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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Now there’s more ways to PayPal— buy, sell, send, receive and explore all in one place. It’s a simple and secure way to get paid back for last night’s takeout, send money to friends who have an account with PayPal, buy and checkout with crypto, manage your bills and more. Plus, we’ve added some new features we think you’ll love. *NEW* FIND DEALS RIGHT IN THE APP • Get exclusive deals curated just for you right in the PayPal app. • Earn cash back when you shop in the app. • Multiply your rewards. Earn them with merchants, your credit cards, and with PayPal. All rewards programs are subject to applicable terms. PAY IN 4 WITH PAYPAL • Buy now and pay later by splitting your purchase into 4 interest-free payments at millions of online retailers with no late fees. • Just choose PayPal at checkout and select ‘Pay Later’, where you’ll see ‘Pay in 4’ as a way to pay. • Make the down payment today and pay the rest in 3 payments—one every two weeks. • Payments are easy to manage through the PayPal app and on Loans to California residents are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law License. PayPal, Inc. is a Georgia Installment Lender Licensee, NMLS #910457. Learn more at CRYPTOCURRENCY • Buy, sell and hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin in the PayPal app. • Now you can check out with crypto when you pay with PayPal at millions of online merchants. PayPal Balance account required. Terms apply. Only available in the US and limited in certain states. Buying and selling cryptocurrency is subject to a number of risks and may result in significant losses. You have to report any gains or losses on crypto sales, including when you check out with crypto, on your taxes. SEND AND REQUEST MONEY FOR FREE • When funded by a bank account or with your PayPal balance, it’s free and secure to send money or ask for it back from friends and family in the US. • Just type a name, email or phone number and PayPal will find the right person for you if they have an account. • Request money quickly and securely from friends or family and personalize your payments with animations, stickers, emojis and more. GET SPENDING NOTIFICATIONS • Never miss a thing – stay on top of payments and sending or receiving money, with push notifications. • Check out all your latest PayPal activity, by just logging in. DONATE AND FUNDRAISE • Support a cause you care about by donating to charity right from the app. You can even set your favorite charity so you can give when you check out with PayPal. • Fundraise for yourself, someone else, a group, or a charity. ACCESS YOUR PAYPAL BALANCE INSTANTLY WITH THE PAYPAL DEBIT CARD • Easily transfer funds from your bank balance to your PayPal balance. • Shop in-store, online or everywhere Mastercard® is accepted and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. • PayPal Balance account required to get the card. TRUST PAYPAL SECURE TRANSACTIONS • You can be sure PayPal will help keep your financial information secure, with commercially available encryption and advanced fraud protection. All that plus fraud monitoring transactions, 24/7. A TOUCH-FREE WAY TO PAY OR BE PAID • Pay touch-free by scanning a QR code. All you need to do is scan a seller’s QR code when you pay. • Whatever you’re selling, now you can quickly set up a QR code and get paid in person, all with just your phone. Not all features may be available in your market.

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Security Ridiculousness
gpouliniii on 2023-03-23
The security and the protocol that comes along with it is almost worthy of canceling the service. My debit card was locked and I attempted to buy crypto through Coinbase which PayPal was who my purchases go through. After one decline due to me locking my card, I had to wait 24 hours to buy my crypto again. And then when new customers send me money, they lock the money up for 3-4 days even though it’s supposed to be instant, which makes the customer wait on their product because I’m not sending anything until I get payment. So because “the system” decides on who’s transfer gets “held for security reasons”.. which no one that works there knows what the reasons are and they say they “can’t over ride system”, which if that’s the case, we’re all in deep $h!t if these people are allowing the systems to ne the boss. Or they’re full of it and are told today that. I won’t use this service for P2P ever again.
