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Buy. Sell. Letgo. - OfferUp and Letgo are now one big marketplace. Why you’ll love using OfferUp: • The biggest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers. • List an item using your phone or tablet in as little as 30 seconds. • Know who you’re dealing with through reputation and safety features. • Browse local items with thousands of new postings daily. • Message buyers and sellers securely from within the app. • Build a reputation with your unique seller profile page. • Browse items by image and sort by category or location. • Join millions of people using OfferUp across the country. OfferUp is the easiest way to buy and sell locally. "I have found several items at a great price on OfferUp, saving me tons of money" - Elaine "We offered up 3 items in minutes and sold them within 48 hours. Doesn't get much easier than that!” - Summer "I made $1,000 by offering up my daughter's unused items on OfferUp" - Claudia Download OfferUp today to sell your used items and discover heaps of hidden treasures. If you subscribe to Promote Plus (1 month) via iTunes: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews for $19.99 unless auto-renew is turned off 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of Promote Plus. Subscription and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription, where applicable. Terms: Privacy Policy:

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Member since 2015
Tool Hunter on 2021-04-15
Hi it’s a very great app to sell items ... but just recently my account was deactivated without notice and I had some promoted items and many buyers that needed items the next day but were lost . The next day you reinstated my account and sent me an email that due to repeated violations you took out my account ... I have been a member of offerup since you started .. I have been on this app since 2015 .. I am highly rated 5 star seller and buyer ... and have over 2,000 followers and over 3,000 transactions.... I have never recieved any notice of any violations of any kind . All’s I sell is clothes . Some tools,, and small appliances at times . Nothing major ... I have tried numerous times to reach out to a team member to find out what the violation was so I can fix the problem or make sure it doesn’t happen again but I get the same repeated message over and over again “ thanks for reaching out ‘ it just doesn’t seem fair to deactivate me after 5 years with out any kind of info ... and resulting in around 8 different customers that made arrangements to pick up items that are now erased form my profile because of the deactivating process ! Now those customers may find me again and falsely report me for non responsive or even as a no show account because I’m all of a sudden gone .. and now I may get canceled again from those customers I lost ! And I also promoted items and never got full use of the $7.99 promotions .. in which I promoted many time in the 5 years I have been a member .. I need someone from offer up to explain what went with my account please thank you so much
Enter at your own risk!
thanktam on 2021-04-15
I want to start off by saying that this app has and always will be one of the worst second hand/trading apps on the App Store. Secondly, the fact that they bought letgo and didn’t take any of the queues from them to make a better app goes a long way to show the laziness of the developers. Thirdly, the amount of scammers who will flood every single category with the same listing, that lets be honest, are all scams,, is absolutely ridiculous. It makes looking for anything you want to find an absolute chore because you have to sift through hundreds of completely unrelated adds. Not to mention that there are hundreds of ads that aren’t even people trying to sell things, these are companies that pay for listings on this app to get you to buy their ridiculous products at ridiculous prices. Yet another lapse of judgement and detriment to the characters of the developers. All in all, this app is a no go and a dud with so little to actually gain from it that its just a loss. This app is a huge money grab, has no maintenance, thousands of scammers and scams from the developers themselves, and not worth your time. I would shop of Craigslist before I ever used this app again.
Small issues but love it overall...
panooter on 2021-04-15
One thing I have an issue with is the saved items feature. I’d like an easier way to delete multiple posts at a time & multiple categories I no longer use. If the app could have a way 2 remind you when a post u liked is still available at the amount of time u were able to preselect it would be very useful in negotiating a price when an item hasn’t sold 4 a month or more. Also, when saving items, it’d be more useful if the categories were arranged in order of last used not first created or alphabetically. This way of u are searching 4 a lamp, but created a “Lamps” category last year when u were looking 4 one, once u saved a recent post in the “Lamp” category it stayed on top until u saved 2 another list. This way u don’t need 2 scroll down 2 find your lamp category each time, or end up creating a new “Lamps 2021” category 2 avoid the hassle. It’s all about the save/delete options 4 me. Just one more thing, maybe have a user preference of whether u want the app 2 auto delete items you’ve saved once they seller removes the post or sells the item. That would be so awesome !!! Otherwise I love it! Thx so much
Please help to reactive my account
too disppointed on 2021-04-15
My Offerup account was deactivated all of a sudden today and I guarantee I did not violate any regulation to the best of my knowledge. I have been a loyal user of Offerup since 2016 and my account has more than 100 FIVE STAR reviews. I sold more than 800 items over the years and I have 180+ followers. I have been a big fan of Offerup since the first day I used it and I recommended Offerup to many of my friends and family members. I like and admire the platform that Offerup offers and I spent tons of effort to build my Offerup account. I made a living by selling on Offerup during the COVID 19 time and I tried my best to satisfy every single buyer. I think extremely highly of obeying the regulations of Offerup and that's why I am pretty sure I did not violate the rules. However, my account was suddenly deactivated right after I posted a cat tree and a radio. Thus I am so much confused about what happened to my account. Please kindly reactivate my account and keep my postings. Thank you.
