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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Learn math, check homework and study for upcoming tests and ACTs/SATs with the most used math learning app in the world! Got tricky homework or class assignments? Get unstuck ASAP with our step-by-step explanations and animations. Photomath is free and works without wi-fi or data. Whether you’re on the bus, in a cave, or just offline, core Photomath is always available. We’ve got you covered from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry. You CAN do math! KEY FEATURES • Word problem explanations! • No internet or data required for equation-based problems • Free to use • Step-by-step explanations for every solution • Exclusive how-to animations • Scroll through multiple solving methods per problem • Multi-functional scientific calculator • Interactive graphs MATH TOPICS COVERED • Basic Math/Pre-Algebra: arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors da • Algebra: linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations, systems of equations, logarithms, functions, matrices, graphing, polynomials • Geometry (specific textbooks only) • Trigonometry/Precalculus: identities, conic sections, vectors, sequences and series, logarithmic functions • Calculus: limits, derivatives, integrals, curve sketching • Statistics: combinations, factorials “An answer isn’t all you’ll get from this free app. Photomath also provides a step-by-step guide of how each problem is solved.” — Huffington Post “The step-by-step guide is beneficial to students that do not have access to a tutor and struggle with solving math problems.” — Forbes “A viral video about a new app looks like a dream come true for anyone who struggles with math.” — Time ___________________________________________ Want to boost your learning experience? With Photomath Plus, you get: EXPERT EXPLANATIONS High-quality teacher-approved explanations for every problem in select textbooks, including word and geometry problems! Learn or repeat math concepts at your own pace. ANIMATIONS Detailed animations that help you visualize and understand each math step. TIPS & HINTS Level up your learning by understanding “how” and “why” math problems are solved, or remember forgotten terms and concepts with our embedded glossary. • Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. • A subscription automatically renews unless it’s canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. • Manage or cancel your subscription in your account settings on the App Store after purchase. • Offers and pricing subject to change without notice. Suggestions or questions? Email us at [email protected] Website: Facebook: @Photomathapp Twitter: @Photomath Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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My lifesaver
goldenspaghetti on 2020-09-24
This app literally saves my butt when I’m under pressure for work due the next day. Since I’m lazy and bored as hell, I don’t pay attention to any of the zoom meetings and just play Bf4 while class is in session. This means that I don’t get any of the content and when I have to do hw based on today’s lesson and CFUs, I dunno anything. With this app, all I gotta do is pull up the problem, open the app, scan the problem, and copy away. Thank god technology has evolved for this lifesaver or else I’ll be failing and I’ll get grounded and yelled at forever. Whoever made this I’ll dedicate a shrine in my room for everybody involved.
Once you purchase
Rey_562 on 2020-09-24
You will continue to be charged, in which it is nearly impossible to unsubscribe after not needing the app anymore. I had taken the proper steps. To unsubscribe and I am still being charged. Settings. View Apple ID. Subscriptions. Unsubscribe. Good luck figuring it out, cause you will still be charged. Even after you try to unsubscribe. Pretty nice app, but it’s very frustrating, due to difficulty unsubscribing. Sent out an email. Haven’t received a reply. So I’m stuck being charged for something I no longer want.
It’s not me it’s you
Darling forever on 2020-09-24
TRASH bruh like why are y’all on here if you can’t help me solve any math problems like all I ask is algebra and y’all be like we will get to it soon. When?? Did y’all just finish pre k math?? Now I understand I don’t know math myself. I cried while doing my 38 questions of college algebra. But that’s why I went to y’all. I even re downloaded twice just to see if y’all could help but imma have to pass maybe I’ll be back when y’all are hype.
Don't worry about the other reviews
Bibgbgyccrrcrdhniinuinji on 2020-09-24
This is by far the best calculator app I've ever used And I would definitely recommend it to anybody I know, and don't worry about the reviews complaining about Plus 1) they offer a free trial that you can cancel anytime 2) it doesn't limit any of the previous features it just adds on to them, so if you want a useful calculator that shows you an answer AND yes you how to show your work you can still buy it for completely free
Absolutely love it!!!
Rayalp83 on 2020-09-24
The best math app so far!!!! Absolutely love it Hopefully one day you can add word problem answers When we crazy questions like ”A cold wave gripped much of the United States during the first week of February 1986 the lowest temperatures in for Idaho cities that week or the following Cleveland -10°F Cincinnati -11°F Columbus -3°F Toledo -4°F what was the average lowest temperature for the cities.” We can scan
not like it used to be
best generation ever on 2020-09-24
this app used to give me the answers for everything. i’ve had it for over 2 years but now that there’s a membership it won’t even solve the simplest of problems. i tested it out on the problem (2x-5)/2 and all it gave me was a graph. no actual answer no steps just a graph. at this point even my calculator does a better job
It was great while it lasted
uwuwuegbf on 2020-09-24
I get it, you need to make money but this app have been amazing and helped me so much before with the explanation but now I found out that a new feature makes you pay for it. Still, this is a great app and if your looking for a quick answer this is your go to. If you want to learn step buy step take out your wallet.
Why do we have to pay more for it to actually teach us?!?
jessica.reyes on 2020-09-24
I really like this app because it sometimes gives you the right answers but like why is they’re a Photomath Plus?!? like they don’t understand that we struggle with some math problems and just want to know how to do it therefore why should we pay more?! That’s stupid!
it’s improved tremendously
ovix art on 2020-09-24
When I first got photos math it wasn’t the best app in the world now it’s been 3 years and I’m 13 now and it’s a lot better then it’s ever been, it can even scan things on computers! So happy with how this app has evolved
Photo math review
Kennedy Nautel on 2020-09-24
Photo math helps me with math because I used to struggle with my math homework. And now it is more easier and I get to finish my math homework so it won’t be late. And I’ve been improving math getting A’s on my homework.

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