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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Like to iron and make clothes tidier? Hold the iron and smooth the wrinkles in our relaxing game. Go through exciting levels and make the world a little smoother.

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This game is amazing!!!!!!
battle born all stats ⭐️ on 2020-02-24
This game is sooooo satisfying, I play it when ever I get mad or just want to play on my phone. I have a lot of games and there is only 2 games that I play. This is my most played game. If your looking for a stress relieving game, try this one. It helps me with my anger moments and my stressful moments. I give this game a ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️!!!!!!!! ❤️TRY THIS GAME!!!!!!!❤️
This game is not good
الاميرة on 2020-02-24
When saw the add It can burn clothes but when I played it I can’t burn the clothes and this game has to many ads And it’s not stress releaving and when I fold the clothes it said do you want to double the cup watch an add and down it said no thank you and I click no thank you it’s still let me watch an add I wait this app is a 1 Star do not download this app this app is not good and is a liar don’t download the app
GimmeTheCookies on 2020-02-24
Overall, this game is quite good but it is extremely repetitive. It is a good game and definitely helps time pass and it is also somehow addictive. IMPROVEMENT FOR DEVELOPERS: I think instead of having just ironing and folding, perhaps another stage or so. For ideas, I think maybe removing stains or sowing up holes. It would definitely be more entertaining and not as repetitive. 3/5 STARS, ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT
leibcray on 2020-02-24
i have suffered with severe depression and anxiety in my past and i have been abused. then i saw an ad for this game on my cellular device and i made the LIFE CHANGING decision to download it...and OMG it’s amazing i can’t stop crying of joy when i steam those sexi granny panties! i’m truly impressed with this game! #steam4life #karen
Repetitive and Full of Ads
gpchoirer on 2020-02-24
You play the same level over and over again just with a new number attached to it. The game is just an obvious money grab for the developers because it clearly requires so little in terms of level development but earns them an obscene amount from the ridiculous number of ads.
False Advertisements
gagonzo on 2020-02-24
This game is the most boring game I have ever played. Plus, the advertisement that lead me to it was incorrect. The ad showed a totally different game that let you make and sharpen knives for customers! Creators, if you are reading this, go make an actually good game.
False advertising
Spiritslaw on 2020-02-24
The ad for this game show different things like shaving down an iron bar and ironing clothes. Until this game either adds the first aspect or take down false ads I’m deleting it. The game is fine by itself just annoyed by the developers lying.
Awesome game no mistakes
PJ the legend on 2020-02-24
This is an awesome game. If I showed my sister this app it will probably yeah HER how to iron. That’s how good this app is it’s just I don’t understand why they put things like an apple on the clothing ? but anyway this is an amazing app.
It is sooooo good
BrayBray _queen 23 on 2020-02-24
I think that this game is so good! It is so fun I think you should try. Ya you mite say uh I hate londry it is still so fun.Here go ahead you go have fun. Sorry this is so short but I just want to say HAVE FUN!
Queen Hayden_222211119807 on 2020-02-24
I get to learn some new ways to iron my clothes went the iron is down! The tricks actually works and this helps me iron better when there are things cups full of juice in my ways to not spill!

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