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Looking for a way to stay private online? Here it is! With NordVPN, one tap is all you need to hide your IP address, encrypt your traffic, and enjoy the internet without limits. NordVPN is an easy-to-use VPN app for iPhone and iPad, trusted by millions of users worldwide. It shields your online activities from nosy advertisers, malicious actors, and intrusive internet service providers. How? By encrypting your internet traffic. NordVPN is the best way to have a private, fast, and secure internet connection wherever you are. Why NordVPN? TURBO SPEEDS NordLynx, our modern solution based on the WireGuard® protocol, gives you VPN connection speeds that are hard to beat. IDEAL FOR PRIVACY We don’t track and store your activity online. Therefore, we can’t give your data away – even if someone asks. And we have two independent audits to prove it! POWERFUL ONLINE SECURITY NordVPN secures your iPhone data with next-generation encryption complemented with top-notch VPN protocols – NordLynx based on Wireguard and IKEv2/IPsec. AS EASY AS 1-2-3 Download, login, and connect – that’s it! With NordVPN, one tap is enough to encrypt your whole traffic. You can also set the app to connect automatically and enjoy full peace of mind. GET HELP 24/7 Our award-winning customer support team is ready to assist you all day, every day. Browse the Help Center, write an email, or visit our website for a live chat. STAY SAFE ON PUBLIC WI-FI Found a cozy cafe with a Wi-Fi hotspot, but it’s unsecured? Don’t give up just yet! Use NordVPN and hide your online activities from snoopers and hackers. THOUSANDS OF SERVERS Lightning-fast VPN protocols sure help, but our vast server network is there to do the heavy lifting. 5500+ servers in 59 countries mean that the perfect one is always just a tap away. Click “Quick Connect,” and you’re all set! PROTECT SIX DEVICES WITH ONE ACCOUNT Your iPhone is probably not the only connected device you have. Use NordVPN to protect your laptop, tablet, and smart TV, or share your account with your family. STREAM WITHOUT INTERRUPTIONS Missing the season finale because of a business trip is unacceptable. Access your favorite content from anywhere — no data caps, no speed limits. ENCRYPT EVERYTHING How would you like to protect your whole home with one app? Install NordVPN on your Wi-Fi router and enjoy a private internet connection on every connected device in your home. FEATURES FOR ADVANCED USERS Set a custom DNS address, pick your preferred network protocol, or browse our Specialty Servers list for extra protection. Double VPN, Obfuscated, P2P – we have servers to match your needs. RELIABLE SERVICE Unlike a proxy server or the Tor browser, NordVPN will not only hide your IP. It will also encrypt your traffic and maintain a stable connection with speeds that are hard to match. Features our users love: • Strong encryption for top-grade security. • Unlimited data for internet freedom. • VPN protocols: IKEv2/IPsec, NordLynx based on WireGuard. • 5500+ servers worldwide for turbo speeds. • 59 server locations in every corner of the world. • Protection of 6 devices with a single account. • Double VPN for ultimate privacy. • VPN auto-connect for effortless online protection. • 24/7 customer support from our award-winning team. Hide your IP address and location. Stay safe when hopping on public Wi-Fi or any other network. Browse the internet without the fear of being watched and tracked. It’s easy. Online security is just a tap away – wind down, connect to NordVPN, and enjoy safe and private internet access wherever you go. WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld. Auto-renewals do not apply to subscriptions purchased from resellers. For Terms of Service, visit: For Privacy Policy, visit:

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Horrible and now major issues with desk too app
Thanatos_Original on 2022-09-27
Once again for some reason my review got taken down. The app for nord is Beyond horrible it continually disconnects without warning, it completely drops the connection several times a day and not a single warning msg and 8/10 times when u turn your phone on it will stop striving to connect. So even when your connection is dropped it cannot reconnect because it stops trying even tho “always on is selected”. Now to make matters even worse their desktop app had a HUGE glitch, nothing worked in the sense that… couldn’t do a single thing on the computer it kept asking for a password to log into lynx which I don’t even have then lynxtelio which I don’t even know what it is and would not allow me to log into router because of it. Had to completely remove this company from my computers for things to go back to normal and so that I could log into my router. Wow!!! no idea what happened but I had to delete about 15 folders that nord created on my computer. What a mess!!!! I seriously have no idea what’s going on with these guys. It honestly seems like somebody was trying to access my router externally through their software. Update: I deleted all the weird folders that their softwear made and some telio stuff (17 in total) I don’t know if it’s tracking softwear and there was some other files that looks like it kept a records of connections. After deleting it all and reinstalling nord app it seems ok for now (only desktop, mobile still very unsafe because of disconnections). If you are planning to instal their vpn on a router that is your best bet!!! Completely zero issues with their servers when it’s directly on router 10/10. The apps is where the issues are.
