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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Our new PayPal app is a simple and secure way to get paid back for last night’s takeaway, send money to friends who have an account with PayPal, check PayPal activity, choose currencies to send around the world and more. Plus, we’ve added some new features we think you’ll love… *NEW* A TOUCH-FREE WAY TO PAY OR BE PAID • If you’re buying, simply scan the QR code to pay securely with your PayPal app. • Whatever you’re selling, now you can quickly set up a QR code and get paid in person, all with just your phone. SEND AND REQUEST MONEY FOR FREE • When funded by a bank account or balance, it’s free and secure to send money or ask for it back from friends and family in the US. • All you need is an email address, mobile number, bank account, cash pick up service point or mobile top up details. *An account with PayPal is required to send and receive money. If you don’t have an account with PayPal, you can sign up for free quickly and easily. • NEW FEATURE: just type a name, email or phone number and PayPal will find the right person for you. • Request money quickly and securely from friends or family with just a few taps. GET INSTANT SPENDING NOTIFICATIONS • Never miss a thing – keep on top of payments and sending or receiving money, with instant push notifications. • Check out all your latest PayPal activity, by just logging in. ACCESS YOUR BALANCE INSTANTLY WITH THE PAYPAL CASH CARD • Easily transfer funds from your bank balance to your account with PayPal. • Shop in-store, online or everywhere Mastercard® is accepted and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. • PayPal Cash Plus account required to get the card. TRUST PAYPAL SECURE TRANSACTIONS • You can be sure PayPal will help keep your financial information secure, with commercially available encryption, and fraud detection. All that plus monitoring transactions, 24/7. Not all features may be available in your market.

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This is ridiculous!! Not impressed AT ALL.
tnknigh80 on 2021-03-05
To whom it may concern: This will now be the 2nd time I’ve attempted to use PayPal. This will be the last if I can help it. Both times took more than 2 hours to set up. Both times had me so unbelievably frustrated that I was raising my voice unintentionally at people in the store as I was trying to either get cash or send cash. There is nothing user friendly about these processes. Your help center is useless and I am completely baffled at how pedestrian both the app and the prepaid card are. When looking for the family member who is in my contacts, it said no match. Email? No match. Phone? No match!!! When they sent their’s so infuriating I didn’t even want to write this...however I work in the retail industry and know that nothing can be improved upon if unaware of these issues. Many log my friends and family have it, Hence why it was the 1st app of these kind, I’ve used. I truly hope you’re able to correct the issues or revamp it. So many ways this if working correctly, that this would be a go-to app. I appreciate your time and attention. Tnknigh80
They basically stole $1300 dollars from me
Octorye on 2021-03-05
I accidentally wrote a check through PayPal for $1300. The moment I did that I tried to cancel It but PayPal wouldn’t let me, the recipient couldn’t cancel it and the bank had no record of any check. After 1 week they pulled $1300 from My Bank regardless of my funds, when I tried to contact someone at customer service about it for the millionth time, they told me there was nothing they could do and that it was my banks fault. I called my band and they said PayPal took the money as direct deposit not an Echeck. When I brought this up with PayPal they told me to contact my bank again to cancel the transaction. At this point they have my money, will not give it to the recipient for them to refund the money, and they won’t give me my money back. If I could give this company and their support negative stars I would.
Great services but was hacked one time
Ayden James on 2021-03-05
I love what I am able to do with PayPal. There are so many sites that will accept payment through PayPal. I prefer to pay this way as I trust PayPal more than some random website. But one time 4 years ago, somehow, someone hacked into my PayPal account from a different country. Which had all my bank info. And the hackers transferred all of my money out of my bank account through PayPal. I was able to reverse it with my bank (the hackers changed the language so I was unable to do anything anytime I logged in to PayPal to try to somehow fix it). I got a different PayPal account after that. And a new bank account and debit card. It’s been 2 years and I haven’t had any problems with this new account. Maybe their security is more strict now? I’m hoping so. Regardless, I shouldn’t have had to deal with the hassle.
Works Sometimes
KPHAMMER on 2021-03-05
Really not a fan of the way Paypal holds your money. A customer paid me on the 15th of February. It is now half a month later (March 1st) and Paypal is still holding my money. Meanwhile, the customer is thrilled with my work and wanting to pay the next half but if the money keeps on hold I will have to ask for a check instead. Seriously considering using paypal as only a last resort payment method for any future customers. Literally any other payment method (check, venmo, etc) goes through in a couple days. I have also had problems in the past with paypal making me constantly change my password every couple of uses even though theres no suspicious activity. I can only think of so many passwords!
Zero Star Rating
Viggler3 on 2021-03-05
This company is nothing short of thieves, which includes MY TIME. Worst customer care experience ever! Over 3 hours on the line, 8 transfers and ZERO help!!! Can’t help me? Just say so instead of wasting my time for crying out loud. Apparently their business model consists of endless transfers with nobody that can make a decision. They have perfected the art of the run around. The last person I talked to was just making stuff up in hopes to transfer me as soon as possible. Issue never resolved as I had to just give up. 10+ years of using them down the toilet, which I can only hope is the future of this company. Avoid using them like the Covid!!!
Very poor customer service!
ARTLLC on 2021-03-05
I made a dispute of an unauthorized charged of $35 through PayPal on 2/25/2021, and today (3/02/2021)I received an online msg saying my dispute was denied, but PayPal does NOT tell you why and no supporting document provided, I have to write & mail a letter to their PO Box in Omaha, NE to request the document to find out why. This is ridiculous! Is PayPal an online payment service provider? If PayPal is conducting all businesses online/digitally, why can’t they simply provide the supporting document to show why the dispute was denied? It’s so easy to spend $$ through PayPal, but no protection for the consumers!
Amer tinley on 2021-03-05
I have been trying to contact PayPal customer service for 20 days now and no luck through there complicated App help menu or the automated system that does not recognize any commands being spoken to it. I have a dispute in my account and I don’t know the status of it and cannot do anything within my account to escalate the dispute as they have through there step by step. I would love if they have a chat feature or customer service that will answer the phone feature. I know we are in the tech area but nothing here seems like that.
Awful awful awful
Nosmelc on 2021-03-05
Just avoid using this app completely. Awful customer service, if you’re locked out of you’re account for no reason you’re probably using PayPal... I have so much to say about me poor experience with this app but I’ll keep it short. If you have to use PayPal please only use the desktop version. If you use the mobile app you’ll miss important notifications that if missed will result in you being locked out and PayPal telling you to go pound sand.
App not blind accessible
Jef3.0 on 2021-03-05
As a blind person using voice over . I have not been able to complete the security challenge. The security challenges has so many things that need help that I cannot even state here. Your app is not blind usable. How does a blind person click on pictures with bikes in it if blind? When i tried the audio challenge I could not get the text box to let me type the audio word. The challenge times out then i get locked out of my account.
Awful customer service
bcuffizfbkc on 2021-03-05
I have been trying to get in contact with PayPal for days and have been sent to jump through more hoops than I can even count. They constantly drop my phone calls and then tell me to message them on their help center, where my messages go unheard and never receive responses. I am frustrated and my small business is losing business because I cannot complete transactions. Awful app. Awful customer service. Would not ever recommend.

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