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Join the Picsart community of over 150 million creators around the world. With the Picsart AI photo editor and video editor, you can bring your creativity to life. Create with AI tools, make professional-level collages, design and add stickers, quickly remove and swap backgrounds, choose from hundreds of stylized photo filters, turn text into art with AI Image Generator, create AI avatars and more. Picsart is your go-to, all-in-one AI assisted editor with all the tools you need to give your content a personal flair and make it stand out. Picsart Features: PHOTO EDITOR • Try trending filters for pictures and popular photo effects • Use the Background Eraser to erase and replace backgrounds • Clean up pictures and remove unwanted objects with the Remove Object tool • Use millions of curated, free images or edit your own pictures • Add text to photos with 200+ designer fonts • Retouch selfies with hair color changer, makeup stickers & more • Blur backgrounds with our AI-powered smart selection tool • Quickly flip & crop photos • Add stickers to pictures and create your own stickers AI TOOLS • Turn text into images with AI Image Generator and create unique, customizable images automatically • Enlarge, upscale, and de-noise low quality images to make them sharper with AI Enhance • Upload photos of yourself to generate your own unique, customized avatars in different styles with AI Avatar VIDEO EDITOR • Create and edit videos with our easy-to-use video editor with music • Take your IG Stories, TikToks & Reels to the next level • Add music to your videos using our extensive video editor music library • Crop video clips to the perfect dimensions and ratios • Try Glitch video effects and other trendy filters in the video editor • Trim videos or use smart video merger to blend videos • Design using the slideshow maker with music • Add your best moments to a video collage COLLAGE MAKER • Create on-trend photo collages with your favorite pictures • Try photo grid collage, freestyle collage, scrapbook, and frames for pictures • Go viral with our meme generator & share with friends • Use the Story Maker and level up your Instagram game with Story templates STICKER MAKER + FREE STICKERS • Discover over 60+ million Picsart stickers • Add stickers to pictures to turn up the fun level on your edits • Create unique custom stickers PHOTO EFFECTS & FILTERS • Cartoon yourself in seconds with amazing Magic effects • Outline selfies with the popular Sketch effects • Turn portraits into artistic masterpieces with Canvas effects • Make Drip Art with dripping effect stickers & customize the blend mode REPLAY • Recreate trending edits in a couple of taps. Cut editing time in half with easy customizable steps • Edit multiple pictures in the same style. • Keep your IG feed on-trend and consistent by creating personal presets DRAWING TOOL • Use Picsart Draw with customizable brushes, layers, & pro drawing tools • Doodle on pictures and create a transparent clothes effect • Start with a blank canvas to create art and illustrations from scratch PICSART GOLD • The Picsart Gold subscription grants access to NEW EXCLUSIVE content all the time. Get all the top features with an ad-free editing experience. --- Start your Picsart Gold membership with a free trial - limited to one per Apple account. Once the trial is over, you’ll be charged a nominal subscription fee. Your Gold subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If your subscription is subject to any promotional discount, the discount will expire upon the end of the current period & you’ll be charged the standard rate upon renewal. Go to your Apple account to manage your membership & to turn auto-renew off. Your Apple account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Terms and conditions: About Ads:

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Picsart continues its downward spiral.