google llc "hackers"
dice276k on 2023-03-23
google llc a group that uploads child porn on fake pornhub sites "hackers" uses this app to obtain password and account information. These hackers steal passwords enter accounts and upload child pornography they manufacture. These persons set up wiffi networks use wiffi calling, contact editing,they disconnect cellphone services to obtain two step verification codes to gain access to accounts like true spies then change passwords and set up wiffi settings to "analyze" persons like true spies and post their findings on facebook craigslist and relay the information to persons of recordings all while remaining "annonymous"
Better than the rest
Miracle pay on 2023-03-23
The customer service is Top notch!! PayPal has thought of everything, and tweeted service to near perfection. I have had problems with purchases that I attempted to make with people who were sneaky and slippery but as long as I used PayPal to pay I have not gotten burnt! And just when I thought things couldn’t get better they added a savings account that pays more interest on my money monthly that my conventional bank paid me in 5 years time!! I moved all my money here because PayPal is King!! I’ve told all of my friends if you gave referral bonuses I could be rich, lol! I can’t stop bragging about you!!
Do not surrender your SSN privacy to PayPal
iLoveAppleThanx on 2023-03-23
PayPal will not allow you to exchange legal US currency unless you forfeit your personal privacy and legal documentation INCLUDING SOCIAL SECURITY DOCUMENTS. I am simply trying to put cash on PayPal to send to a family member in need of assistance and they will not enable that permission unless I upload my social security documentation. Also: More Rushed Tech Not Hitting the Mark. A user begins with tech that does not work. When calling support they are met with a slow and primitive AI with limited accessibility to real human intelligence that is capable of responding to new and unique scenarios.
Bad for Business
Buy MCO Coin on 2023-03-23
Platform works about half of the time. I accept that they charge a fee, but I’ve been selling for 4 months without a single return and they won’t raise my limit above $300. Honestly, I try to avoid using this horrendous platform as much as possible. I recommend others to do the same. This app is hardly short of a criminal enterprise, I’m hungry and they have $3000 tied up so I guess I’ll go without eating and an inability to reinvest in my business. This is hindering my growth as both a person and a business and support is non existent. I hate you PaySteal, I hate you with all fibers of my being.
Lirete on 2023-03-23
PayPal, like other apps of its kind, is functional for moving money easily. It’s a bit confusing for older clients ts use who did not grow up with computers. Difficult to get to a live human for help when needed. The app is fine, lacks services, as all do, for getting human help. I wish there weren’t so many hoops to get through to talk to a human being when I need some help. Techs are almost always very helpful when you can get through the obstacle course, just frustrating and exhausting to get to one.
Auto renew
Jrossi1966 on 2023-03-23
They allow companies to keep charging year after year. I shouldn’t have to look for hidden turn offs for automatic renewals. I get double charged a lot. And they don’t even warn me. I also don’t need or want PayPal or any company shielding me from what they deem misinformation. I’m an adault and have done fine on my own for 50 years. If they want to protect me. Stop letting companies to steal my money with you auto renewal. I will be researching the effects of cancellation on my credit rating.
My boss has been sending me money but it’s not coming through
Timmy Baltimore on 2023-03-23
I think this is a issue that Hass to be resolved via phone call. I have an account that my boss sends money to, however, when I go to get the money, it says no money has been sent to this account. Now I know the easiest resolution to this is that my boss may be not sending my money. However, he is showing the D money sent via picture. I don’t know how to rectify the situation please help.
Pay in 4
mannnnmmmm on 2023-03-23
The pay in 4 is very confusing because if you have a set limit and you order within that limit you should be able to use this pay in 4 without any problems but the last couple of weeks I’ve been unable to use it and I have been using it multiple times but I can’t get any reason why it’s not being available for me to use lately. I don’t know what is the criteria to be approved.
Happy customer
apieceofgarbage on 2023-03-23
I’m sorry not all merchants offer PayPal. I’ve to deal with customers service a few time and I absolutely love there customer service. When I have problems with a merchant and they try to beat me with the product PayPal fight for me and have help me get what was fair & right. The 6 month no interest does make me buy more stuff then I should. I love PayPal service.

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