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Welcome to A Mountain of Entertainment. Stream tens of thousands of full episodes—including favorites from CBS, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Comedy Central, BET, MTV and Smithsonian Channel—plus exclusive shows, brand-new originals, and live sporting events like UEFA Champions League and the NFL on CBS, when you subscribe to Paramount+. - Watch full episodes on demand from hit series like Survivor, NCIS, SpongeBob SquarePants, Ink Master and more! (Plus, it’s all ad-free with the Premium plan.*) - Obsess over originals. Watch subscriber-only originals such as Halo, Star Trek: Picard, 1883, iCarly, SEAL Team, and The Good Fight. - Make every night a movie night with blockbuster hits and fan-favorite films from Paramount Pictures, MGM and more. - Access 24/7 live streams with around-the-clock news coverage on CBS News, scores + highlights on CBS Sports HQ and entertainment news on ET Live, plus 20 live channels of curated favorites. - Create up to 6 individual profiles for each member of your household. Have kids? Use our Kids Mode profile feature. - Watch live sports like NFL on CBS & UEFA Champions League. - Save your faves with our watchlist feature, My List. - Stream your local, live CBS station (Premium plan only). - Catch the best in live events including NCAA March Madness, The Masters Tournament, The GRAMMYs and more (Premium plan only). - Download and watch offline* (Premium plan only). - Stream even MORE originals, movies & sports when you get the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME bundle. Try Paramount+ FREE now. After your trial, it’s only $4.99/month or $49.99/year for the Essential plan, or $9.99/month or $99.99/year for the ad-free Premium plan.* Download the app now to get started. *Live TV includes commercials and select shows have promotional interruptions. Downloaded content is accessible for earlier of 30 days from date of download or 48 hours from start of playback. Content availability subject to change. Please note use of the Paramount+ app is limited to the United States. Paramount+ promotional offers for new subscribers only. Live TV subject to availability. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply. Your subscription will automatically renew after any applicable promotional period and your Apple ID account will be charged the subscription price on a recurring basis until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time through your Apple ID account settings. If you cancel your subscription, the cancellation will go into effect at the end of your current subscription period, as applicable. You will have continued access to the Paramount+ Service for the remainder of your paid subscription period. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please visit for more information. Paramount+ Subscription Terms: Paramount Terms of Use Paramount Privacy Policy: Cookie Policy:

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Should Rename the App: “Fatal Error”
TimKalel on 2022-12-07
I actually like the content that they’ve been streaming, but this had made it even MORE frustrating when the app CONSISTENTLY crashes. In the middle of a show, the video stream will stop, and the message “Fatal Error” appears before you’re kicked back out to the Home Screen. On WiFi? Fatal Error. On 4G LTE data? Fatal Error. And it seems the app has a knack for waiting until you’re in the middle of the story to start crashing. Once it starts, you might as well just wait until tomorrow to try again, because there is NO chance one of the Paramount servers will kick back into gear anytime soon. I might’ve spent more time staring at the “Fatal Error” message than actually watching Paramount+ video content!! (As well as force-closing the app, restarting my phone, toggling WiFi & mobile data off & on, Googling the error message, etc. None of which ever helps!) And I know it’s not my phone or my connection! For one, all of my interventions are useless to get the Paramount content back. But, also, every other streaming video app works flawlessly when this happens! YouTube, Disney, HBO - they all work fine when Paramount+ decides to stop working. Which is ALL THE TIME! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
blueowl2677 on 2022-12-07
I love the programming. I really dislike the crappy way paramount does Yellowstone. If you stream the app, (not live stream), we don’t get to see the latest season of Yellowstone, except on peacock, and we don’t get to stream on demand, until 5 episodes have aired, then we can watch it. But Europe and other countries get to see it? Or CBS content not being available right away when we pay for the service. Or certain shows that aren’t available at all to stream, you have to “catch it live”. I don’t get what kind of marketing this is, but it isn’t friendly towards those paying for the service. Paramount might be a service I can just live without. Clean it up Paramount, and start showing some customer appreciation and screwing around with availability of programming. And even though you responded about Yellowstone, you still did not address the issues about CBS programming not being available or the whole point of this review! Showing that you all just don’t give a crap about the consumers wants and needs
Organization of app makes it harder to use
AngelxInxHell on 2022-12-07
The organization of seasons & episodes makes it hard to use. When you click on a show it shows you the newest season first, so you have to scroll down to the first season and then the episodes are organized where you can’t just organically scroll through the episodes to the next season. I don’t understand why they updated it this way when there was nothing wrong with chronological organization of seasons & episodes. They also no longer have a play next episode pop up during credits. The next episode with play once the one you are watching completely plays out credits & all. I have had to go back and manually click the next episode to avoid wasting time & if you don’t pay for ad free you will get an ad at the end of episode & start of the next episode.
