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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



The PayPal business app is the best app available to send invoices, track sales, and manage your money for merchants with businesses of all sizes. This app takes on the role of business manager for you while you’re busy working on your business instead of in it. This is more than just an invoice creation app. With the PayPal Business app for iPhone, you can: •Make and send invoices quickly with an easy-to-use invoice maker •Manage your money and sales •Track online account activity •Transfer money  •See monthly, quarterly and yearly sales trends at a glance •Access your customer info quickly  SEND INVOICES AND GET PAID Create, send and manage your business invoices quickly from the PayPal Business app. PayPal’s invoice maker also makes it easy for small business owners and merchants to send payment reminders to customers directly from a mobile device to save you time from tracking down payments. Get paid in less time and with less headaches. MANAGE SALES AND ACCOUNT ACTIVITY  See your daily sales, and view your business’ monthly, quarterly and yearly sales at a glance. No more guessing on how your sales are performing! Make smarter money management decisions with updated sales trend information exclusively for your business. TRANSFER MONEY  Move money to your linked bank account, issue refunds, and send money with just a few taps. Save time and frustration by skipping the bank lines with this mobile money management app. Small business owners and merchants love this flexibility and feel like they have a finance manager in their pocket. ACCESS CUSTOMER INFORMATION  View customer transactions, including processing and invoicing histories with the PayPal Business app. You can also check contact information and get in touch with your customers directly from your mobile device. It’s also easy to import your contacts too! The PayPal Business app offers small business owners and merchants a quick and simple way to make and send invoices, get paid, and manage your money right from your phone. Finally, a small business app that fits your lifestyle! Need to accept credit / debit cards on a mobile device? Try the PayPal Here mobile app! Just another example of how PayPal is caring about your business.

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Zero customer service 21 Day account holds
BKB TX75 on 2020-07-04
Client sent me a down payment of $3200.00 to purchase supplies using PayPal. I haven’t used PayPal in at least 10 years. I don’t recall the the reason I stopped using them but I do remember a negative experience. I had to set up a new account specifically for this transaction which took maybe 5 mins, not a big deal. When the money hits my account they put a hold on it. The job was 2 weeks away, I figured they’d put a 1 week hold on the payment due to it being a new account. 10 days go by and I start to contact PayPal. Contacting PayPal is a struggle in itself. First off there is not a phone number posted anywhere I could find until I did a google search. The only way of contacting PayPal is through their messages service. The only responses are just generic policy responses. When I finally found a phone number and called it’s just an automated system that tells me there’s a 21 day hold on the funds “To make sure there’s funds available for a dispute” I have to fund the down payment myself, do the job, collect a final payment, then 10 days after job completion the down payment hold will be released. Who knows how long it’ll take to get the money in my bank account. PayPal fees: probably some of the highest I’ve seen. Do yourself a favor and if you need to accept CC payments use Square. The money is deposited in your bank account the next day. Zelle, Cash app and Venmo all work great with no holds. PayPal is by far the worst intermediary I’ve ever used.
Milking COVID 19- Not Happy with service
Rotlyalty2020 on 2020-07-04
How can you get this spread through the phone? I only gave one start because I had to put something. No one is answering when most people have gone back to work and are dealing with the public face-to-face. My account has a limitation because for no reason and they will not work for the statements uploading because the evidence they want me to provide is too big. No one is helpful. I am trying to cancel my business accounts. I will NEVER it as the I d sad pkk ok at form for my business again.
Anndddrrrreeeeei on 2020-07-04
It’s very frustraiting when your money is put on hold for a service that you have already completed. I mean isn’t it OBVIOUS that the services have been completed since the client is willing to pay? Why do we have to give them instructions that they have to go into their Paypal account and confirm they’ve recieved it for the funds to be relased.. It’s really frustraiting! If I knew this from the beginning I wouldn’t have signed up.
Holding the money even after the customer picked it up
Nayer1 on 2020-07-04
They hold the money even after the customer picked it up and even put me a positive feedback. I end up using the funds from my credit card for my business expenses rather than the money I am waiting PayPal to release. We are small business and not just they take a big fee but they also hold the money when we really need it the most to maintain being in business in such a pandemic hard times.
It’s cool
dimplesthebbw on 2020-07-04
Gthe only thing is it won’t change my business name ... I’ve changed it on the app but when I create invoices for customers it still shows up as my old business name and that’s and issue for me so can somebody please help me change it permanently ..... other than that’s it’s a wonderful app it’s easy to us it definitely comes in handy I always recommend it to ppl who have small businesses
PayPal works with Scammers??
Zuny20 on 2020-07-04
I am not sure yet but be AWARE!!! Many people are being scammed through PayPal buying a Dish Rack supposedly coming from China and PayPal seems to ignore them and play games when it comes to get the buyers a refund! I am not using PayPal anymore and I won’t use it again! It is supposed to protect people from being scammed but they’re honestly doing nothing!! No thanks, No More!!!
Pros and cons
Dezi333 on 2020-07-04
It’s a good tool to have for your e-commerce site. The only problem is it’s super hard to get a hold of a live customer service rep, and the chat feature is pretty hit or miss. When you first sign up you jump through hoops just to get your funds released but after the wait time is over and the hoops are jumped it’s somewhat smooth sailing from there.
89markus89! on 2020-07-04
PayPal is pathetic!! Somebody pays me money, yet somehow I’m not able to access the funds. How does that make any sense? I’m sick of this service. I wish I never would’ve gotten involved with them. Now I’ve send products out from my business and don’t even have money to show for it because pathetic PayPal won’t let me access MY money!!
Papal is the worse !!
hate affirm on 2020-07-04
Never use the credit card processing service agin they keep putting my money on hold for no reason. Customers paid with credit card for services that were completed . PayPal does this so they can make money off of my money they charge fees then hold over half for however long they want to get Interest off my money SCAM All it is !!!
The apps still doesn’t let me...
wenpa on 2020-07-04
Can’t create estimates. Can’t create new client info. Still needs work to develop into a perfect business app companion. The rest is good, I love how I can keep up with business tasks in the mist of family affairs working from home. One hand sends an invoice while the other feeds a chubby monster!

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