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Jul, 2022


Jul, 2022



obimy is an app where i show my feelings instead of chatting and messaging. because sometimes words aren’t enough. i can kiss and hug someone i haven't seen for so long or met recently. i don’t need text/picture/video to pay attention and feel care of close ones. it’s a new way to be closer from a distance. it makes ordinary things a more important part of life. it’s the best thing to stay in touch when you can’t meet people, and even more: • send senses. they seem to be stickers. but! these are the actions that i can feel. kiss, hug, hold a hand or rustle under the blanket. anything is difficult to put into words. • share my mood so that my family, friends and loved one know how and why i feel so now and can help. • know about the feelings of loved ones in numbers: heart rate and steps. • make gifts: know the size of your loved ones. • be reminded by notifications that are turning on to do something cool. i can't talk about my feelings. but now i can share them with people around me and find friends. i have never kissed a stranger. now i can do it with no regrets using a brand new way of human interaction. i'm not holding another messenger in my hands. i’m the happy owner of senseger. it has never been so easy to be closer to your loved ones with HealthKit technology. feel your partner's heart rate, track the mood, walked steps. let’s get closer. in a way that had been impossible before. with love, obimy. terms of use:

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Cute and Thoughtful
Keonbeodoskwmnd on 2022-08-09
I like this app it’s a great way to stay in touch with my boyfriend since we don’t see each other often, but I can’t turn on notifications for some reason. In apple settings it say my notifications are on, but in the app the notifications button isn’t allowing me to turn it on so I have to check the app to see if anything has been sent to me. The reason I got this app was so I get a notification when my loved ones are thinking of me, I didn’t want to have to go looking to see if I’ve been sent anything. I also can’t do certain things like add a size and it keeps saying will be here soon or will be implemented soon. Is anyone else having this problem? How can I fix it?
I cant log in.
Lily Wonder on 2022-08-09
You said a new update was coming soon to help people who's apple ids don't work. Me being one of those people id like to know when this update is coming because id like to be able to actually have access to the app. I want to be able to sign in with my phone number. Not my email and the only option it’s giving me is sign in with apple id and theres 0 way of logging in with my phone number id like to know why? I see other people being able to log in with there phone number but its just not working for me there only one button on my screen and its “log in with apple id.” Thats not very helpful at all when it does not work. Thank you for your time and good day.
amazing app but…
Bug in my rug!!!! on 2022-08-09
1. notifcations are not working as intended. even if you allowed them as the app initialized and then double-checked them in settings they’re indeed on. when senses are sent no notifs show up 😕and the bell option is not clickable! 2. this app is advertised to be used with all of your loved ones but it is not appropriate to be used with family members or platonic friends! there are not enough platonic options otherwise this app is so cute and unique and i am really looking forward to improvements
Love it but could do with improvements!
hannahmay39 on 2022-08-09
My long distance bf and I really like this app! The animations are very cute, and it’s a fun way to show someone you’re thinking about them! However the notifications don’t always appear, and the custom senses don’t have any text when you play them in the app. I also would love if the regular senses displayed the text in the app for longer than they currently do. Also hoping for more animations for the custom senses in the future!
Cute app but a few problems!!!
GabiRozycki on 2022-08-09
This app is very cute and a fun way to send a kiss to ur significant other while they’re busy, BUT: - No matter how many times I turn my notifs on and off, the notifications almost completely stop working for this app. I never know my bf is sending me things unless i physically open the app. - It also freezes completely when I try to click to customize my character, or try to click anything to do with my profile. :/
no notifications
balxuabs on 2022-08-09
heyy dont get me wrong, i love this app! i use it mostly everyday with my boyfriend but it gets really annoying because i have to go in the app to see the things he’s sent me. i've tried everything for the notifications to work but there’s must’ve been an issue with the app because my notifications are turned on for the app in settings but they dont show. i would love for this to get fixed up! tyy
This app would be great but..
km.lowery on 2022-08-09
My bestfriend and I downloaded this app so we could check on each other throughout the day and see how we were feeling without having to text. This app seemed super cute and fun, but it will not send either of us notifications when we send a hug or how we’re feeling. We both tried redone loading the app and made sure we had notifications turned on in settings. It just doesn’t work
Super fun, just one problem.
bruhmiaa on 2022-08-09
I have recently downloaded this app and it is super adorable!! I love the cute actions, faces, and everything overall. The problem is that everytime I click "Customize Obi" it freezes the app and I cannot access customization options. I've redownloaded the app, restarted my phone, everything, but it doesn't seem to fix. If there is a way to fix this, I'd love to know.
App closes
Kayla Maq on 2022-08-09
Love the idea of the app and concept. However, when I do an action, such as a hug, my app closes and won’t show the animation of the hug. My friend will receive the hug, but I’m not always sure if we receives it because my app just shuts down. I’ve tried deleting it, restarting my phone, and updating the app. When I do a longer action, I have no issues. Please fix
The Updates!
Tinfoil Oil on 2022-08-09
Hi, I love the app and the connections I’m able to have with loved ones who don’t live near. One small problem: every time I go to try changing my Obi color by pressing the “Customize Obi” circle, it freezes and doesn’t even work. I know you guys have recently been updating it a whole bunch but if you haven’t already tried to fix that area, please do so!! :)

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