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Experience the PGA TOUR like never before on your iOS device with the official PGA TOUR App. Follow all of the action from a single app, available for free from the PGA TOUR. iPhone Features: - Real-time leaderboard with player shelf allowing quick access to player scorecards, profile, and video - Live player scorecards now featuring SHOT TRAILS, PLAY BY PLAY, and LIVE STATS - Groupings view with TEE TIMES and LOCATION information - Access to LIVE video for every PGA TOUR event - VOD including tournament highlights, round recaps, player features, and more - Course detail with hole layouts, descriptions, and live stats for each hole - All the latest news from - Push notifications for following your favorite Tour and players - Champions Tour, Tour, PGA TOUR Latinoamerica, and PGA TOUR Canada Coverage - Location awareness for improved experiences while onsite at select PGA TOUR events iPad Features: - Shot trails and shot plots for all players - Real time contextual stats based on each players actual ball position - Shot plots show how players are scoring from different positions on each hole - Full 18-hole view to show where your favorites and leaders are on the golf course - Live audio for most PGA TOUR events allow you to listen live while you navigate through the app; integration with PGA TOUR Live app for live video coverage - Detailed course information including satellite imagery, rough height, and stimpmeter readings for most PGA TOUR courses - Easy to access leaderboard drawer provides full standings, tee times, and the latest FedExCup rankings - Push notifications allow you to follow the action even when the app is closed - All the latest news, videos, and social content from PLEASE NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Simply not as good as it could be
Jeffrobodino on 2020-02-23
Very pretty app, for sure, but I don’t understand the high ratings from others. Functionality just doesn’t make sense it feels like they wanted to put as many pretty things on as many pages and menus as possible. I don’t understand why when I first open the app, it doesn’t go straight to the leaderboard. It gives you the hole by hole layout like the first thing I care about is “oh who’s on number 5?” And when you click the leaderboard menu button it slides out from the side covering barely over half the screen like its some side-note you’re looking for. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Instead of spending money making pretty graphics of some green how about we figure out how we can get full player profiles on the app with money earned per tournament (the app routes you to Safari). That’s what the people want. Tournament leaderboard and FULL player profiles. I get anxiety every time I open the app because I know it’s going to give me a bunch of noise and I’ll have to dig to find what I’m looking for. Also, the app doesn’t support profile view (on iPad) which is maybe more annoying than all of the above. Granted, I still have the app, but it’s greatest value to me are the notifications and favorite players updates.
New App Update
Kieth Chapmans on 2020-02-23
I’ve used this app for the last 5+ years to follow golf coverage on my phone. Are you kidding me with this recent update? You have made it more difficult to get to the shot tracker, adding another step to go to shot details. This is unbelievable and seems archaic. It was so easy to just click someone’s name and then the drop down would tell you the shot result without having to go to a new page. Now another level to click into making the user interface incredibly difficult to navigate. Deleting the app.
Shot tracker
kljl43 on 2020-02-23
Shot tracker used to be phenomenal. But this new update made it worse. Before you could click on your player on the leaderboard and it would show his previous shot. Now you click on the player and all it shows is his scorecard and you have to go into shot details to see his shot by shot. You need to go back to the old way. I’m part of a golf forum and everyone is complaining about this. The old way was a much easier way to view things
How bout working for all pga events
Auscopy on 2020-02-23
Bad reception at events. Doesn’t update fast. Some events are 30 minutes delayed. For some reason saves golfers tagged from previous tournaments. Has horrible visual graphics. It does let you listen to live radio. Just a bit behind the times when they make enough money to make an app that is first class
Too many ads
MikeF172 on 2020-02-23
I’ve paid for the content but seems to be ads everywhere. Very player crashes so then I have to watch ads when restarted. We are even Missing shots of the featured groups to watch ads. This used to be a great service but this year’s subscription doesn’t seem worth the cost
Has the potential to be a great app.
Zeus2521 on 2020-02-23
The down fall to this app they wait to the last moment to show first round tee times. There been times I had to wait till Thursday to see the first round tee times. This is so annoying when you try to follow a group of players and not knowing what time they are playing till game time.
Feb 2020 Update is horrible
Reno1jd on 2020-02-23
Go back to the old app. Shot tracker data is the ONLY good part about the app, and this latest “update” makes that much harder to access. The app developers continues to fail to address updates people actually want, and instead, somehow has missed the mark even worse this time.
veejay sing on 2020-02-23
I didn’t think it was possible for this app to be any worse but these jackasses have somehow managed to do it. Instead of getting the latest shot (not that it ever works properly) for a player when touching their name now we get their scorecard. Switch back to the old version
Can’t even use this app anymore
Professor_Mulligan on 2020-02-23
Ever since the Presidents Cup ended, every time I try to open the app, it only stays open for 2 seconds and then disappears off my screen. Absolutely worthless to me now, which is a shame. I was using this app almost constantly when it actually worked.
Bring back shot updates!
Rmschr12 on 2020-02-23
The people using this app regularly care way more about shot updates than seeing the full score card. The first click should be a shot update like it was. The new full scorecard is slower and takes more clicks to see what your players are doing.

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