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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Whether it is embarking on a quest to defeat an evil warlock or creating your own world as a god, Ord. tells stories that emphasise player choices and evocative fast-paced narratives. THREE additional stories for a total of four. New visual polish and sound effects. More achievements to hunt for!

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This is 5 stars and I’ll tell you why
BearKiddy on 2020-09-23
If you watch look at the photos and read the description you will know what kind of game this is. It’s a game for readers who like choice and interactivity. If you mindlessly buy this and have different expectations, then that’s on you. The words are fantastic. Yes it can get a bit stale BUT what Doesn’t. This is honestly a refreshing game that won’t let you down. The only issue i have is that, there should be an option to pet the dog regardless if it’s sleeping or not. To the developers. I am sorry you have mainly children asking for refunds. They don’t know what they are getting themselves into xx and they have I’m no regard or patience for reading, or imagination. I’m sorry you guys have to go through this
Dtrasatti on 2020-09-23
I appreciate the idea here, but there’s just not enough meat on the bone to justify the price. The audio design is nicely done, but truthfully; this is nothing more than a trial and error exercise. I can’t really recommend anything to improve the game because it’s really sparse by design. Perhaps make it free, with some IAP for additional adventures? Not sure. Either way, I appreciate the work here. Glad I was able to contribute to support your app especially given the state of the world. At the end of the day, I hope it helps you continue to create.
Love it but...
lillianopolas on 2020-09-23
This gane is amazing but there’s a lot of death or “end” endings and it takes so long to get to the next part of the story, and I’m sure that’s how it makes the game longer, but say with the fowl things adventure once your in a scenario there’s no escape and you just die or have to restart because it keeps saying “door” and you have two answers and pick them both but don’t die but also don’t escape Thank you to anyone who’s reading
Eternalus on 2020-09-23
Thank you. I am so grateful for this game and its simplicity. My mind felt still, like it was on a mini vacation. It gave me a great idea to change my diary form to one word, also, I have an idea for your game, can you have a story mode or something like that where you talk to God or a deity or an alien being, and you ask it one word questions and it guides you? Thank you for listening. Keep up the great work!
A Most Excellent Adventure
Gary Rabinovich on 2020-09-23
As a lover of old school RPGs (DnD E1 and E2), Zork and adventure books, this takes me back. It’s simpler than Zork, quite easy to follow and fast playing. This is not for those that are purely into RPG games that have lots of graphics. If you’re looking for big bangs and explosions this is not for you. If you’re looking for calm, thinking RPG then you have found the one.
all reviews are fake
On a long journey for incremental innovation gains on 2020-09-23
This is a very poorly designed game. Scenarios are shallows. Do not expect morf than 1 fork depth! nothibg to do with D&D. No depth. No story. Play Rochambeau or a dice with Yes / No on each face. That’s what this « game » is. Just got robbed 2$. Well played. save you 2 bucks. Follow my 2 cents and do not press « buy »
Could you add Korean to this game?
JungSin on 2020-09-23
Hi, I downloaded this game with a gift card I got from the US. I love everything about this game but the flow of the story stops whenever hard English vocabulary appears :( could you guys possibly add Korean (and other languages) for the future update? Thank you! (You guys are so good at making games)
Emergent Stories
2Than94 on 2020-09-23
Love to play in the dark before bed. The individual words build visions and stories in your head. It’s mystical but also doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes me appreciate it even more. Game. Mystical. Emergent. Fun.
PLEASE add checkpoints
Murphythepotato on 2020-09-23
I love this game, but in the 2 hours I’ve sunk into Foul Things, 80% of that has just been redoing the game to get back to where I was, which is insanely tedious. Dear god please. Come on. It’s just bad game design.
Tayler9302 on 2020-09-23
I really do love this game so far it’s still pretty new to me. I’m hoping though as time goes on they will add more stories and thing and keep on adding. This game so far though is amazing!

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