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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



40 million global users have selected OP.GG! For those of you who want to win more games, may I introduce you to the OP.GG App? [LOL] ◆ Champion Scorecard "How many points do I have on my main champ?" "My Fizz is as good as Fakers’ for my Tier?" Based upon our database of millions of summoners, we will analyze your play style in detail, and let you know if you are Faker or a Feeder. ◆ Detailed Game Analysis Performance evaluation for each game How do I rank compared to all other summoners for the match. How much more I carried than the teammate flaming me. Now we can show you all these things backed up by actual numbers. ◆ Champion Analysis Check champ stats quickly right before a game Look up champs quickly and easily No need to Alt + Tab. Using Champion Favorites and Champion Sorting functions, look up the stats you need faster than your enemies. [PUBG] ◆ Rank System introducing a new rank system We now show your stats based upon PUBG’s newly updated rank system. Keep playing and climbing the tiers! [About OP.GG] ◆ The OP.GG are used by more than 34 million users. We are the world’s #1 game statistics service, and we are always striving to help gamers enjoy their games more. [Support] [email protected]

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