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Your Daily Guidance to Greatness The Nike App is your source for daily guidance and inspiration to get you closer to your sport and style goals. Shop the latest Nike and Jordan products, clothing and shoes while getting real-time advice from our team of experts. Receive member rewards and discover fresh stories every day from the top Nike athletes and coaches. Download the app today to become a Nike Member and gain access to the best Nike products, inspiration and community. SHOPPING AS IT SHOULD BE Gain member access to select product drops, events, and experiences that happen only in the Nike app. Browse through products tailored to your personal style and activities or create your own with Nike By You. Members get the option to pick up orders, check out through the app, or make returns in select stores. • In-App Shopping – Enjoy free standard shipping, 60-day wear tests, and receiptless returns when you purchase through the app. • Nike By You – Customize iconic Nike silhouettes with unique colorways and materials to match your style and express yourself. • Daily Recommendations – Discover new gear, apparel and shoes tailored to your interests. • For Everyone – The latest in women’s, men’s, and kid’s apparel, footwear, and more. • New Releases – Jordans, Dunks and the legendary Air Max. The latest drops can be found here. • Offers and Promos – Celebrate your important moments with exclusive birthday offers and promotions from us. STORIES THAT INSPIRE & INFORM YOU Get the latest in-depth stories, training tips and style advice delivered daily. Select the sports, athletes, teams, and products you’re interested in following to get more from your app. • Stream – Discover a customized feed of content tailored to your interests. • Style Trends – Discover new ways to wear your favorite Nike products with the world’s top stylists. • Notifications – Find out the moment new stories, styles, or events drop by turning on push notifications. SERVICES THAT CONNECT & GUIDE YOU Chat one-on-one with an expert for style tips or fit advice and join your Nike community wherever you are. • Athlete Training & Coaching – Expert advice delivered by Nike athletes, coaches and personal trainers. • Nike Experts – Chat in real-time with our team of experts on all things sport, style, and Nike. The Nike App is your daily guidance to greatness. Download today.

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Frustrated and Disappointed
Is 2 on 2021-09-19
You brought out the sneakers I wanted for the 2nd time and I’m still not allowed to purchase. It keeps telling me due to the high volume of purchases it won’t allow me to purchase at this time. And then when I come back they are sold out. I just don’t get it you make a little bit of the sneakers everybody wants and then won’t make more and lots of the sneakers no one wants and re-release them 2 or 3 times. I’m tired of checking all times of day and night only to come up empty. Buying a sneaker shouldn’t be this much work. And while the people who want to wear them can’t seem to buy them every one who wants to sell them for double the price has plenty of pairs. What kind of game are you guys playing? When does loyalty get rewarded. There are so many ways you could sell this sneaker which would allow people to be able to buy but yet you keep allowing bots to buy up everything to resale. You could email pre-order forms, you could make more of the sneaker, etc. if feels like as a company you don’t care about your loyal customers/ Nike Fanatic like myself.
Nike is the best company ever!
Jai Rene D. on 2021-09-19
I have been loving Nikes ever since my dad bought my first pair for me when I was 13. I can’t always afford them because I’m retired and on a fixed income but I wouldn’t purchase any other athletic product because I’ve always believed that they put out the best their consumers and their athletes. I used to weight 236 lbs and had Cancer, diabetes, heart failure and end stage kidney failure. I was terminal and dying but I’m happy to say that I am 110 lbs, healthy and disease-free. My Nike got me through it all, mind, body and spirit. Something about wearing the best, looking your best and being comfortable makes you feel your best and that’s exactly what Nike has always done for me. I had a hip replacement surgery and wearing Nike gave me the strength to get through learning to walk again and become full functioning again. Unfortunately, I have to get another but I won’t “ Just do it “ , without you! Thank you Nike for your dedication to excellence and your loyal customers. I truly appreciate you all!
MajBod on 2021-09-19
Just sitting here happy because Nike once again put a smile on my face. All my life Nike has been such a great brand and company. Products would come out and I would only dream and aspire to get them so that I could feel cool going to school. When I was fortunate enough I would get a pair of sneakers from Nike and feel like a million bucks. Now I get the opportunity as a mom to see how happy I make my kids when I can buy them Nike sneakers to go to school in style and share such an amazing experience with them. I even got sweaters and some accessories. Just love the brand. Thank you for being so diverse and keeping it always 100 with your customers. 😌
Deceitful app and company
kaizen_oni on 2021-09-19
I’ve been a loyal Nike customer for 20 years and shopped exclusively with Nike since becoming an ex-collegiate athlete. I’m extremely disappointed with Nike’s declining customer service and slightly angered after hearing of their potential (with the caveat that I have not yet validated this) marketing psychology which devalues the average customer. The app and methodology of how they starve the market for certain products, allowing only a few chosen followers to obtain certain high demand products (yet list its status as available on the app) is deceitful. I hope that Nike one day becomes more transparent, as I’d like to shop with them again.
Mr.lovingthenike on 2021-09-19
I like the online shopping experience with with the Nike app, but I would like to to see better deals and purchase prices then that of in store pricing. I know that this may not be a concern of yours, but as a consumer, my shopping experience boils down to where I can find a better deal with Nike on line, then that of the in store shopping experience, competitor or not. The pricing should never reflect the same value, as the in store pricing... Just something to think about going forward.
Can’t get in
Julez805 on 2021-09-19
The cashier recommend I download for additional discounts. We attempted in store and it wouldn’t work. She assumed WiFi connection was bad. Been trying at home for weeks now and can’t get in. I can’t get passed the part that says find Nike products faster and see ads relevant to your interests by allowing us to use your online activity. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, did hard reset on phone and nothing works.
App not working for me
jamsirene on 2021-09-19
I have been trying for weeks now to get into the Nike app and it won’t go past the last question about allowing to show info based off internet and such. It’s really upsetting that I can’t get into it because I love Nike clothing and shoes! I’ve already deleted the app and tried re downloading and still, I get stuck on the same question. Any ideas for me? I would really love for this app to work for me.
Extremely disappointed
ak-kitegirl on 2021-09-19
I was really excited to get my son some Nike clothes and felt confident about the exchange policy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They are taking a long time to refund me (if they even are) and the last package I have tried to send back I have been unable to receive a shipping label. The customer service has been friendly and have said it’s coming but it never does.
Stolen by shipping company
rontheoriginal21 on 2021-09-19
Nike is trash..I’m tired of it there i said it..they used a trash company in LSO and remain putting that black tape on they’re products..stop being cheap and start giving these shipping companies repercussions for our stolen’s already hard enough to win on snkrs but you guys are single handily ruining everything by letting these companies steal our shoes
This app won’t load past the page where it asks yo track
Kim Im on 2021-09-19
No matter what phone I try or how many times I delete and re-download the app, it won’t load past the second page where it asks to track your habits. I’ve gone into retail stores to try to get help and asked tech folks from Nike to help me and no one has been able to help. Most answers are like “weird.”

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