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The Nintendo Switch Online app enhances your online gameplay experience on your Nintendo Switch™ system. You can use voice chat while playing compatible games—and check game-specific services even when you're not playing with your Nintendo Switch. ◆ Use voice chat during online play Now even more software supports voice chat! You can enjoy voice chat in different ways depending on the type of game you're playing. Chat with everyone in your room, or split voice chat into teams and have it out head-to-head! In games that support the Online Lounge feature, you can invite friends to play with you via social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you can easily invite your Nintendo Switch friends too! Note: To use these services, you will need Nintendo Switch software that is compatible with this app. You can check the current list of voice-chat-compatible software within the app. (Even more software will be added in the future!) ◆ Access game-specific services You can use these services to view vital information related to the supported software! You will also have access to a variety of features that will help take your online gameplay experience to the next level. ・ Software with game-specific services:  ・ Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate    ・ View posted videos and images    ・ Queue up user-created stages for download to your game    ・ View notifications about upcoming events    ...And more!  ・ Splatoon™ 2    ・ Check rankings and stage schedules    ・ View detailed results from battles or Salmon Run    ...And more! Attention: ● Nintendo Account age 13+ required to access online features. ● Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) required to use certain features. ● Nintendo Switch system and compatible Nintendo Switch software required to use voice chat and other features. ● Compatible smartphone required. ● Persistent Internet connection required. ● Data charges may apply. ● May include advertising. Nintendo Switch Online is not available in all countries. Terms apply. Visit for more information.

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Could Be So Much Better
vianne_bee on 2020-04-10
I downloaded this app for Animal Crossing New Horizons. The voice chat was really fuzzy and faded out, that my friends and I decided to call each other or talk over Discord voice chat instead. I really appreciate the QR code scanner for designs from past games, but we should be able to scan QR Code’s saved to our camera rolls as well. I should not have to pull up a third device to scan QR codes I see when I’m scrolling through the Twitter or Tumblr apps. I think that’s very bare minimum, and a HUGE disappointment that this feature is not possible. I was looking forward to using QR codes, and now because one feature (that could be implemented pretty easily) to using them is not available, I don’t think I’ll be able to. Such a shame. This is Nintendo for crying out loud. The fact we essentially have to pay to even be able to use the app is a sign it could be so much better. Such a bad look for the company.
I’m not mad, just disappointed
Confusedgamer7 on 2020-04-10
Look, this app is bad. I recently took up playing animal crossing on my brother’s switch, and thought it was pretty cool, but the fact that the only one that progress the story was him was just disappointing. So I turned to making cool custom designs. I decided to import one recently and spent like 4 hours researching how to do it. I woke up the next morning excited to try it out, and downloaded Nintendo switch online. I clicked on animal crossing and what do I find? A popup telling me I had to pay $30 a year if I wanted to do anything whatsoever. I get that you have to make money, but this is just beyond excessive. Maybe if you thought more about your fan base rather than the size of their wallets you would rake more money in.
App isn’t recognizing connected switch
SoftKat on 2020-04-10
My boyfriend can’t log into the app because it says his Nintendo account isn’t connected to a switch device when it is. I tried logging in on my phone as well and it’s the same problem. There’s nothing wrong with his switch or Nintendo account. I can log in just fine. He needs to scan qr codes for new horizons so he can get a path for his island etc but he can’t. It’s infuriating that this app has so many problems that need fixing. Some qr codes don’t want to scan because the app claims they’re in the “incorrect format” when there’s nothing wrong with the codes. Frl nintendo please fix this app it’s absolutely horrible.
Thanks but, no thanks
kitten lover1928627 on 2020-04-10
First off, This app by no means is bad. The quality is fine! It’s just the accessibility. The new Animal Crossing game obviously doesn’t have access to a built in camera to scan QR codes, (QR codes are for player made designs to be easily transported into the game), and this app solves this problem. Besides the fact that a large portion of the audience isn’t able to use the app. Please allow children to use a watered down version so they can use QR codes. Besides that, great app!
does what i need it to do
mimfab on 2020-04-10
I get where other people are coming from (and yes i do remember the good old days where u could play with ur friends for free) but times are changing. But on the bright side, Nintendo Online is not that expensive compared to other Online services. I mainly use it to quickly chat on Animal Crossing, and import QR code designs (which i think is cool how easily it connects and transfers). It does both of these tasks well, so I haven’t had a serious problem yet (and hopefully never).
Weird after restarting animal crossing save
EchoGecko22 on 2020-04-10
I downloaded the app to use with animal crossing, but ended up disliking my original island, so I deleted my save data and started again. However, despite linking my new island through the in game settings, the app is also still listing my deleted character. I guess it’s not too big of a deal since I can use the app with my new character, but my old one really should be removed since that save file is gone forever.... Hope that gets fixed eventually.
Needs some adjustments.
CoffeeAndChess on 2020-04-10
Up until Animal Crossing New Horizons came out last week I rarely used this app at all. I just recently started using it to import designs from QR code’s into the game. The frustrating thing is that my son cannot use this feature to import designs into his game due to him being under 13. I find this very frustrating. Something as innocent as importing custom designs into Animal Crossing should not be age restricted on this app. Fix it.
Great features but not worth the trouble.
G.M. Slider on 2020-04-10
I have seen the features and they are outstanding. But logging in is a huge pain. When i click the sign in button it does not give me a message or anything, nothing even happens. And i have to sit there for so long and still, nothing happens. Even when i changed my password, nothing happened. So i changed it again and it said "password or email wrong". Which was incorrect and i was 100% sure of it.
Not good
SubCity21 on 2020-04-10
The app feels very pieces together and is not convenient to use at all. Not being able to chat with your friends unless your in a in-line game together is not fun. Also not being able to use AirPods to talk is super lame. My NookLink function is also broken and not connecting to my newest Animal Crossing save. Don’t waste your time with this app, use Discord to chat with friends instead.
Barley any titles
sarahburner on 2020-04-10
I tried to use this app for games that support voice chat like fortnite (I know I can use a headset but there’s a problem where the headphone plug in thing has a problem so it won’t let me talk even with correct settings) and it didn’t work I think you should add more titles because I don’t actually have any games under the voice chat titles but I’m sure this app would work if i did

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