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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



How smart do you think you are? Hopefully you have enough brain power to grade the answers from your students! Kids say the funniest things and it is up to you to catch what is right and what is wrong. Give students A’s or F’s based on their answers. Careful, not all of them are geniuses so it is up to you to catch the wrong answers! Students will try to be funny and outwit you with your answers. It may be funny, but it will still be wrong! Fail that kid! We don’t appreciate their attempts to be comedians. Make sure they know math, english, or geography. Some of the answers might even have you feeling like a smart, brainy professor. Help these kids out and prep them for college - you are on your teaching journey! Game Features: 1. Make the right choice! Hopefully you are smarter than these 5th graders! Some questions might even have you stumped! 2. Many levels to play So many fun and challenging questions for you to answer and grade. 3. Fun for the whole family Whether you are a teacher, a substitute, a professor, or not in education at all - this game will have you laughing and thinking. 4. Simple and Addicting Gameplay Once you start you won’t be able to stop. Answer questions, break up fights in recess, watch over detention - it’s like you are back in school again! Whether you are a fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brain teasers, or you just like answering questions, then Papers Grade Please is the game for you! Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;

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Just two things
From, a fellow reviewer on 2020-10-27
I love this game. It is one of the games I play most. But it just has a few things wrong that I should point out. First, Ads. They aren’t as severe as other games like there is, but it definitely pretty noticeable. Next is just the function. When it says, “My answer was right blah blah blah,” it wasn’t REALLY right, like for example, once I had graded something as an F, because it had said there’s ten corners on a star and it said that he would sue me, so I tried to press the ad and it had taken 30 dollars (this isn’t the problem, you get -30 dollars if you don’t watch the ad) and reset my score. This also applies to special rounds like gym, school dance etc. This is annoying/frustrating so please fix this! Thank you for reading ❤️✨
Sara GhOme on 2020-10-27
This game is okay. It has way to many ads and boring limited decorations,upgrades, and students outfits. I would really like more realistic student accessories it’ll make the game more realistic. Also there is very limited grading “papers”. and more students to grade the better. THE ADS. omg ads. i get it. you need to make money, BUT way to many ads for anyone’s liking pretty much to just get money you have to watch an ad. Also it’s says “watch an ad for x3 as much money” so if we don’t tap it, it takes us to an ad anyway, (not getting the money). I have gotten all the accessories, upgrades, and classroom accessories in less than a day. NOT WORTH THE STORAGE. please fix these issues.
Ads and rasiste
ninjamaster76 on 2020-10-27
There are way to many ads but that’s to be expected form a mobile cash grab but the big problem is that when you purposely get it wrong to screw with them that they would threaten to sew you and for some reason I found this to mainly be in the black students while for some reason people may think that this is ok these types games are mainly targeted towards young people who might buy some things hens the cash grab and I am not a parent not even a adult I do feel like this might lead to them having some beliefs that might effect the way they act with people and I also noticed that a lot of wrong answers are also targeted towards them I hope this will be changed soon
Should be called “Ads: The Game”
Monstern24 on 2020-10-27
Okay let’s count this. There is an ad: - on the main menu for some extra cash - every time you finish a level (that takes 25 seconds to complete) - at the end of every level when you have a chance to triple your score - when you want to access the final level of each day - at the end of said final level for a chance to triple your score - when you “graduate grades” - when you want to upgrade your classroom - when you want to upgrade your students - when you want to change your character It’s tedious.
Fun but a scam
lavender️‍ on 2020-10-27
Whenever I press something to watch for free it doesn’t let me. Whenever I want to watch a video to earn something for free, I guess it’s a glitch we’re it thinks I said “no thanks” it’s a fun game and it really could have gone some where if it wasn’t for the glitch and so much adds! Oh and also whenever I watch a video to get more money at the end, it only gives me a little bit, not as much as it said it would give me. But other than that it’s a decent game, even if it’s a little boring
Too many ads
Izzie Grimes on 2020-10-27
I like this game and think it would be better with LESS ADS!!! Ads are popping up excessively and it’s really annoying. I keep asking to do the School Dance activity and I never get to. If you are a fan of ads, you can get this game, but if you have triggering OCD like me, don’t get this app. Also I would like to be able to add more furniture and decorations to the classroom. You can only edit it five times. Thank you.
sophia claireee on 2020-10-27
Okay. I like this game and I would have given it 5 stars if there weren’t as many ADS. for example, after two questions it’ll go straight to an ad. After I complete a level go straight to an ad. I spend as much time watching ads as I do possibly playing the game. If there were anything to adjust it would be the decorations in the room and if you can please reduce the ads! Other than that, this game is spot on
Meh.. jk
Clare575757 on 2020-10-27
Way too many ads but awesome but I noticed something eerie about it there was a weird glitch that kept happening and it was kind of like the talking Angela conspiracy but this time it froze my screen and started like mumbling it sounded like words but it’s kind of sounded like something freezing and buffering warning this game is awesome but if this glitch happens to you delete it
Good (Please read till end)
lydialoebird on 2020-10-27
I love this game but when you are done with grade 12 it doesn’t do anything else but keep starting you over on the same 3 things you already did on grade 12 it does it over and over and over and over! The least you could do is give us new kids and start us at Kindergarten again or new teachers or something. But other than that the game is super good I recommend it!
Good game but why change the age for the game
Honey77$ on 2020-10-27
The game is good but why would you change the age of the game? I mean I am 9 years old and I love this game and you decided to take it away from me? How selfish of you to do that to me and other kids. And you don’t know if something bad happened to the kids that day. So you just broke a kids heart. I am disappointed y’all and who ever said to change the game age

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