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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Fold and Create Pictures Very simple mechanics, only tap and fold. Once you start, it will be hard to stop. This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

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Bugs and ads with a fun game underneath
Shy_planet on 2021-04-12
I’d like to start by saying I play tested 250 levels, so I could write a proper review. There is an ad after every one or two level(s). And considering it takes about 3-8 seconds to complete a level, you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. So to counter this you need to play about 3 levels so you can watch 2 ads, then turn airplane mode on and your wifi off. That will get rid of ads completely and allow you to play freely. At level 115 I started getting bugs in my levels. It started with a level that I wasn’t allowed to pass, even though I did it correctly. So you just spam different combinations until the correct incorrect combination allows you to pass that buggy level. At level 171 I noticed the levels repeating more frequently. It would be the same level back to back very frequently. And the bugged levels would come in higher abundance. At 200+ there are more bugged/repeated levels than there are unique levels. So it loses the fun almost entirely. I would not recommend anyone to play this game until they fix it. The game itself is calm and soothing, but the ads and bugs ruin it. I would recommend putting an ad after unlocking each theme, that would let people play and enjoy the game more. Also, please play test the game more and fix the bugs. The bugs aren’t a complicated problem.
A decent game for casual players
hyperdude125 on 2021-04-12
I got this game mainly because it looked fun and I hadn’t gotten an abundance of ads for it, and 24 hours later I had reached lvl 300. This game is fun for people with free time. The things I could complain about is the repetitive nature of it. There are only something like 75 different levels that are randomly ordered. Also I can’t get any themes because there are ‘no ads ready’ I think ads may be busted, which to be honest is fine, but I don’t get any and I don’t own an ad blocker. Like I said, worse things to have broken, but it would be nice to be able to get new themes. A suggestion I have to make the game more enjoyable is to add coins into the game and you get more coins per level depending on the less mistakes you make, then you can use the coins to buy themes. Just a thought.
Riddled With Ads Every 15 Seconds
Sinful Snorlax on 2021-04-12
Fun idea, but I was thrown an add every two levels, and the levels take roughly 8 seconds to solve. I made it through 6 levels and 4 ads in 2 minutes and called it quits. I understand free games need ads or microtransactions, but an ad every two levels in incredibly excessive and makes this game unplayable. This is clearly a case of being pumped up by review bots, because there is no way someone plays this game and doesn’t have a problem with the number and frequency of the ads. P.S. People defending the game having little or no ads for them when many others are saying the ads are occurring too often should be a red flag. The ads are a real problem and games like this shouldn’t be supported.
Great game
#always wins on 2021-04-12
To all those people saying that there is so many ads, no there isn’t ! I got to level 10 without having a single ad. Also it’s a great game and it’s a great concept. It’s super relaxing after a long day of school and perfect to play with friends. There is barely any ads and whoever said there was a ton, you are all liars. It’s a great game. Also Georgina who said the game was trash and gave it one star, SHUT UP!!!
jsfhshsnvs on 2021-04-12
This game is terrible there is so many adds after every level the moment I finish a level there is an add the add helps me with nothing it is useless it is so stupid because you are having fun folding paper and you see and add and then you get off the game because there is so many adds this game is trash the adds are annoying they are there 24/7 like shut the add system offffffff lol Love,Georgina ✌️
It ok, but not the best
Aquaman836 on 2021-04-12
It’s pretty fun and intuitive, I had a great time playing. But it was super annoying when there was an ad after every level, even after turning off cellular data and wifi I couldn’t pass the level. The game would freeze if I turned off wifi and cellular as well, so then you’re forced to watch an add after every level which would take me about 5-30 seconds but the ads would take up to a minute
Ads! All the ads!
Erik Mylastname on 2021-04-12
Fold some paper, watch an ad, fold some paper, watch an ad, get redirected to a different app and then watch another ad. Fold paper... and then watch another ad. Rinse and repeat. I’m fine with ads, but can I make it 10 seconds without a 15 second ad? This became an instant delete. Concept is fun, but I spent more time watching ads than I did playing the game and that became a problem.
The ads aren’t that bad!?
Erin_lastname on 2021-04-12
People are over dramatic I got literally 2 in a full 7 levels. That’s pretty good it’s a relaxing game whenever your on a road trip with no data. Don’t believe the “too much ads review.” I was concerned that it was going to be a problem but they really aren’t too constant. It’s a good game overall and you should download it if you like puzzle games!
Love the game get it now!!!
second campain please on 2021-04-12
Whoever said this game is full of ads is a dirty liar I got to level 9 wth 2 ads. The pictures are funny and it makes me feel good when I solve a puzzle. I got my mom to install it and she loves it to. I recommend this game to anyone who is bored and needs something to relax their mind. 5 stars to this game keep up the good work
1 star
QueenJoseph on 2021-04-12
I gave the app 1 star because after every solved puzzle there’s an ad and it’s annoying after the fifth ad I exited the app! There’s not even a thing you can purchase to stop having ads. The game is cool and easy to play and a great time killer if it didn’t have so many ads after one puzzle. :((( very sad.

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