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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Pigeon helps public transit commuters avoid delays, crowds and other public transit disruptions with real-time, crowdsourced updates and departure times for the subway, bus, train, and ferry. We’re THE app for locals who are tired of unexpected delays or service changes and want to escape the crush of the rush-hour crowds. We bring you the most real-time info on public transit straight from the source: people riding on public transit, right now! 5-STAR USER REVIEWS “My fave transit app.” "This has quickly become my go-to app for commuting!” "I get notifications from this app about delays, service changes, etc. the second they happen.” "Mixture of Waze and subways together!" “Great community of people that look out for one another.” “A crowdsourced future!” WHY USE PIGEON 1) Choose the best route: get all the real-time info you need to choose the best route on public transit. 2) Get home faster: save your commute information and receive notifications in advance of your departure about delays, reroutes, issues, and weather conditions. 3) Know about issues first: get notified about public transit issues you care about sooner. 4) Be part of the best community: be part of our Transit Heroes community--a group of riders that report observations and/or incidents to make the ride better for everyone. TOP FEATURES * Commute Notifications: We warn riders about issues they may want to avoid before commuting. * Transit Alerts: Keep Pigeon on your phone and be in the know about major disruptions. * Send ETA: Tell your friends and family when you’ll arrive (and warn them about delays)! * Accurate Duration Estimates: Transfer wait times are included in our estimates to give the most accurate ETAs. * Crowdsourced Route Status: We use data available from local transit agencies as well as crowdsourced data to update route statuses. * Real-time Train Crowdedness: If someone reports a crowd on a train, you’ll be able to see this at stations ahead. * Pigeon avatars: Earn points for reporting to unlock your favorite avatar. CITIES New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, D.C. and Los Angeles SYSTEMS WE SUPPORT Subway, Bus, Rail, Ferry, Cable Car COST Pigeon is FREE and available on iOS.

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Great App! Keep up the Improvements!
Jaime Sama on 2020-02-19
I found this app to be useful for my commutes. It gives me just about all the options I can take commuting to work and back home. I really like the notifications of delays on trains and buses that are in these different commutes. This makes it easier for me to navigate an alternate route or wait out the delays if I’m not in a rush to get home yet. There’s also the fun sort of point system there is if you sign in with a Google account. It appealed to me but not enough to partake in it because Google sign in was the only option.
It’s okay
NathalieMaz on 2020-02-19
I prefer transit over this app because with transit when I’m commuting; the app follows along etc. Pigeon doesn’t. Also despite having location on, when I’m looking at other lines or buses pigeon doesn’t show what stop I’m at, it just shows the entirety of it from start to finish - with transit that’s how I find out what stops are on the uptown side or downtown side of a train line I’m not familiar with if I have to make a transfer or alternate route home
Recent App Update Render BART features useless
DJFLuFFKiNS on 2020-02-19
Being the only app that showed inbound and outbound times was extremely convenient. Latest update changes that. For example, in the city, you can’t even see outbound trains in the evening. You can kind of use navigation to see the times, but for commuters who want to check before they leave the office the app is useless now. Please revert!
Seriously disappointed...
Jae Warren on 2020-02-19
When I first started using the app, it was great: showing lead times and el train/bus locations. But over the past month, it’s been reporting trains and busses that don’t exist. I’ve waited 20-30 minutes longer for commutes that should take 20-30 minutes total. Just use Ventra app to double check due times.
Worst app for public transportation
Taylor4703 on 2020-02-19
This app fails at the one job it has, to tell people when their trains and buses are missing. I’ve missed countless trains and buses because of this app. The trackers are off and make you miss every single ride you want to take. Worst transportation app!
MYmta is best app
elevator user on 2020-02-19
I like the MYmta app. It lets me track my bus in real time as it moves along the map. It gives me real time info straight from the MTA which is particularly important when a train line is down. It’s not perfect but it is way better than this.
MYmta is best app
elevator user on 2020-02-19
I like the MYmta app. It lets me track my bus in real time as it move along the map. It gives me real time info straight from the MTA which is particularly important when a train line is down. It’s not perfect but better than this.
apieceofgarbage on 2020-02-19
The app is not user friendly. Seems as if you have to put in your home address and work address as if the only place people go is home & work..... need to more simplified...... how to get from point A to point B ‍♂️‍♂️
foresstfirre on 2020-02-19
Love this app. Love how it shoes little symbols of the train or bus moving. Very accurate. It’d be nice to be able to also pin point and choose a location on the map instead of having to enter a specific location.
Additional routes
Taina623 on 2020-02-19
Great app! I use the app for school but every other day my schedule changes, I just think it would be nice to have more than one travel time linked with the app.

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