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Welcome to A Mountain of Entertainment. Stream tens of thousands of full episodes—including favorites from CBS, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Comedy Central, BET, MTV and Smithsonian Channel—plus exclusive shows, brand-new originals, and live sporting events like UEFA Champions League and the NFL on CBS, when you subscribe to Paramount+. - Watch full episodes on demand from hit series like Survivor, NCIS, SpongeBob SquarePants, Ink Master and more! (Plus, it’s all ad-free with the Premium plan.*) - Obsess over originals. Watch subscriber-only originals such as Halo, Star Trek: Picard, 1883, iCarly, SEAL Team, and The Good Fight. - Make every night a movie night with blockbuster hits and fan-favorite films from Paramount Pictures, MGM and more. - Access 24/7 live streams with around-the-clock news coverage on CBS News, scores + highlights on CBS Sports HQ and entertainment news on ET Live, plus 20 live channels of curated favorites. - Create up to 6 individual profiles for each member of your household. Have kids? Use our Kids Mode profile feature. - Watch live sports like NFL on CBS & UEFA Champions League. - Save your faves with our watchlist feature, My List. - Stream your local, live CBS station (Premium plan only). - Catch the best in live events including NCAA March Madness, The Masters Tournament, The GRAMMYs and more (Premium plan only). - Download and watch offline* (Premium plan only). - Stream even MORE originals, movies & sports when you get the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME bundle. Try Paramount+ FREE now. After your trial, it’s only $4.99/month or $49.99/year for the Essential plan, or $9.99/month or $99.99/year for the ad-free Premium plan.* Download the app now to get started. *Live TV includes commercials and select shows have promotional interruptions. Downloaded content is accessible for earlier of 30 days from date of download or 48 hours from start of playback. Content availability subject to change. Please note use of the Paramount+ app is limited to the United States. Paramount+ promotional offers for new subscribers only. Live TV subject to availability. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply. Your subscription will automatically renew after any applicable promotional period and your Apple ID account will be charged the subscription price on a recurring basis until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time through your Apple ID account settings. If you cancel your subscription, the cancellation will go into effect at the end of your current subscription period, as applicable. You will have continued access to the Paramount+ Service for the remainder of your paid subscription period. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please visit for more information. Paramount+ Subscription Terms: Paramount Terms of Use Paramount Privacy Policy: Cookie Policy:

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Freezes Like A Tongue to a Flag Pole
Justanothercomplaint on 2023-02-07
Every time I add to my review I get a developer response. I do and they have me do everything I have already done and then say to call my internet provider. In other words they don’t know. It’s ridiculous. Now it’s putting an orange dot on the app every time I go to the Home Screen. I see others complain about this too. This is very annoying and never an update. Just the orange for as if it did have one. None of the other apps do it just Paramount+. And I still really wish they’d fix the app to allow you to delete from the continue watching section. You’re committed for life to what you ended early or in one case won’t go away no matter how many times you let it finish at the of the series this referring to “Sometimes When We Touch”—music documentary. It won’t go away on my fire-stick nor my iPhone. For as much as this costs, this app should be an obvious feature. So annoying. The previous issues seem to be fixed for the most part. I’m assuming because I bought new fire sticks even though the previous ones worked just fine except this app. Now listen to your customer complaints about other things and make the app worth the money. I don’t understand how this app has high ratings. My account and my patents’ accounts both freeze after each episode of shows on the fire sticks. Separate internet companies and tvs with the the same results. Theirs also makes them sign in each time they use the app. We both have the premium account and it’s awful. Restarting, clearing the cache, and reinstalling does nothing. It’s ridiculous that an app that charges so much has so many constant problems. We’ve all had the app for months with the same problems. It works fine on the iPad so obviously it’s the firestick app that’s the problem. The IT people need to revamp it to work.
Perfect for hearing culture, one complaint from a profoundly deaf patron
LilStephP on 2023-02-07
I wish the option for closed captioning was not something that existed until after the movie/series started & then I have to click all around trying to turn it on. And when I do set it to “CC” it takes it off every episode or every other movie. I absolutely love the movies you guys are producing-“Yellowstone” & “1883” were the last series my sister and I spent watching together. I only wish I hadn’t had to spend so much time getting the “CC” on. You don’t realize that all those small moments matter. I have to believe that my sister smiles (died 11/4/22 of cancer) that I am still fighting for Closed Captioning, even after she’s gone. I’ll give it to her-I cannot watch anything without her & I hope you guys can make sure you send some easily captioned episodes her way. Even though she’s gone-she’d never leave a story unfinished. I know it’s a huge ask, but only a minor code change _minutes spent looking for a CC option are some minutes that deaf / hearing impaired people don’t have. Who hates to leave a show unfinished, especially when those next episodes are never a guarantee for them. So, for my little sister, please find an easier way to put on the ‘Closed Caption”, and an option to leave it as saved preferences upon logout. Regardless of your abhorrently hard to set up CC (lol) you’re station provided my sister and I with many unforgettable laughs & some tears (though she’d never tell). The hours we spent laughing at a joke, or amazed someone did something crazy-gave her at least 1 minute of pain she’d forgotten she was in. For that I thank the entire staff for making my sister forget her pain, even just for small moments in time.
