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Pinterest is the place to explore inspiration. You can: - Discover new ideas - Save what inspires you - Shop to make them yours - Share what you love Explore billions of ideas to turn your dreams into reality on Pinterest. The possibilities are endless: Color-coordinate your kitchen shelfie. Master your spaghetti bolognese. Japandi-fy your living room. Upgrade your gamer rig. Touch up your butterfly makeup. Trick out your getaway car. Manifest your next move Why wait? Download today to create a life you love.

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Please fix your app.
IT Richie on 2022-01-28
I love pinterest, but the updates and glitches sometimes make me want to delete it. One problem I have is that when you click to see comments, it will say “one more” or however many comments there are on a pin, but when you click it none of them appear. Pinterest also removed the feature where you can comments pictures which is also really annoying because they made the comments worse instead of fixing them. Aside from that, they keep adding more useless updates and updates that would be good if they actually worked. For example the pronouns feature is great, but after you open and close the app it will make the pronouns you selected go away. They added a “read more” button in your bio that people have to click to see the rest of your bio which is really annoying and pointless since people could see your entire bio already until the update. In general, the app is very glitchy and doesn’t work properly. When I try to download images, it gives me a notification that says my request couldn’t be completed even if the image did download which is very annoying, and when you add a business account the profile cover glitches out and looks really bad. I could go on about this forever. PLEASE FIX YOUR APP!!!
lowkey trash ngl
meltingsushi on 2022-01-28
Pinterest is a cool app, I like it a lot but it does have a good amount of problems. Like when you swipe down to your notification screen and it reloads the whole page, or when your playing music and it forcefully gets cut off by the ads, you can’t see your liked pins, it now no longer has each individual board name where you can save things to that one specific board, it refreshes wayyyy to much, its no reason for it to refresh as much as it does, we can’t use emoji’s while naming a board. When i’m in a board and i’m swiping down/ up it goes out the whole board it’s like to loose. When I exit out of one board that’s farther down on my screen it goes back to the top of my boards. Even if i’m still in the app but just not at the home page when I go to it, it still reloads. The ads are so overwhelming and irrelevant to me. Recently, Princess Diana has been showing up all over my home feed just because I clicked her picture one time?All these things make me not want to use the app
Used to love Pinterest
lolidkanickname on 2022-01-28
Pinterest used to be my favorite app to sit around on all day. Now it’s overwhelmed with ads; I find one pin that I want to see things based on and it leads me to only things I can shop for. I’m not looking for purchases, I’m looking for ideas! Another one of my biggest problems with the app now is not being able to look for boards. This has been going on for a while, but I found a way around it by creating a board of the exact name, then trying to search it. From there, it used to give a “Search for other boards” option and now it no longer does. Going through other people’s boards used to be my biggest inspiration and helped me find ideas that would never show up in my newsfeed/search results. If this is fixed and maybe there is a separate shopping feature that is not lumped into the normal browsing results, then I will definitely change my reviews back to 5 stars!
Multiple Glitches and Horrible Customer Service
chloe_beth on 2022-01-28
Lately the app has been glitching for me many times, and the most recent of these is my account has been completed deactivated for no apparent reason. I have tried reaching out to the Help Center numerous times, as this account is very important to me and I want it reactivated as soon as possible, but none of my messages are going through. I follow the steps some of the articles have trying to resolve the problem on my own, but I have had absolutely no luck. I love the community and the app itself, but it’s customer service like this that makes me wish I never joined the community in the first place. I hope this review reaches someone that can help me, if not, my frustration is behind measure at that point.
I love Pinterest but..
skell.exe on 2022-01-28
I have always loved Pinterest, the updates are a bit annoying because some of them have removed some of my favorite features. One huge dislike I have is that when i save a few pins it pops up that i'm spamming and won't let me use the app for the next hour or more sometimes. Please Pinterest, you gain profit from people using your app, but if you make it almost impossible to use your app, it makes the experience so much less enjoyable. Please remove the spam block for saving pins feature, as it is unnecessary and very obnoxious. I just wish to use pinterest without being blocked every few minutes. Other than that, your app is amazing. I love the concept.
Zz367ds on 2022-01-28
I love Pinterest for its ideas, but not this new format. I don’t care for the search bar at bottom, trying to promote sites at top and a very few “pins” in between. What I REALLY dislike is clicking on pins and having them try to sell me things. Just let me look for ideas without popping up an ad every two seconds! The page is also so cluttered when you do click on something. I do like the addition of adding a personal note to yourself. This has always been a 5 star app in my opinion but I’m giving it a 3 for the continual cluttered & commercial upgrades.
New changes are not efficient…
Pinterest user Mkp on 2022-01-28
Why can we not pin directly now? When clicking a image that brings you to the website, we should be able to pin images directly from that link. Not being able to, defeats the purpose of Pinterest. I’m also annoyed that we not longer have the ability to change the web address (go from one site to another site within the same image link). Pinning images requires many more steps now, like backing out of one image link, back to Pinterest, just to try to find an image that brings you to the website you are looking for. If these are bugs, they need fixing.
i love this app! with one thing..
Cass430 on 2022-01-28
i’ve been using Pinterest for years and it has been my go to for everything from tattoo ideas, to diy home projects. you can find anything and everything all in one place! the only downside is after this last update, the direct messaging system doesn’t work as well as it used to. there’s a huge delay so pins get sent twice, and you can’t react to the pins and/or messages sent within the dm, but the little pin feature within the messages is pretty awesome. i recently got my boyfriend to make a Pinterest account lol. great app!
I really enjoyed ideas for each board separately…
Pogobat99 on 2022-01-28
I love this app when there was a separate section for each one I LOVED that it was great because I didn’t have to look for something for each board and it wasn’t all jumbled up in some mess. Now that you guys have gotten rid of it it’s really messy especially when you search for some posts on a board you haven’t used as much as the others. So if I like something I save it and keeps recommending me that and it’s hard to find ideas for the other boards sometimes, I would love it it would be added back, ,Thank you.
Idea Pins Are Horrible
AMoriahC on 2022-01-28
I LOVED this app until the stupid idea pins/story update. I’ve tried everything to filter them out with no luck. It went from a easy to use and browse app for tons of quick ideas to this disappointing mess where I have to sit through wasting time jn videos where I’m only interested in maybe one slide and can no longer quickly create a wonderful board to gather ideas from. The level of disappointment when I open a picture I want to pin and find out it’s a idea pin or video is so frustrating I just stopped.

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