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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



The holy justice will be served! You’ll be the judge of both physical and spiritual world as you shape the destiny of the souls. The divine power is in the palm of your hands. -Swipe up to send the righteous souls to heaven and swipe down to send sinners to hell! -Purify the heaven by sorting out the evil wings -Unlock the doors to the afterlife Beautiful graphics with simple but addictive gameplay

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Pathetic crap
user 013 on 2021-01-19
As a Christian I absolutely scoff at this garbage.The game itself is a scam,what you see in the ads is not what the game offers,you have to play these pathetic,cringy mini games to make it to the judge level.It’s also a trashy mix of religions.For example,ghandi,who was Hindu, though was a good man,did not go heaven.Christ proclaimed that “I am the way the truth and the life,no-one comets unto the father but through me” John 14:6.This game practically insults Christians and Christianity.To anyone who reads this, avoid this game at all costs, don’t waste your time playing this pathetic,sorry excuse of a game, you’ll only waste your time doing absolute nonsense.To the creators,get your facts and minds right with Christ and it would be wise to delete this junk before it is used against you at your judgement.
Too many ads
Jarhead1090 on 2021-01-19
Ads are a big problem you get an ad at the beginning of a level and at the end of a level so 2 ads pop up before every level making the game unplayable to an extreme. I didn’t know y’all were such sell outs and it’s the same 3 flippin ads each time like I just wanted a game I could play without pay walls which this game doesn’t have a pay wall but it still has waaaaaaaay too many ads and it’s just not what I wanted. Maybe like make it so you pay like $3 to get rid of ads completely or make the game $3 to even download it so you aren’t forcing ads down people’s throats it’s shameful that you think that’s okay
So many ads
vibesssxz on 2021-01-19
Hi, so When I first downloaded this app i thought it was ok. I played for like 10 minutes so ig it was pretty fun. I have 2 problems with this app. 1. To many adds. So there are levels and after you complete one level there is ALWAYS an add. It’s very annoying! 2. The game puts police officers and Donald Trump which a lot of people hate Donald trump, but it’s very wrong for putting Donald trump and cops in there since a lot of people hate them. I do not recommend this app one bit
Don’t buy it
MCfartsin on 2021-01-19
When I boot up the game the first thing I see is an ad, so I wait for it to be over. Once the ad was over I immediately notice that I had to do a mini game, so I’m like “Well okay, this is a mini game, which means the actual game must be after I complete this.” And so I complete the game, and another ad pops up! I wait for the ad to go away and I see ANOTHER MINI GAME!!! It was such a scam, and I’m guessing the actual game is just mini games you have to complete.
Good but to many ads!
tristan jorgensen on 2021-01-19
I like the game but there are to many ads.Every second I complete a level there’s a ad. But except ads it’s a good game and some of the games could educate kids,for example when you connect the string on the harp it educates ages like 3,4 year olds and some times it might teach a kid or two make good choices in life and this game can work for people who believe in god or not believe in god so in conclusion I give it three out of five
Not bad but still deleting it
qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmaqj on 2021-01-19
It’s not that bad. Just WAY TO MAYBE ADS! I can’t even finish without 100 ads popping up!! The game is also nothing like the ad I saw that made me interested in downloading this app. I downloaded this game, and deleted it on the same day. Because right when the game started I got an ad. Overall I don’t recommend downloading this app. But you do you.
Change the name!!!
Benji0116 on 2021-01-19
You really need to change the name!! I’m with those people who said to change the name. I’m a christen and calling it that is very rude to our beliefs. That’s like calling it “Oh” and then a bad word. That’s very rude because we can’t say those things and you are using God’s name in vain, that’s one of the Ten Commandments.
Mobile ads
usksndhdudjd on 2021-01-19
I hate mobile ads. I hate mobile games. They are always scams with false gameplay and cringe stuff trying to get kids to get there stupid app. Mobile games don’t even look fun in the ads either. Being on the internet would be fun again if mobile ads werent a thing. This game is so boring and has an ad every .000069 seconds.
vvjvvyvkv NBC on 2021-01-19
I can’t even get into the app it’s fake don’t download it I definitely won’t ever recommend this it’s fake the next thing I am gonna talk about is people who CAN get into the game there are ads every 15 seconds and please do not download this game and the concept is stupid in my opinion
goodbill on 2021-01-19
Here it is in case anybody wants to play it. It’s a bunch of mini games sponsored by ads. It’s definitely a money grabber as the ads are everywhere and seemingly infinite. For wasting time purposes it’s a fine game but it’s nothing more than a money grab.

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