NobodyUnoe on 2023-02-07
Right now I’m subscribed on a free year subscription of it from T-Mobile. Pro that’s actually a con: vintage Star Trek series… that they yanked off of other streaming services to force you to either buy the series as video (digital or disc), or get Paramount+. Oh yeah, and you get blitzed with ads throughout the show that make it intolerable to binge watch. (Especially heavy in gross and triggering big pharma ads, offensively archaic heteronormative “parental values” and gender role trumpeting ads, and ads for insurance) There’s movies… but in order to find them, the easiest way is to surf through the handful of “you might also likes” attached to a movie you already found. The search feature is archaic, and doesn’t work well. I found it impossible to search for actors by name, and more. You’re constantly shilled for ad on bundling showtime, their news app, and CBS… all stuff I wouldn’t consume even if it were free. For me, most of the TV programming they offer on Paramount+ is unrelatable stuff I would never watch, including said side bundles, driving home my AFAB non-POC elder non-binary LGBTQ minority status. I don’t exist. So I’m stuck with ad driven very vintage Star Trek (I can’t stand the newer franchises) and a smattering of vintage scifi/creature feature movies. So pretty much the final decision is: I’d rather buy Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek Voyager on iTunes or Blu-ray and ditch Paramount+.
Is it worth it after all the hype? **updated**
bleef12 on 2023-02-07
So far... not really. There’s no way to have a “list of shows” or “favorites”. No Yellowstone... even thought it’s the network Yellowstone airs on. Really slow and glitchy shows you click on will say unavailable. I’m going to stick around and update this after a month or so. Hopefully it will get better because i was excited. ** updating this review to add that even though my Wi-Fi is working perfectly for Netflix Hulu YouTube and many other apps in our household it still crashes and we can’t even get through one single show without having to change to another app it’s absolutely ridiculous I think we’ve given it enough of a chance unless this is resolved we will be discontinuing our subscription. Quite frankly I do believe that people deserve their money back for the amount of time that we have wasted giving this app a chance to actually work out the bugs. It’s been months. * also would like to add that no I will not be turning my consul or device off every 30 minutes no I will not be closing out the app every 10 minutes
Not available in Puerto Rico
Cyn1231 on 2023-02-07
I purchased the yearly subscription including Showtime because it was a great deal. I come to Puerto Rico frequently to visit family and this service is not available in the island. Hence, I can't watch any of the programming on either Paramount+ nor Showtime. At least I was able to watch Showtime when it was a stand alone service which I gave up when I purchased Paramount+. Please fix this issue. Puerto Rico IS part of the U.S. UPDATE: I received a response from CBS Interactive: "Hi! We appreciate your interest. While you can stream Paramount+ within the United States, Puerto Rico is not yet included in this service. We're working hard to expand into more regions, so stay tuned!" Just want to make clear that the developer has been replying this exact answer for approximately TWO YEARS now. Hence, my question to them is, how "hard" are you really working? Please stop answering the same crap and fix this issue; we're not idiots; we're PAYING customers unable to enjoy the service we were offered.
Hits hard, Misses hard
really god but it has flaws on 2023-02-07
Paramount+ is a strange streaming service to talk about in terms of what I and probably others think. For one, I’m a huge Nickelodeon fan myself and having a streaming service with all things Nick plus more is fantastic. But the main problem starts to arise when if you take out the Nick content, you basically have almost nothing on the service that is too noteworthy. Don’t get me wrong, there are some stuff non-Nick related I do like such as some of the movies like Top Gun, Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, Uncle Buck, Etc. Another problem with Paramount + is that many shows have episodes or entire seasons that feel non-existent with some of the noteworthy ones for me being Drake $ Josh, Jimmy Neutron, and one of the worst offenders being Beavis & Butthead.
Thinking of Getting rid of this App
Wbpf on 2023-02-07
I use to really like this app. Now I’m starting to hate it. It freezes constantly and by the time I get it working I’ve missed what I wanted to watch. So tired of missing the weather and other important information because the app freezes. I watch ABC channel 7 for the weather and news 99% of the time since CBS is so unreliable and I don’t have to pay to get that information. UPDATE: ZERO STARS! I get a response from Paramount, which takes me to a worthless web site. Looks like it’s time to delete the app and stick with Channel 7 news. I don’t really care for Paramount’s programing anyway.
alr1014 on 2023-02-07
Tells you that you need 13.0 software or newer but can download an older version of the app. Downloads older version, but older app says you need to upgrade to newer to work. But can’t upgrade to newer version of app without upgrading to newer iPad software, which my tablet is too old to do. Other apps are like this as well, which is fine bc they do not tell me I can download an older version of the app and it will work. Other apps just tell me no. Paramount + should not offer to download an older version of the app when the older version of the app does not work at all.
Must Read!!!
Turklo Biyakak on 2023-02-07
I absolutely love the content on Paramount+. BUT hear me out… I was paying for premium with no issues. I use T-mobile and was offered a year free basic service (with commercials). I will tell you it was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! The lag, caught on repeating commercials, The constant buffering, The sound and voices were off… I tried to working with their customer service to no avail. So basically I had a year of free and 2 months I paid for because I forgot to cancel and I didn’t even use it. DO NOT GET THEIR BASIC PLAN!!! DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT!!!
Get me a garbage bag
Bzz15 on 2023-02-07
This app is THE WORST. Crashes constantly on all of our devices. Doesn’t keep track of where you left off. When I try to continue watching a show it’ll start on a completely different season, then I have to try and find the episode and fast forward to where I was only to be made to watch commercials I’ve already watched. Every. Time. I open this stupid app. If you’re going to force us to use a million different streaming services to watch our shows AT LEAST make an app that doesn’t make me want to throw my technology through a window.

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