El Luchalibre on 2022-09-27
The app logs you out on iOS every couple of days, even with 2FA. Well known issue that has been going on for years and they still refuse to fix it. I’m on a recently updated iPhone 11 and this has been going on for ages, no known fix. Why have auto-connect at all, if it keeps being interrupted by your spaghetti code? Having any kind of VPN interruption is unacceptable and now I am having trouble logging in at all. Even if you are lucky enough to log in, it will erase your settings every time. The interface is incredibly unintuitive, where are my favourite servers? Where is the kill switch? Why do I need to ask about how to find these basic things on Internet forums? This is why they want an annual subscription, it will be too late by the time you realise how bad the service is. Can not believe I paid money for this trash tier VPN, where is my refund?
It was ok then got better
[email protected] on 2022-09-27
Been using for couple years it usually is steady connection with multiple servers to choose from that are pretty fast depending on how far your server you choose in relation to content your trying to get Netflix show that won’t play in U.S. if you use server in Africa it will take longer then server in Canada but both will be pretty fast and will get job done just wanted to give advice from experience to help you choose provider if your looking however at random times my service has randomly dropped so if I needed to be protected and in middle of something I’d suddenly be exposed that happened 6 times within first couple months then quit happening maybe cause they fixed issue idk but fyi it could or may happen to you too other then that with specialty servers it is good service.
Horrible connection
Blood15000349 on 2022-09-27
I have to consistently go into the app and reconnect to a new ip to have even usable internet on this. the speed slows down to a crawl very quickly, breaks a lot of what I’m using, and then takes 5-6 minutes to respond when I tell it to reconnect. this happens whether i’ve got full bars or none, in my house or in the city, all the time! not to mention it logs me out randomly, disconnects me randomly without my knowledge, and breaks windows on my pc. I’ve had nothing but problems since a few months ago, and I’ve has this service for years! It used to work flawlessly, now i’m faced with nothing but flaws! I hope this is addressed soon, especially since i’m paying for the service.
GungaDan on 2022-09-27
This is fine, as long as you know about the problem, and how to fix this really serious flaw. Sometimes it will make it so that you cannot get a mobile phone data connection and you can only access the internet via WiFi. The only way to fix it is to delete the NordVPN app completely from your phone, restart you phone once or twice. Then establish a data phone connection without WiFi. Then you can reinstall the app and use it again until the next time. Other than that, it seems to work fine, but unless you realize that is causing the problem, it can be utterly maddening!
It’s not a hard decision. I won’t renew my subscription. The app constantly logs you out and doesn’t even provide a notification saying that it did. What’s the point of having a VPN when it works only half of the time and logs you out with free will? I’m not the only person with this problem, and it has been going on for years. My subscription is up in January and I somehow figured out how to turn off auto-renewal. The app is clunky and slow, and the customer support is nonexistent. I’m not going to waste my time trying to get a refund. I have high blood pressure as it is.
Trouble with billing
bsdjunkie on 2022-09-27
Do not subscribe in iCloud. Have been double-billed for two years in a row. Due to auto renewal and offers of 1/2 to 1/3 off. Tried Nord’s service (who had record of my double subscription on my profile) and was offered no solution. Contacted Apple support for my Apple Card and was able to obtain a refund. No extension of my subscription (after double paying) or anything offered from Nord support. Recommend carefully monitoring subscription and only renewing after or close to it expiring.
Great, when it works.
Feather fist Will on 2022-09-27
When it works, it works well. Unfortunately, it will stop working multiple times a day and ENTIRELY BLOCK ALL INTERNET ACCESS. I have to open up the app, turn the VPN off, and then turn it back on again for the internet to load at all. IMAGINE DRIVING ON THE INTERSTATE AND ALL YOUR MUSIC AND MAPS STOP LOADING DUE TO THIS APP. This just happened to me, and I had to get off the interstate to safely fix this issue. I can’t recommend this app at all until they fix the basics of their product.
Okay but…
keepondiggin on 2022-09-27
VPN works pretty well but it has a tendency to randomly sign me out with no indication as to why. It also would be pretty useful to see what type of specialty server I’m currently connected to - I like to use the obfuscated server but I never know if that’s the connection I’m on when it auto connects. Finally, why does every connection say #Fastest on it? Not super useful information especially if literally every option claims to be the #Fastest
Blocking my connection constantly!!!
Or. C. on 2022-09-27
I guess this this does have a real purpose, but in my case it is making me problem every time I connect. It’s not letting me connect to neither one of my websites, I have to disable it first. My bank and other websites that need two layers of protection are asking for verification which is not convenient but I guess I am safe. I have to do CAPTCHA 6 times in row today! So inconvenient! My banks and credit cards are blocking me constantly!

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