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Jun, 2022


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Your Daily Guidance to Greatness The Nike App is your source for daily guidance and inspiration to get you closer to your sport and style goals. Shop the latest Nike and Jordan products, clothing and shoes while getting real-time advice from our team of experts. Receive member rewards and discover fresh stories every day from the top Nike athletes and coaches. Download the app today to become a Nike Member and gain access to the best Nike products, inspiration and community. SHOPPING AS IT SHOULD BE Gain member access to select product drops, events, and experiences that happen only in the Nike app. Browse through products tailored to your personal style and activities or create your own with Nike By You. Members get the option to pick up orders, check out through the app, or make returns in select stores. • In-App Shopping – Enjoy free standard shipping, 60-day wear tests, and receiptless returns when you purchase through the app. • Nike By You – Customize iconic Nike silhouettes with unique colorways and materials to match your style and express yourself. • Daily Recommendations – Discover new gear, apparel and shoes tailored to your interests. • For Everyone – The latest in women’s, men’s, and kid’s apparel, footwear, and more. • New Releases – Jordans, Dunks and the legendary Air Max. The latest drops can be found here. • Offers and Promos – Celebrate your important moments with exclusive birthday offers and promotions from us. STORIES THAT INSPIRE & INFORM YOU Get the latest in-depth stories, training tips and style advice delivered daily. Select the sports, athletes, teams, and products you’re interested in following to get more from your app. • Stream – Discover a customized feed of content tailored to your interests. • Style Trends – Discover new ways to wear your favorite Nike products with the world’s top stylists. • Notifications – Find out the moment new stories, styles, or events drop by turning on push notifications. SERVICES THAT CONNECT & GUIDE YOU Chat one-on-one with an expert for style tips or fit advice and join your Nike community wherever you are. • Athlete Training & Coaching – Expert advice delivered by Nike athletes, coaches and personal trainers. • Nike Experts – Chat in real-time with our team of experts on all things sport, style, and Nike. The Nike App is your daily guidance to greatness. Download today.

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duotriple on 2022-07-03
nike is honestly a joke. i’ve ordered 2 items from nike over the year. i’ve ordered a hoodie and won a pair of nike dunks. both of which have not been delivered to me. you’d think that your i formation would be safe with such a brand but you’d be incorrect, and when i tried talking to one of the team members they always tell me the same thing. they always tell me they’ll try whatever they can to get my package to me. they would be lying about that because my packages never came to me. at least i got a refund on my hoodie and i hope i can get it on my dunks as well. i encourage everyone who sees this message to be cautious when buying from nike. i won’t say stop buying from them but to just be aware that there’s a possibility they will screw you over and just take your money and give you nothing in return 🤷🏻‍♂️.
labelle28 on 2022-07-03
Hice una compra de tres pares de zapatos y me llegaron en diferentes días, los fui a devolver porque no me gustaron ya viéndolos. El app no me daba la opción de devolverlos todos juntos. Los llame y les expliqué el problema y me dijeron que no había problemas que los llevara a la ups y que pagara la caja que Nike me devolvía el dinero. Hice lo que customer service me dijo que hiciera. Luego cuando les dije que me devolvieran el dinero que gaste, me dijeron que ellos no devolvían dinero.. me mintieron y no fue mi culpa que enviaran mi pedido en días separados. Los elimine y dije que nunca mas les compraba. SON UNOS LADRONES QUE MIENTEN AL CONSUMIDOR.
Jordan 1 mids but no highs
MRBoizzzOG3309 on 2022-07-03
Overall I love the app. I’ve picked up a few things here and there, but when I want a Jordan 1, I want a high. Now I know sneaker heads don’t like the mids because Jordan didn’t play in one. But I don’t like the look and the feel in a mid. Every time y’all drop a Jordan 1, it’s either a low or mid, but never a high. Why is that? Over all it’s a good app, I like the AF1 and dunk drops, because they give me satisfaction while I’m wearing them. If you could add Jordan 1 highs, I think that would definitely increase my interest. Thank you
Disappointing experience
ATEDA on 2022-07-03
When Nike runs out of stock with the product, they say that they delivered the product, yet when I review my cameras at home, no one delivered anything the day Nike says that they delivered. Then when you call them, they tell you that that product is out of stock. Calling customer service on the phone is just as bad, they have messed up my order to the point I am not able to figure out what they have done. I’m deleting this app and I’m never purchasing anything through their app or website. Nike - Just disappointments.
horribly built app
Pigsass on 2022-07-03
the local nike shop near me carries a bunch of models of shoes... go to search for those shoes or variations of on the app and it doesnt even show that they make those shoes... put in my 10.5 size shoe and search for men's shoes... only shows baby shoes and some model of shoe that isnt even available to buy yet almost works as bad as the useless website that runs even worse than the app... half the stuff doesnt even load. one of the biggest shoe companies in the world and has a useless app?! pretty impressive
Diam18 on 2022-07-03
Every time I go to buy dunks or Jordans, there’s always an issue. This will make the second time that I have tried to purchase shoes the second they drop on the app and they were “sold out” not even one minute after the drop. It’s not fair that devoted Nike consumers can’t even enjoy Nike services because resale businesses using bots buys all the products in less than 20 seconds and resale them for twice the original price. Its madness!!!!!
What’s up Nike?
Brì10901 on 2022-07-03
I am currently trying to buy the bike Air Force 1 ‘07 womens shoes size 8.5 and you won’t accept my card. I’ve tried numerous cards(not all mine) and I’m getting the same response. My card has money on it so I don’t fully understand. I’ve logged out and back in. I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded it. Nothing is working. I want these shoes before they’re gone, but what’s up with it not taking any cards?
Fix this now
IncrediblyUnsatisfiedCustomer on 2022-07-03
I can’t order anything off Nike or Nike snkrs bc I keep getting “payment not accepted” try again error. Like I know for a fact everything is correct and I’ve done literally everything possible to try to fix the problem, but it’s not possible. And ofc I couldnt get the sneakers that I got exclusive access to either, it’s so annoying that they can’t fix their apps and continue to act like it’s not a problem
Shipping details are wrong
tileissh1t on 2022-07-03
Shipped 1 pair of shoes and 2 pairs of slides. Paid for next day shipping and it said it would be here friday and only after ordering it says it will now be here monday. If it had said monday before I paid then I wouldn’t have paid extra for shipping or even ordered it at all. Annoying how they can’t be accurate with their delivery estimate. Amazon can track it accurately everytime, why cant Nike?
“Nike members deserve the best”
anime piano tiles fan on 2022-07-03
Have been calling these people because my order doesn’t go thru, I have my gift card and receipt from where I got it from but for some reason it keeps giving me the same problem about payment not accepted and I checked the balance multiple times, and the money is there. It’s been a week trying to get these pair of shoes and I’m getting tired of having to call and wait over and over again.

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