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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Keep track of your spending and save money with Pennies, the award-winning budgeting app for iPhone, iPad and Watch. Winner of Apple's ‘Editors Choice’ award and thousands of 5 Star reviews worldwide, Pennies is THE budgeting app for everyday people. ••• Read the reviews and see what people are saying ••• "The easiest and simplest budgeting app ever" "Been using it everyday for a year now - and my bank account shows it!" "The perfect, simple budgeting app that actually helps me save" "Life Changing" "You need this app!" ••• MAIN FEATURES ••• > HELPS YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TO SPEND Pennies does all the hard work for you by telling you how much you have to spend today. If you spend less, no worries, Pennies will give you more money to spend tomorrow. > HELPS YOU SAVE MONEY Should you spend or should you save? Pennies shows your spending and finance health with bold colors, helping you slow down or speed up your spending to keep you on track. > MORE PERSONAL THAN ANY OTHER BUDGETING APP Pennies offers you weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, twice-monthly, custom and one-off budgets, that start on any day you want. No other budgeting app gives you this much flexibility to create budgets that work perfectly with your lifestyle. > INSTANTLY SYNC VIA ICLOUD Keep your budgets backed up and shared across all your iOS devices via iCloud. Pennies installs on your iPhone, Watch and iPad and seamlessly syncs your budgets for you. > AS MANY BUDGETS AS YOU NEED Have more than one budget that you want to keep on top of? No problem, there's no limit to how many budgets you can set up. > FLEXIBLE EXPENSES Sometimes we forget when we spend – that’s OK. Add and edit expenses to previous dates and budget periods, and Pennies will recalculate your budgets today so you are always up to date with your spending money. > MULTIPLE CURRENCIES Use any currency in the world for individual budgets. > TRANSFER BETWEEN BUDGETS Easily transfer money between budgets with a single click. > SUPER SIMPLE, SUPER QUICK Made a purchase? Sweet, just add it in. Pennies only cares about the numbers, no tags, charts or complex breakdowns here. Just the amount of money you have to spend is all you need to know. > 3D TOUCH SUPPORT Add budgets, transfers and expenses straight from your home screen using 3D Touch Quick Actions. Requires iPhone 6s / 6s+ > TODAY WIDGET SUPPORT Head to the Today view in Notification Center and add Pennies Today, you'll get a handy view of your daily budgets, and with a single tap you can view them in Pennies. > BUDGETS ON ALL YOUR DEVICES Pennies comes ready to install on your iPhone, iPad and your Apple Watch, so you can keep your budget with you wherever you go! Budgeting shouldn’t be hard work or boring. That’s why in Pennies you won’t find any charts, graphs or complicated diagrams. It's personal finance made easy, it’s your money made simple. Pennies is friendly, bold and unbelievably easy to use, giving you the freedom to manage your budgets and spending in any way that suits you. It's all about keeping things easy and flexible so you can get on with having fun, spending what you want, and saving money at the end of the month. So, start budgeting how you want, when you want, without any worry. Start using Pennies today! If you enjoy using Pennies please rate the app! If you have any feature requests I'd love to hear them. If you want to send me chocolates and roses, that's cool too. Check out Pennies in action: Follow Pennies on Twitter – Contact me – [email protected]

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Great App So Far, Want Graphs
mynameisreco on 2020-02-20
This app has been a great use so far, and it’s nice to see which “envelopes” are nearing their end and which ones are still full with money. Being able to transfer money from one budget to another is really nice too. For the price, this app is great. One thing I would like to see is graphs. I’m a visual person and as much as I enjoy the minimalistic look of this app, the list of transactions can only go so far for me. I would love to see graphs (bar, line, etc) of my spending and transfer habits, as I love to look at the impact of my expenses and spending habits over time.
Exactly what I need
Thisguywhoplaysgames on 2020-02-20
I’m in grad school and on a super tight budget. Pennies lets me make budgets that are easy to keep up with and even easier adjust when I need to. I have a weekly budget that I use for food and rent, and any left over money rolls over perfectly to the next week. I also have a one-off budget that contains my life savings (it’s not high). It’s nice to see where I am, and I can easily add money or take it out when I need to. Sure, I could look at my bank account for the totals, but it’s nice to have pennies so easily accessible.
Why This App Is My Favorite
Sockmonkey_sloth on 2020-02-20
This app has motivated me to save the cash I need! It’s very simple to use-you enter the maximum amount you want to spend in a week and divided that down into how much you are allowed in a day. If you get very close to using all the money for that day, you get a reminder. In the long run, it’s very simple and I have already saved lots of money!
Weird glitches lately
LY-TX on 2020-02-20
I love this app because I can use my local currency as an expat abroad and it usually works great. However, I have been having weird glitches with this app lately. Money is randomly added and subtracted, and due to the app’s settings you can never change the “remaining” amount which would easily fix this problem.
Simplest, best budget app!
Skippernaut on 2020-02-20
I just needed an app where I could set a reoccurring budget with rollover. That’s it! Pennies is that with a great interface!! I use it for all m budgets now, and for one offs like Christmas shopping or party planning. It’s perfect. Thank you, pennies!

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