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Mar, 2023


Mar, 2023



Organize your recipes. Create grocery lists. Plan your meals. Download recipes from your favorite websites. Seamlessly sync to all your devices. Features • Recipes - Download recipes from your favorite websites, or add your own. • Grocery Lists - Create smart grocery lists that automatically combine ingredients and sort them by aisle. • Pantry - Use the pantry to keep track of which ingredients you have and when they expire. • Meal Planner - Plan your meals using our daily, weekly, or monthly calendars. • Menus - Save your favorite meal plans as reusable menus. • Sync - Keep your recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans synced between all your devices. • Adjust - Scale ingredients to your desired serving size, and convert between measurements. • Cook - Keep the screen on while cooking, cross off ingredients, and highlight your current step. • Search - Organize your recipes into categories and subcategories. Search by name, ingredient, and more. • Timers - Cook times are automatically detected in your directions. Simply tap on one to start a timer. • Import - Import from existing apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup!, MasterCook & Living Cookbook. • Export - Export your meal plans to Calendar and your grocery lists to Reminders. • Share - Share recipes via AirDrop or email. • Print - Print recipes, grocery lists, menus, and meal plans. Recipes support multiple print formats including index cards. • Extensions - Save recipes directly in Safari and view today's scheduled meals. • Bookmarklet - Download recipes from any browser straight into your Paprika Cloud Sync account. • Offline Access - All of your data is stored locally. No internet connection is required to view your recipes. What's New in 3.0 • iPhone X and iOS 11 support. • iOS app is now universal. • Multitasking support on iPad. • Add multiple, full-sized photos to each recipe. Embed photos in your directions. • Insert links to other recipes or websites in your ingredients or directions. • Format recipes using bold and italics. • Convert ingredient measurements between standard and metric. • Search for recipes across multiple categories. • Add custom aisles to your grocery list and re-arrange them in your preferred order. • Create multiple grocery lists. • Add custom ingredients to the pantry. Track quantities, purchase dates, and expiration dates. • Move items back and forth between the pantry and grocery list. • Add custom meal types to the meal planner. • Create reusable menus that span multiple days. Platforms Paprika is available on multiple platforms so you can access it on all of your devices. Please note that each version is sold separately.

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You need to get this!
MN Grandma of 14 on 2023-04-01
This is the most fantastic app! Worth every penny! I have recommended this to every friend I have that cooks! You can share recipes, instantaneously with others, whether they have the app or not, but if they have it, your recipe will seamlessly be added into their app, including photos, notes, etc. I have transferred old family recipes I to mine by hand and now can share those, as well as wonderful recipes that I've seamlessly downloaded from the internet. I haven't used many of the features this app provides, but will, eventually....but what features I do use has made my life so much easier. I always have my recipes with me, so if I decide while in a store, that I want to make something; I have my ingredient list right there. Thank you Paprika 3 for such a wonderful app! *** One suggestion....Add "Refrigeration Time", as an alternative to "Cooking Time" for the many recipes that require no cooking, but refrigeration time needs to be figured in. That would definitely be a nice "tweet" to the app.
Great App
littlebitt. on 2023-04-01
I have used this app for years. Lots of features and I recommend it to everyone looking for an e-recipe manager. Super easy to use, edit, print, send or search. It can do it all. I have over 1200 recipes in my app. I have it installed on my phone, iPad, desktop and laptop. Update or add on one, they all update. See a recipe on the internet? Download it with ease without having to type it in manually. I show people how it works on my phone or iPad and they want it. I don’t usually write reviews but when I have something that meets or exceeds my expectations like this app I have to recommend it. If I had any criticism at all it would be that you must purchase it separately for each device you install it on. That being said, it is still worth the money for each device.
Life altering-ly good
Timothy Burks on 2023-04-01
I consider myself a competent cook, able to execute on basic kitchen skills, but not creative enough to easily plan meals open my own. So for years I didnt put forth the effort to cook for myself at home (the toil of cooking for one) and mostly ate or ordered out for food. This app (combined with a CSA food delivery box) has effectively outsourced the planning portion of cooking to the internet which is the part I struggled with the most. Now I cook for myself for almost every meal (or reheat leftovers) maybe going out to eat once a week with friends. Paprika is so simple and effective. I dont use absolutely every function it has, but for what I do use it for it has been an outstanding experience. Never have written an app review before but this app made me want to.
Positive and negative
cheddarkopf on 2023-04-01
Up until now, so have used the Whisk app for my recipes. I changed to Paprika for two reasons. Number 1- recipe sharing is impossible with whisk and simple with Paprika Number 2- Whisk doesn’t import the directions for a recipe and I have several recipes where the link no longer works. no instructions=no recipe However the Paprika app has a MAJOR deficit. When converting to metric, Paprika changes dry measurements to cups to ml instead of grams. Most of the world measures with a scale. That conversion is less than helpful. I know It is possible to convert correctly. Whisk does it. Until this is fixed, I am in a bind.
I love this app
HappyCook123 on 2023-04-01
I’ve been planning meals and grocery shopping for 50 years (I started young)! I love this app. I can search and download recipes, add them to my menu and my grocery list and shop with the list on my phone. This app has really simplified meal planning and grocery shopping for me. I don’t forget to add items to my list or forget my list at home and the whole process is so much quicker. I use Siri to add items to my list during the week and the list is sorted in order of the aisles in my store. It’s such a time saver and worth every penny!!!
Dr JIS on 2023-04-01
I cannot say enough good things about this app. It’s a 10/10. I used MacGourmet before and transferred 4300 recipes. My wife and I share grocery lists, share pantry updates, send recipes to friends, edit recipes on the fly. I sent treasured recipes to a website and had them bound as a cookbook for my daughter’s bridal shower. Paprika is what cookbook apps should be - easy, functional, and steadfast. Backups occur seem less and flawless
My go-to and only recipe keeper
ejsam2000 on 2023-04-01
I’ve been a paprika user for so long I can’t remember when I started or who got me started with the app. The paprika 3 version is the best and totally worth the cost. I don’t use the grocery list part, but everything else is part of my meal-prepping and recipe-saving repertoire. I especially like the ability to decrease or increase recipes, add extra photos, save links, etc. Can’t say enough good things about this app.
Can you add the day of the week instead of just March 14?
Wasabiwin on 2023-04-01
Hello! I love intuitive and functional apps and this is pretty good. Still a new user. One thing I noticed is that when I am creating my meal plan, the top only shows March 14, 2023 but doesn’t say the day of the week. Can you pls add Tuesday, March 14,2023? More user friendly and functional. I am planning my week of meals and it’s confusing and would be helpful to list out the day of week. Thanks.
Essential app
Slackmountain on 2023-04-01
There’s so many apps that you download once and use every now and then, but we use this daily and it’s a game changer. #1 feature we’d love to see though would be an undo button on the grocery list. There have been so many times I’ve accidentally removed an item while shopping and I can’t figure out which one it was. If we could undo the last few checked off items it would be a life saver.
Great App! Would be better if it paired with Supercook App
EG573947 on 2023-04-01
I love the way this app makes web recipes easier to read efficiently. My only wish is that this app could pair with my Supercook app. Supercook allows me to indicate what is in my pantry and fridge and search for recipes based on the ingredients I have, along with other filters. I would love if these two apps could talk to each other, or even better, merge.

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