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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Enter an epic battle for conquest of the galaxy with players around the world! An action-packed, next generation online space strategy experience! FEATURES - BATTLE: Wage war with players worldwide for domination of the galaxy on an epic scale! - ALLIANCE: Create a mighty alliance to fight for control of entire sectors of space in a revolutionary new alliance system! - STRATEGY: Combine in alliance legions to form your attack strategy together then strike! - FLEETS: Design fleets with specific weapons and armor to counter your opponent’s strengths! - ADMIRALS: Recruit elite admirals to join your empire and lead your fleets to victory! - BUILD: Create and customize your space station to gain the advantage! - GRAPHICS: Strategy has never looked this good! Command space in spectacular HD! - REAL-TIME: See player fleets moving around the galaxy in real time! Watch as battles develop and make the correct tactical calls to claim victory. - MUSIC: High quality music and sound production. - MORE: Always adding new features! This galaxy just gets better and better! Nova Empire’s story unfolds week by week, reshaping the galaxy before your eyes Welcome to Nova Empire, a next generation strategy game. Get your fleets ready and fight for glory! SUPPORT Email us at [email protected] Follow us on Facebook to get news and updates:

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Could Have Been A Contender
SolarKanaka on 2020-07-15
I would have given this game 5 stars but there are certain characteristics of it that are poor. I’ll talk about the upside first. The game starts out with a tutorial, and the tutorial becomes a guide which will carry you through the game if you follow it. Due to the tutorial, the game begins easy. Once you jump to your initial location you are open game for anyone if you don’t start in a protected zone. Open game means someone 10X more powerful or more, can put your game in the hurt locker immediately. Fortunately, you can never ‘lose’ this game, you can only be set back, and you will be set back often if you have no social maneuvering skills. This isn’t a game for the faint hearted. You have to be able to balance your relationships with other players while taking a side. Depending on the demographics of the server you end up in, you could end up in a peaceful, mutually benefiting server with generous players assisting your growth, but the highest percentage of chance is that you will end up in a server where the majority of players do not speak the same language as you and more than likely do not share the same views about courtesy and respect for others. Be aware that these MMO games are NOT going to provide you with a pleasant playing experience. It is mostly a dog eat dog free-for-all with no mercy or forgiveness and the only thing the owners of the game want from you is a committed, steady stream of money. The game is intentionally designed to make you impatient and uneasy and the only way you will find any pleasure is if you enjoy spending large sums of your money on something which offers you no tangible return. If you have lots of money to throw around and you enjoy controlling other people, this is the game for you!
Avoid, new developer, high costs
cotrevor on 2020-07-15
Hello, this used to be a very fun active game with a large community, but they recently sold the game to a new developer who simply only values players who can spend $300-500 USD a month on a game. The have repeatedly created in game events that have outlandish target goals to win that actively prevent any free-to-play players and even any pay $100 or less players from winning. I have played for 18 months and I can honestly and fully recommend that no one tries to play this game unless you are willing to put a lot of money into it, simply said its impossible to compete and win without it. Additionally their tech-support is pretty awful, most of the time they don’t even reply or address any of the issues raised. Further more when the developer adds new features, it frequently breaks old features, and support never actually fixes the features they break. The developers are truly out of control and very money hungry and it has ruined this game for many, many people. I do not recommend this game at all.
Lacks self directed ness. Unfair to players
Flip6721 on 2020-07-15
They are shutting down my “galaxy” and forcing me to move to another. Not being given the option to move to another normal galaxy. Am being forced to move to an “elite” galaxy where the players are larger and more aggressive despite the fact that I am still a small player and have few ships. Am already being frequently attacked by players 10x my size and set back to 0 ships...forced to compete for resources and restart my fleet building over and over. Cannot get a decent foothold so as to be able to defend myself properly. Now I am going to be forced to play with even larger and more aggressive players? I won’t have any chance at all to attain an even footing. Why am I not being given a choice? If my fears play out, I will soon be deleting this game.
Very unfair to newer players
Sarkery on 2020-07-15
I started playing this game a couple of days ago only to realize that the server it put me in is a month old so there are already players vastly more powerful than me. They attempt to make up for this by giving a free server change to each player but there is only one other server accepting players and it has been going for 2 months. Apparently now I just have to hope that within the next 5 days a new server gets created or I either make a new account or just deal with the huge disadvantage. Apparently the way they get money from people is by kicking them out of the safe zone to be destroyed by people 10 times more powerful than them.
Extortion and blatant fraud
odin12882 on 2020-07-15
Developer does not give rewards as published. Constant changes to published events. Support is useless. Money grab at it finest, shielded by 3rd party deniability. Game balance completely distorted, developers do not actually test, any implemented updates to game mechanics. One day it’s a mechanic the next it is a bug. Lack of actually maintaining their servers. Servers cannot handle actual flagship events. If you want to be caught in a pay to stay ahead situation this is the game for you. I am a leader from server 118 and, also one of the strongest players in the game. Run from this app not worth a red cent of spending.
This is Awsome Sauce but some probs
Optimus Prime ppppppppppp on 2020-07-15
First of all great game, but for some reason whenever I scan a system it shows whats in that system for a limited time only, I thought it’s a bug so I’m here tellling the devs this. Second I think it would be really cool if the next major update added custon ships, not like the ones inthe game now, but like in cosmoteer, but 3d, although it might be hard anda bit moddy so I will let the awsome devs decide if they want to put it in. But plz fix scanning i don’t know wuts going on there.
Good game
xShipx on 2020-07-15
Very good game. I have only been playing for four or five days but, I have enjoyed what I have seen. The review saying it is pay to play aren’t wrong and you can see where they are coming from. Just like any other strategy game that is free there are options that allow to buy in game items to progress or build faster but you can earn credits to do this just the same. If you like strategy give it a go I don’t see why not,After all it’s free.
Extortion and blatant fraud
odin12882 on 2020-07-15
Developer does not give rewards as published. Constant changes to published events. Support is useless. Money grab at it finest, shielded by 3rd party deniability. Game balance completely distorted, developers do not actually test, any implemented updates to game mechanics. Lack of actually maintenance of their servers. Run from this app not worth a red cent of spending.
They're fraudsters
jbouzane on 2020-07-15
Today, the owners of this game announced they're shutting down Windows 10 support and are refusing to allow those users, some who have invested hundreds or thousands of dollars in this game, to migrate to other platforms like Android or iOS. Don't waste your money on this game. They'll come for you next.
Shena Kahikilaniwahineuinoeopuna Ka'ahanui on 2020-07-15
This game is so fun I love it I can’t stop playing it which is good because it’s so fun I think if anyone out their is going to download this game will love it or not like it because people have different was then other people

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