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Your Daily Guidance to Greatness The Nike App is your source for daily guidance and inspiration to get you closer to your sport and style goals. Shop the latest Nike products, clothing and shoes while getting real-time advice from our team of experts. Receive member rewards and discover fresh stories every day from the top Nike athletes and coaches. Download the app today to become a Nike Member and gain access to the best Nike products, inspiration and community. SHOPPING AS IT SHOULD BE Gain member access to select product drops, events, and experiences that happen only in the Nike app. Browse through products tailored to your personal style and activities or create your own with Nike By You. Members get the option to pick up orders, check out through the app, or make returns in select stores. • In-App Shopping – Enjoy free standard shipping, 60-day wear tests, and receiptless returns when you purchase through the app. • Nike By You – Customize iconic Nike silhouettes with unique colorways and materials to match your style and express yourself. • Daily Recommendations – Discover new gear, apparel and shoes tailored to your interests. • For Everyone – The latest in women’s, men’s, and kid’s apparel, footwear, and more. • New Releases – Jordans, Dunks and the legendary Air Max. The latest drops can be found here. • Offers and Promos – Celebrate your important moments with exclusive birthday offers and promotions from us. STORIES THAT INSPIRE & INFORM YOU Get the latest in-depth stories, training tips and style advice delivered daily. Select the sports, athletes, teams, and products you’re interested in following to get more from your app. • Stream – Discover a customized feed of content tailored to your interests. • Style Trends – Discover new ways to wear your favorite Nike products with the world’s top stylists. • Notifications – Find out the moment new stories, styles, or events drop by turning on push notifications. SERVICES THAT CONNECT & GUIDE YOU Chat one-on-one with an expert for style tips or fit advice and join your Nike community wherever you are. • Athlete Training & Coaching – Expert advice delivered by Nike athletes, coaches and personal trainers. • Nike Experts – Chat in real-time with our team of experts on all things sport, style, and Nike. The Nike App is your daily guidance to greatness. Download today.

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Get ready to be a loser!
Viggle hater 3223 on 2021-04-20
I’ve been using the SNKRS app for 8 years & I finally got my 1st win on a short drop last weekend it was the carmine Jordan’s & I’m convinced had I not copped on a shock drop, I never would have been allowed to cop. Nike if u don’t like this review, start making it fair for ppl who go for ur shoes! If u fix it, I’ll change my review, til then u get 1 star!!!!we show love to the little guys. Nike continually makes clothes & shoes ppl want, harder & harder to get by producing fewer & fewer pairs. It’s really sad bc I have been a lifelong shoe collector (all nike) but now I have to start going after shoes from adidas, puma & new balance just to feel something bc I can’t get Nike’s anymore. It’s really a sad day nike, when u can’t even get general release Jordan’s anymore. Smh! I hope you’re happy with what you’re doing. This app is not nearly as bad as the snkrs app, but they’re all connected so that’s y I gave this app 2 stars. Nike does things like hide shoes on this app so ppl can’t find em & use bots on their snkrs app, but all that does is gives the ppl w the best connections to shoe groups & information to find the shoes. While The ppl who try it on their own, still dont have a chance. What happened to u nike? I haven’t had access to a shoe this year, I haven’t gotten picked for a raffle this year either. So what’s really going on???
Poor service
prodamatt on 2021-04-20
Very disappointing service connected to the app. I bought a pair of shoes with an expedite shipment, everything was efficiently confirmed via email. The day after I received a notification saying that the order was cancelled, no solution or alternatives given, kind of “sorry and goodbye”. I was supposed to receive the shoes the day after for a run I had organised. I called the customer service to have an explanation, the representative was not helpful at all and did not offer any solution. I asked to receive a call from a manager, the representative said that someone would have called me. No one has ever called me back. I placed another order for a half size larger pair of shoe, hopefully I will receive them. I selected regular shipping and it will take a week to receive them. I asked via chat to make sure that the shoes are available and if they could expedite the shipment. They said that they can’t expedite them, the solution was to cancel the order and pay for the fast shipment. If this is the service that a top US company is providing, well, it is very sad. In the era of the online service there is no empathy, understanding and problem solving skills.
Great App
Potbadger on 2021-04-20
Great app, user friendly and great deals to steal if you’re a random window shopper just looking to spend (haha) so truthfully I’m not a huge fan of ordering things without trying them on first or seeing it physically before making a purchase of, especially when I’m entering in acct info to order. However Nike has been the only website literally where they make me feel valued as a customer and safe to place and order. Also, return policy is AWESOME, especially during COVID, but before the pandemic, the satisfaction with your product is why I continue to shop occasionally thru the App or Online with Nike, beats lines at the outlet. Privacy is also guaranteed (through my experience) and if you return an item, the refund took less then a week, which isn’t bad compared to 10-14 business days. Thanks Nike!
Not available Shoes
DE1217 on 2021-04-20
There should be a wish list for shoes and their sizes that have sold out quickly to show expressed interest in a shoe(s) that may have been gobbled up quickly by “flippers.” Not everybody has the “bots” or “ time” to gobble up shoes as soon as they drop. I personally want a pair of the KD 13 in grey/ wolf grey in size 16 but I’ve been informed that the larger sizes tend to be gobbled up quicker by flippers. A “heads up” notification about a second drop would be GREAT or the ability to order the same exact shoe with the “ customization “ option would be great also! Thanks!
Ness The GOD on 2021-04-20
The app is okay still some glitches doesn’t connect unless your on WiFi. The shipping is terrible. It takes way too long to ship anything I ordered socks about 2weeks ago there coming Tuesday. Also they’ll leave your expensive pair of nikes at your door and notify you after a half hour later and won’t ring the doorbell . And mostly any Retro Jordan realase the site won’t have or foamposites. The 1s here and there but that’s it.
App is Junk
Sexual Icon on 2021-04-20
When functional the application is a great substitute for the website. However, the app never successfully logins in, nor does it allows you to view the app without an account, therefore the app is absolutely worthless. It seems Nike has applied their bottom dollar lowest cost approach from their merchandise to their mobile app development. It is about as functional and user friendly as toilet paper made from sand paper.
Fix your customer service
izzyota on 2021-04-20
I had made a typo on my address so when I called customer service to have them help me I got no help she said I just have to wait until i got a tracking number and it was either I cancel my order or send it to a near by fedex ... ect; before do anything instead of just quickly editing my address and sending to the right place. Fuxking ridiculous
Great customer service
Gung-ho Senior on 2021-04-20
I was on the road today and didn’t have a lot of time. Thanks to Adriana’s help I found2 pair, one of which she found in men’s which fit better and was a color I preferred. She also helped me access my 10% discount. She made my stop in easy and fun.
Ordered my shoes 2 weeks ago
jag453535353 on 2021-04-20
I will never use the app again to or any d*** shoes. It’s been saying since Tuesday that my shoes will be here and here it it Thursday and they still not here not to mention o ordered them 2 weeks ago. I definitely don’t recommend this app at all.
Can’t even log in
zwnksjejlzsjbe on 2021-04-20
I tried to log in on this app but once i put in my email and press next it just says to reload the screen if it already doesn’t automatically do so. please fix this nike it’s been happening for about 3 weeks now i can’t even log in smh.

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