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Take the hassle out of parking with the ParkWhiz app. Find parking in any major city, compare prices, plus save up to 50% when you book in advance. Free yourself from parking hassles by choosing the way you'd like to book with plenty of choices, parking times to suit everyone, close-by locations, on the go on mobile. You'll get paperless passes that travel with you, for convenient parking anytime--with savings of up to 50% off drive-up. BOOK easier than ever with our all-in-one homescreen. PARK with your mobile pass, just pull in. DO YOUR THING with all the time and money you've saved. - All in one homescreen for the way you like to book. - New larger date & time selection for better ease and accuracy. - Control it all, make your own choices. Choose fast, book easy. - Instant-load map, simple selections, speedy booking. - Up to 50% off drive-up rate for pain-free city parking. All the parking you need. Business? Check. Commuting? Yep. Going to a museum or a concert? Got it. Need airport parking? Even there. Book with ParkWhiz for all of your parking needs. We're the leading NYC app, sparing New Yorkers from alternate side of the street parking. From the most congested place in the nation, to Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Toronto, and all points in between, ParkWhiz gets drivers parking for less. Better yet, you book in advance, so your space is waiting. There's no more circling blocks, worrying about full lots or frayed nerves from not knowing where to park. HOW IT WORKS We contract with garages and lots across America for insider pricing we pass along to you. But booking couldn't be easier. Here's how it goes: - The first screen lets you search by destination by address, map or past pass. - Pick the pin on the map with the nearby location's price you like. - Set date and times. - Confirm booking. - Get your virtual pass in your phone. - Pull in, park, then do your thing. WAITING TO HELP We've got real people just dying to help you out. Have a question, need a hand? Our ace customer service folks will answer your call or text and get you on your way. Call 888-472-7594 Email [email protected] Follow us on Twitter @ParkWhiz Like us on Facebook at Learn more at ParkWhiz Delivers "Dead simple to use, just enter your destination and time then it shows nearby spots. Always reasonably priced with clear descriptions. Highly recommend to take stress out of parking." -- PW customer, April 2017 "Customer service is beyond! Love this app. I live 10 miles from NYC so I'm there often. I'm always able to get discounted parking, no matter the area." -- PW customer, April 2017 "ParkWhiz helps drivers get where they want to be for less." -- American Airlines Magazine "Check out apps like ParkWhiz that will save you money and a spot." -- ABC News

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Snowmommy.d.m on 2020-02-26
Went to an event in Brooklyn. Found a lot close by with super reasonable rate and and booked a reservation and paid. Went to lot on the day of the event - arrived early and attendant said that was ok. I did notice that sign had daily parking rate for $2 less than I paid, but overlooked that. I said to the attendant that he must be getting ready for a busy day. He asked why and I explained the sold out event at the Barclays Center. He was unaware, but immediately put up a sign that nearly doubled what I paid for my reservation. After the event, I returned and the attendant (who had said that arriving early was fine for the rate) said I would have to pay as he couldn’t accept the reservation bc we arrived early. But, since I told him about the event (he remembered me) he would only charge $15 - not the price that they had raised it to. He told me to contact Park Whiz and they would refund my money. Ha! Park Whiz has contacted me back and is asking for receipt that I paid the second time. I am not sure if I can find it. I am also being sent many of their FAQ’s - including not being able to be refunded after reservation as well as reservations not being valid if arriving early, etc. Complete scam. Knew it was a scam when I was leaving the lot but there was no way to do anything because a valet lot and wouldn’t be able to get my car. Horrible. Beware when using this APP!
Confusing and horrible Customer Service
PHILLIP Y. CHOI 31 on 2020-02-26
I’m generally an optimistic and easy going person. But I feel compelled to share my disastrous experience with ParkWhiz and the horrible service. I attended a concert to see one of my childhood friends perform at The Tabernacle (Atlanta). I purchased a parking pass and followed the instructions, leaving the pass visible on my dashboard. The thing is, there’s 4 parking lots all next to one another and the instructions available on the printout give little information (“look for a y’all maroon plaque with white AAA sign”.) Theres no lights anywhere and it’s pitch dark outside. Moreover, there were no white signs. There were plenty “AAA parking signs” but all different colors. Lastly, some of the signs were on the ground, perhaps knocked down or something. I had to make my best judgement after asking others around, all who were just as confused as I was. The instructions I followed were “parking is by the brown building”.... When I came back to my car, my vehicle was booted. $75 wasted ... As an Army Officer, one of the basic skill sets we have is map reading. Unfortunately, the vague parking directions, outdated information, poor picture quality, and confusing notes did nothing for me. I will NEVER use this app again and will encourage others to use the more reliable Park Mobile in the future!
Horrible experience
trail runner js on 2020-02-26
I bought and paid for a parking space, downloaded the App and registered my license plate. I parked in the lot. The next day my car had a boot put on. I called the number on the sticker, waited for an hour for the guy to remove the boot. Even though I had a receipt for the parking, proof of my license plate registered on the App and a printout of everything sitting on the dash, I still had to pay a fine of double what I paid for the parking, to get the boot removed. At the end of the day, I paid triple the cost for the parking, and five of us stood around in a parking lot for over an hour, and we end up missing the event we we headed to. Lost the cost of our event as well. Not happy - horrible experience.
Yoda18 on 2020-02-26
Horrible customer service, they deliberately do not provide any phone number to contact them in the event of a problem. You have to submit a ticket via email then wait for a response. They are also misleading about their additional charges, the rate advertised for a parking space was increased when I booked it without any detail of what the additional charge was, I can only assume it’s their fee which again, I can’t even get in touch with them to explain. When I called the garage they insisted it was a fee park whiz adds and park whiz completely denies it so they are basically being deceitful and lying. Needless to say, I’ve deleted the app and they can go pound sand.
Saves you a lot of
Gmo the Magnifico! on 2020-02-26
I love this app. A must if you visit NYC. Enter the address or venue name that you are visiting (and the time and date) and It shows you a map of available parking spaces and the prices; it even tells you how long it will take to get to your destination from each parking space. The difference in prices is unbelievable ($15 to $65)... AND you can cancel anytime before the chosen starting time. 5 stars.
Over time
jillyhilly4 on 2020-02-26
Our dinner ran late due to the restaurant being crowded. My sister used Spot Hero & they’re app lets you know it’s near your time to exit the garage & do you need more time for a nominal $4 fee. Great feature. Park Whiz does not offer this & upon our exit we paid more to exit ($17) than we did for original parking @$12. How disappointing. I’ll use spot hero going forward.
Useful for saving on parking
Wes4554 on 2020-02-26
This app has been very useful for saving parking fees. Very valuable when parking in places like Boston where a single day can cost you $30, and savings can be $10 at a time. Beware of “start time” as it will default to the past, making the reservation not cancellable
0 attendants
qawsfjfhfdjh add hfehxf on 2020-02-26
Pulled into park whiz area and no one was there. Had to get out and move red cone myself. Not what I expect when paying for parking. Today’s experience was a 4th rate experience. Disappointing!
Twice it said it was 24 hours parking and it wasnt
J.BOSS 1 on 2020-02-26
I could not use the parking pass since I needed 24 hour parking and they wouldn't refund my money . Wasted of 46$ plus the inconvenience of finding a new spot . double my cost .
No refunds
kellanlanlan on 2020-02-26
Booked a parking pass, arrived at the site and the lot was full. Tried to process a refund and was told that passes can only be canceled up to the minute they start.

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