MisterEBox on 2023-03-21
This once great app is becoming less and less useable with every update. It used to be one of the best apps for art and creativity available…It even rivalled photoshop with its utility and ease of use. but alas….those days it seems are no more. It seems as though more and more of the controls and tools that used to be the key reason this app was so useable have been taken away and either put over onto the pay side of the app or given over to AI tools which not only automate the processes but charge you for the work. Well guys- Thanks but as artists we would like to do our own art. Artists, like doing art. We don’t want anyone , especially AI doing the art for us. And that applies to all art including music. We have reached the stage where we now pay AI to have fun for us. The art and the fun are draining out of this app…fir st it was stickers now it’s AI…Nobody wants this except non artists.jjnjhhhhhhhjj I think the whole AI thing is a huge scam . Not only is it used to collect data on us all, but it seems to be taking over. Why would developers want to take art out of an artists hands and give it to Ai to do ? Easy - so they can get you to subscribe and pay for something you used to enjoy doing yourself. Just because you 𝙘𝙖𝙣 do something doesn’t mean you should
No way this is a free app
hjsjejejekekekie on 2023-03-21
I had have such a good time with this app, first of all it let’s you edit your photos, videos and they know like every show or movie you literally search for any name of a show or movie and it knows exactly what to show u like literally I don’t even have to buy anything. If I could give y’all 100 stars, I would. Not to mention that you don’t have to have a account to do this, and I always use this app for editing, no lags, no bugs, no pay to play, AMAZING APP, 100% would recommend to starter editors who don’t know how to edit, it’s super easy also, and I have been thinking of a update to this game, maybe people could make their own background or they could tryout to make a custom background and submit it to y’all to see if there could be new backgrounds made by people who use this app. It would be a great idea, maybe y’all should update it on Sunday or next week, just take your time. 5 stars
gg schueller on 2023-03-21
when I got this app I was not that big of a fan.All though it was easy to use,it was not easy to work.I think it is very dumb on how you can’t take screen shores of your work.And if you want to take screen shots of you work you have to pay for it.And that is very dumb.Not only that but I did find it very hard to use it to edit videos.And I also found it very hard to save my project(s).And it kept kicking me out.And I know it is not my internet,because I have many other apps and that do not kick me out.I don’t know if this happens to other people but it needs to me fixed.And I’m not trying to be a hater but this is not my thing.
The Best
Jackson richter 455 on 2023-03-21
Honestly the best photoshop tool available for mobile aside from the actual photoshop. There’s unlimited potential when you get creative with the different tools and layers. Most of the time i use this app instead of actual photoshop on my computer just because it’s easier and more accessible. Don’t even get me started on how great the new AI replace tool is. Sure it can be laggy sometimes if you have a lot going on in your image but saving a copy in drafts or saving your current progress to your photos always does the trick for me. Can’t recommend it enough wether you’re just started with photoshopped art or a professional.
I don’t know
Brenna13😊 on 2023-03-21
The first day I got this I loved it! I made so many projects. But then I realized that almost everything you have to pay for I know there’s really no free anything anymore but I don’t have 55 dollars to spend on a app it’s ridiculous 😞 and the worst part is when you don’t see it’s a pro version and you spend all this time on it just to not get to finish it ☹️ besides those problems it’s a pretty good app🙂
Very good app, just a few issues
ridhi_kuma on 2023-03-21
I’ve had PicsArt for a while now and it’s really an amazing app. Not only does it make so many pictures better, but I talk and communicate with many amazing people. I have only a few lagging problems with the app sometimes; for example, it sometimes doesn’t show how many likes my posts get or it doesn’t show my post at all. Other than some minor issues, it’s a very easy to use and good app
Love it but…
riley crochet on 2023-03-21
I really love this app! But there is one strange problem I don’t know if anyone is familiar with. Whenever I try to change my name it’s always saying that this name is already taken. No matter how many names I put in there. And there is NO WAY that all of the names I put are taken. I don’t know if there is something wrong or I’m doing something wrong.
I am so upset.
p0ij on 2023-03-21
So I downloaded it and I was sooo excited because I was doing that roblox baddie makeover trend and I went to go click save and it made me subscribe! So I said in my head "I can just take a screenshot!" So I did and it said "subscribe to take screenshots" I LITERALLY MADE A HOLE IN MY WALL I was so upset. Don't recommend.
Deletes my progress.
Cutie Bunny 2022 on 2023-03-21
So I worked for about 20 minutes on a picture. When I tried to download it, it said must have subscription. The subscription price is expensive!!! Then, after x-ing it out, I pressed cancel. BOOM! All my work is gone. This app is super annoying. Almost everything requires subscription. I would not recommend this app.
Pretty good.
Dj Metaljack on 2023-03-21
It’s a great app for edits and has some real professional looking levels of intricacy to add to photos and almost every tool you could ever need. But I’m having maddening issues with my photo disappearing when I try to apply effects and also some of them don’t even work. Hope to see it fixed as soon as possible.

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