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Get your Gas Tax Cash Back! Every time you get gas in the state of Missouri you might be due for a refund Upload your gas receipts and enter the key details the State of Missouri requires for a refund from the from the Department of Revenue. NoMOGasTax App is built to calculate the key data points for to file the MO4923h form for highway drivers and for non-highway vehicles forms MO4923, 4925A/4925B. NoMOGasTax app is built in response to Missouri Senate Bill 262 which increased the gas tax by $.0.025 cents per gallon every year for the next 5 years. July 1st, 2022 Missouri gas tax increases to $0.22 July 1st, 2023 Missouri gas tax increases to $0.24.5 July 1st, 2024 Missouri gas tax increases to $0.27 July 1st, 2025 Missouri gas tax increases to $0.29.5 This gas tax increase is 100% refundable to most automobile drivers. The State requires filers to file for the rebate between July 1st and September 30th via the Department of Revenue. The NoMOGasTax app will ensure you have the needed documentation to get this rebate which increases 2.5 cents for every gallon of gas, each year till 2025 at 12.5 cents. The State of Missouri requires receipt records to be stored for 3 years. This App will store a backup digital copy and help calculate the totals for a refund in from July 1st to September 30th. More about NoMOGasTax for Non-Highway Vehicles The State of Missouri collects over $750,000,000 a year in gas and fuel taxes from Missouri consumers and citizens meaning the average household in the State pays over $300/month just in gas tax! Did you know that Missouri’s gas tax is 100% refundable for Boaters & all ‘non-highway’ vehicles in Missouri? Boat Owners, Airplane Owners, Farmers, and Equipment operators are eligible to get a full refund of the existing $0.195 per gallon (soon to be $0.22 starting July 1st, 2022) tax back in the form of a rebate by providing proof of purchase, gas receipts and filing one of many complex State forms. The NoMoGasTax app makes this data collection and refund filing simple and easy!

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