Highly disappointed
lacykay9 on 2022-12-07
Glitches constantly, ads won’t finish so won’t go back to my show I have to exit and restart multiple times, sometimes just decides not to work until the 3 rd try, has ALOT of ads.. and yea before they reply saying they have a ad free option I already know.. just pointing out the ads are excessive in my opinion, sign up was messed up said I had a week free then charged me immediately… when I go back to a show I was watching it starts on a wrong one completely and never where we left off …even just how I have to use the app itself isn’t great and kind of a mess and not tailored to me at all . Highly disappointed
z vu jsnejdns on 2022-12-07
All of these scammer streaming apps do this but paramount is by far the worst I’ve ever used If you pause after a commercial break to get up to get something, when you resume, they’ll make you watch another commercial. Forget to pause and want to rewind back to the end of the commercial you just watched? Another commercial. I feel like I watches 2-3x the amount of commercials on a streaming platform as I do watching cable. At least DVR works across the entire program, where as with streaming platforms they have total control Being ripped off and no way to contest it. Ended my subscription immediately
Soo many problems on ALL platforms
kaylen grace on 2022-12-07
In the phone, videos don’t play correctly. Always has errors. On the tv, if you rewatch a show, it’ll put you HALFWAY through the episode? Or just won’t auto play and will have errors autoplaying, so then you gotta exit out of it and go back in it. Rewinding the show? Forget it cant do it. The blue on blue when you’re picking something to watch is so hard to look at. You have no idea what your selecting cause it’s so hard to see the blue frame on what show is outlined. Not to mention, on the phone and tv, it lags like crazy, and no other tv platform has that problem on my phone or tv.
So annoying.
☮️✨💖💕 on 2022-12-07
Nothing is really wrong with the app, it won't let me play stuff on my phone for some reason but I'm assuming that's not the app. The problem I have is the Paramount+ for Roku, it won't let me just watch the episode I clicked on because it was already watched all the way through. I get it playing from where you left off last time you watched, but like some other things, if it's at the end, it should just restart. I clicked on that episode for a reason, because I want to watch THAT episode, if I wanted to watch the next episode I would've just clicked in that instead.😐
Performance; not Content
Caleberger on 2022-12-07
The app performance of Paramount+ on iPad Pro is very poor. While the AppleTV application and iPhone application work fine, the app for the iPad consistently crashes, doesn’t finish downloads, has “Fatal Errors” when playing downloaded content, and somehow manages to buffer downloaded content. I rarely write reviews, but Paramount needs to put some money into fixing the app’s performance for iPad. It’s frustrating to pay for a service that is supposed to have on-the-go availability that doesn’t perform even remotely “well”. Great content, horrible product.
Would be great if…
Needing sleep on 2022-12-07
I received a free subscription to Paramount+ through my Walmart+ subscription. I should NOT have to resubscribe to your service if it is free with another service I am paying for. This is the second time this has happened. The first time I had to wait two months to be able to use the app again. This was after I went through Walmart+ to see if I could get the issue fixed, after I deleted the app on all of my devices and reinstalled. I would really like to enjoy your app, however, this issue needs to be resolved for me to do so.
OliviaRZ on 2022-12-07
There are A LOT of glitches that need to be fixed on this app. After watching a few episodes of the same show, the screen just gets a loading icon until you close the app and start completely over. It has done this on different electronics. It also doesn’t store or update your episodes/shows for continue watching; especially for shows that have new episodes coming out weekly. The show completely disappears and you have to try to remember where you were. It seems very dated for an app in 2022. A lot needs to be worked on.

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