiencing the same issues which would cause the rating of this app to be no higher than 3 stars. I should state I’ve had this app for years and use it DAILY. But the glitches that come with this app have only grown over time. I give this app 2 stars because of the quality of the information provided. But daily I have articles that won’t load. The app completely crashes and I need to re-open. I prefer my iPhone to have a dark reading background with white text. But articles will still have black lettering making it unreadable with this format. And just to throw it in, a 30 second ad for a 1 minute long video clip I want to watch. I’ll continue to use this app. But I find a much more pleasurable experience using the ESPN app. It’s just I ONLY care about the NFL. I only caution future users to be prepared to be frustrated on a daily basis.
Week 5 without Redzone
Flightcontrolking on 2021-10-16
Day 894 without NFL Redzone. I've lost all sense of basic life skills such as counting. I'm not even sure how much money I've lost at this point to the NFL for not having the Redzone channel. Redzone? What is a Redzone anyways? Is it some finite line in the dirt where teams enter with a chance to score? Or is it a line where my madness begins and has devolved into caveman instincts trying to figure out what team scored a touchdown? Perhaps I'm just blissful. They say ignorance is bliss and I carry on with my day blissfully unaware of what is happening in other games. When will this madness end?
Come Into the Present
AJC New York on 2021-10-16
So I don’t know if the NFL purposely misleads you or just needs to come into the present and allow streaming to what ever device you choose. I paid $100 for my subscription because I am trying to cut the cable service cord, so I thought “hey I’ll get NFL App”, and really declare my independence ( I’m sure somewhere in the tiny print it had a disclaimer about not actually being able see all the NFL games, and that you need to be connected to a cable service to see the games ? ) So not sure what the point of the app s besides watching a bunch of commentators talk about the games your no able to watch?
NFL Apple TV app (no standings column)!!!!
Ncdukeboy on 2021-10-16
This is my second one star review of the horrible creation called the NFL app. I have already shared with you just how terrible the iPhone app is. I am at a lose of words for how this billion dollar monopoly could actually create an Apple TV app without a Standings Column. Not to mention how completely greedy and worthless the Game Pass charge is. I will never pay for this additional service. I don’t know if this is an in-house tech team creation or if the NFL outsourced this monster, but whoever is working on this app needs to be terminated.
Need support but can’t get it
HitmeBayB on 2021-10-16
The app isn’t working for NFL Redzone. I am stuck in an error loop: I’ve purchased nfl red zone through the app, but when I sigh in through apple nothing happens. Every time I try to open redzone it asks me to sign in. I sign in, and then nothing happens. I tried to repurchase to get it to reset, but it tells me I’ve already purchased redzone (which is true). So I can’t do anything. I am unable to get any support though the app and online, and there is no way to get my money back. So frustrating, and a rip off
Update tied to iOS 15 is an unforced fumble
Wiki-Papa on 2021-10-16
The latest update, forced when I updated to iOS 15 (which could be coincidence) is a total unforced-error. Games say “fumble there is a problem with this video” yet, on my iPhone 11 (still on the older version) it plays just fine. Additionally, team records show incorrectly… if they can’t get the record right (updated no more than once a week), how can we trust any other stats here? Screw this app… get your NFL data and updates from the CBS and FOX sports apps! This was a waste of time, energy, and space!
No One Wants to Help
Rickyvg on 2021-10-16
Have had Redzone paid for and no way of using it. I’ve tried to communicate with them and they just send you automated messages. I’ve sent screen shots of my efforts nothing. So aggravating when all you want is what you paid for and they won’t even do that. The real kicker is if I wanted a refund there’s no one to talk to for that either. Will rescind this rating if someone can just help me with the Redzone issue.
waschultz2 on 2021-10-16
The app works just fine, as long as there are no live games taking place (you know: the one thing they advertise). On non-game days the app is smooth sailing. If ANY NFL game is happening live, the app WILL NOT load. Restart your phone, re-download the app? Doesn’t matter. App will not work if you want it for its purpose. If you simply like seeing the “NFL” logo on your home screen then it’s worth the download

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