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Learn math, check homework and study for upcoming tests and ACTs/SATs with the most used math learning app in the world! Got tricky homework or class assignments? Get unstuck ASAP with our step-by-step explanations and animations. We’ve got you covered from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry. You CAN do math! KEY FEATURES • Word problem explanations! • Free to use • Step-by-step explanations for every solution • Exclusive how-to animations • Scroll through multiple solving methods per problem • Multi-functional scientific calculator • Interactive graphs MATH TOPICS COVERED • Basic Math/Pre-Algebra: arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors • Algebra: linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, logarithms, functions, matrices, graphing, polynomials • Geometry (specific textbooks only) • Trigonometry/Precalculus: identities, conic sections, vectors, sequences and series, logarithmic functions • Calculus: limits, derivatives, integrals, curve sketching • Statistics: combinations, factorials “An answer isn’t all you’ll get from this free app. Photomath also provides a step-by-step guide of how each problem is solved.” — Huffington Post “The step-by-step guide is beneficial to students that do not have access to a tutor and struggle with solving math problems.” — Forbes “A viral video about a new app looks like a dream come true for anyone who struggles with math.” — Time ___________________________________________ Want to boost your learning experience? With Photomath Plus, you get: EXPERT EXPLANATIONS High-quality teacher-approved explanations for every problem in select textbooks, including word and geometry problems! Learn or repeat math concepts at your own pace. ANIMATIONS Detailed animations that help you visualize and understand each math step. TIPS & HINTS Level up your learning by understanding “how” and “why” math problems are solved, or remember forgotten terms and concepts with our embedded glossary. • Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. • A subscription automatically renews unless it’s canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.  • Manage or cancel your subscription in your account settings on the App Store after purchase. • Offers and pricing subject to change without notice. Suggestions or questions? Email us at [email protected] Website: Facebook: @Photomathapp Twitter: @Photomath Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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very helpful
rAwR rOaR on 2021-09-23
i downloaded photomath sometime last year while i was distance learning- i had trouble understanding what the teachers were saying at times (i was a 6th grader taking 7th grade math) and sometimes they moved at a quicker pace than i’d prefer. i kid you not photomath is probably the only reason i got an A+ all year in math, this year i was a bit worried because i was back in person this time taking 9th grade math- i’ve used this to check my homework after completing it, it’s very helpful that it doesn’t just tell you the answer it actually explains it. it however gets very frustrating when you don’t understand the explanation and you have to pay for the premium access to get a deeper lesson, but if you ask me the pros outweigh the cons significantly. whenever my friends tell me they are confused about our assignments i always recommend photomath, they don’t believe it works but it’s honestly their loss because this is probably the best use of storage i’ve ever used
Awesome App for a Relearner
Nyzxena on 2021-09-23
It has been four years since I have taken a math class and the way my teacher and the textbook tell me how to solve problems is more complicated and confusing than the steps provided by this app. The steps are split into very small steps so you don’t get confused by the solution skipping too many small steps at once. I use this app for homework to help me when I can’t figure it out myself. Great app that can solve the vast majority of problems I have shown it. It struggles with more conditional problems where you don’t need the problem solved completely or if the solution would require the use if “i” if it was not already present in the problem.
@emily.lynn12 on 2021-09-23
I’m poor. I don’t have the money to pay for premiums. I’d rather watch ads to have them reveal how to solve or something. I don’t have the money to dip into an app. I’m a high school student and I’m trying to figure out my calculus. I like how this gives steps to solve your problem. But when it does a step and you need to see how that step is done, you have to buy the premium. My teacher doesn’t teach. And I don’t have money, I’m not allowed to work. So this doesn’t really help me at all. Very frustrated. I just want to get good grades.
life saving
Addey Ohmer on 2021-09-23
I was failing my algebra 1 class because my teacher, we are going to leave her un-named, thought she was teaching the concept we were on to people who were on her level of understanding. Even without the premium, photo meth explained what to do and where I messed up in some of my questions. And the app even helped me check my answers. Photo math saved my grade and that’s why I am not failing.
Why I use photomath
Sammybell7550 on 2021-09-23
Photomath got me through all four years of high school by showing me what I did wrong so I could correct my answers before submitting. It taught me all kinds of useful tricks to avoid making the same mistake twice. As a stem major, it's helping me quite a bit in my first year at western michigan university to help me with in class problems.
Useful but needs working!
niya✌️🏳️‍🌈👩🏽 on 2021-09-23
I really love Photomath! But here’s the problem..It doesn’t always give u the answer u want, and it sometimes don’t give you an answer at all..It’s very useful and helpful tho! Great app!!😼😋 disclaimer i’m 13 so i find it useful for all my math homework’s and studies!!😙🥱
Fantastic app
Salmon Apple🍎 on 2021-09-23
Works amazing with handwritten problem (even messy handwriting) actually teaches you how to do it so you’re actually learning something. The only thing this app is missing is the ability to solve/ help with Word problems. If they add that in the future it’s a 5/5 app
Honeydew Boba on 2021-09-23
this app was really nice until its recent update. Now you have to pay to get an explanation on how the solution came about. I’m very disappointed since this app was so amazing and suddenly it became all about the money. I’ll probably just switch to Mathway, instead
Madreof4 on 2021-09-23
I’m writing a review on my moms account haha but Photomath saved my LIFEE! I was on the verge of tears because I wanted to take algebra but I struggle so much with math. So I tried Photomath and thought hmm maybe this might help? BOI IT HELEPED SM THANK U <33
It’s a good tool for math but
gabby doo doo on 2021-09-23
It’s a very great thing for math but whenever it wasn’t as famous you didn’t have to pay for it to explain to you but now you have to pay it’s stupid because you can give an answer with explaining it most people have to show their work.this goes for most people

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