To many dealers / business and to many old Ads
=BigNick= on 2021-04-15
Offer up is a great idea, but the adds are not getting removed once items are sold. Ads should expire in 60 days so the content stays relevant. Give the seller a repost unsold item like eBay does. I saw an ad where the guy sold the product 2 years ago and it’s still on offer up. The developer should take a page out of the Craigslist play book on view add filters and add View All / Owner / Dealer Say I’m looking for an old BBQ something cheap, I really don’t need to see a 799. Product from some liquidation center that’s flooding Offer up with a ton of nonsense. If I wanted to go the route of buying the item at $799, as a buyer I’d go to Home Depot / Ace HardWare / Lowe’s or even Amazon and buy a product with a warranty. Again I’m a fan of Offer up but I hate wasting time scrolling through a ton of trash. So I don’t use it as much. Also I know they get paid for the Adds, but it’s a huge turn off when you click in something and it goes to Home Depot or another site. (Just my opinion)
Misleading seller rating system
MarkS0 on 2021-04-15
I am disappointed that the OfferUp group has not responded to a comment I made close to a week ago. I’ve been trying to put offers on a computer and the seller does not respond to offers and does not reply to my messages. I can see for some reason if the seller has no longer chose to use the site, but that doesn’t explain why the product has been listed for months now. But also doesn’t explain why the OfferUp gives the seller a 100% rating as far as responding to customers within a few minutes and replying to messages. He has done neither for me (3 messages and a dozen offers) and it has no effect on his rating (it should be a zero rather than 100%). Also it shows in his history that he has bought zero items and he is sold zero items. My problem is with OfferUp’s rating system, not the fact that the buyer has not been active.
Terrible full of scammers
Dayl B on 2021-04-15
I posted a bunch of things on this site and out the first 25 responses only one was a real person interested in the item. Everyone else was a scammer who harassed me for my personal info, the same person would message me about every item I posted asking for my personal information. This happened at least 24 times with in the first day of posting on Offerup. It’s really annoying and I have yet to sell on this app, Ive used it multiple times, with several items, and never sold anything. I placed the same items on Facebook market place, no scam messages and I’ve sold my items. Offerup needs to get the scamming under control or make it so when you block someone they can’t message you anymore. I still get messages from those who I blocked. I don’t feel safe in this app.
s4831sandy on 2021-04-15
I would give five stars if the post and or AD’S were up to date and weren’t so old. I get that some people don’t delete and or update themselves but the App should automatically update and or take down items that are older than three months. Some items are still posted from 2-3 years ago.! Another issue I find annoying and frustrating is the AD’S and if these two issues and a set shipping service and or fee’s were applied there’s no reason why on this platform why it Caint be as big as Amazon and or EBay. A lot of work needs to be done and so hopefully it will..! P.A. Saturation is key elements to success...They need to advertise to no end.!
Rissa106 on 2021-04-15
Absolutely awful, i used to be a letgo fan. This merger ruined it. Bunch of fake profiles and scammers on here. You hit pick up only and it still gives you options from across the country. Dont use this. Id imagine the only reason this is 5 stars is because of bots. The app is full of them. Edit: Now they are contacting me regarding this review and it states “this doesnt sound right.” They aren't even aware of their problems. Dear app: folks who have only been members for a few days, are offering a 2015 or newer car for $1,200, and tell you to contact their g-mail instead of just messaging ARE BOTS.
Needs to be more like letgo
McAllister75 on 2021-04-15
After a few months you should have to renew your ad like letgo used to do their stuff ,on offerup stuff has been there for six years that’s a little ridiculous it’s hard to find stuff when a year or two years keep on coming up on being posted,,, And everybody needs to be VERIFIED to get rid of all these scams that are wasting my time going through Letgo was so much easier to deal with and find good people this is so hard to sell stuff on and find somebody good to buy something from ,,,these could be easy changes y’all need to make ,please help keep it legit because the scams are pouring in

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