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Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest. Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, or plan your next vacation with Pinterest. 3 Reasons to start finding and saving ideas on Pinterest: 1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics. 2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project. 3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy, make, or do it! Discover new possibilities and save what you find. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet. Get ideas for the topics you care about most: - Travel and fitness tips - Fashion and style - Home design and architecture - Food and cooking - Wedding inspiration To start saving and sharing Pins, download now.

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Awesome but...
brittandbrin on 2021-04-11
So I love love love Pinterest always have always will and it is just so amazing you can find diys, prodjects, and really almost anything! I also realized that you can find memes, and crap like that. Sometimes the app is a little-really slow, and can be annoying. But for the most part it is wonderful. But it also can send you the most annoying little chats. For example, one day it typed, “if you need help with anything click here” and then a link. I didn’t need help so I just texted random. It sent it back (the same link and message) and the cycle repeated a few times. I toured “unsubscribe” but it just sent the link again. Recently, (I have never had this before) I realized Pinterest kept on signing me out and signing me back in again. Very annoying. I have had Pinterest for severlal years now and never had a problem but recently this app has been useless.
What Happened!???? ☹️
Luna4b on 2021-04-11
You can no longer see any of the people you are following???! BAD IDEA!! Please fix the app back to the way it was working. The way it is now it takes away all of my interests & I don’t want to spend countless time try to navigate through this useless change. !!! I am not going to use this app anymore until you fix this mess!! I mean most people have invested a lot of time scrolling through looking at things trying to figure out what they want to save, so I will look at the things I save but I’m not clicking on anything no ads or anything because it’s too difficult to navigate now people don’t have hours and hours to figure out what they want to look at before it was categorized easily so you could look up the things are interested in; and it WAS easy to follow the people you want to see but not anymore.
Pinterest is a really great app but they could fix some things
J_O_S78 on 2021-04-11
I really enjoy the Pinterest app. It allows me to make story pins on my business account and is much easier to use. Though I do have to admit the app does glitch quite a bit. I will get notifications saying someone replied to a chat or sent me a message but when I got to check, I see nothing. I’d also really appreciate it if Pinterest starts allowing us to add descriptions in sections on our boards. Another thing that could definitely be improved is the way I view my account. My main account is a personal one. The only problem with that is I can’t view my followers or following on the app. I have to constantly open Pinterest in my browser just so I can view my followers. Overall, Pinterest is a really great app and I’d definitely recommend it but there are some glitches that could be fixed.
The new update
BobRossKingTree on 2021-04-11
Okay so I love using Pinterest for all kinds of things! Been using it for years! But I had to update it... and let’s say it makes things very hard now... it has this new quick save for pins, but I hate it! I like putting my pins in the boards... but it just does the quick save thingy and I have to take the time to undo the quick saved on the pins to put them where I want them. I have no idea how to turn the stupid thing off! The worst thing for me is the quick saved isn’t a board itself, you have to go to “all pins” to find what your looking for if it was saved on quick saved. All I have to say is I hate the new update, they changed a lot of stuff that didn’t need to be change and added stuff that really didn’t need to be added.
Amazing!!! Confusing but you got this!!!
Cedar Baywell on 2021-04-11
Oh my good I love this. I go on it so much. Like actually. Five hours a day. I have an obsession. It’s like YouTube and Netflix and Pinterest. They have the same review from me. Lol, I took off one star though because when I first started I was so clueless! Like I’m still kinda confused on what I’m supposed to do. I have a friend on the other hand who has used Pinterest for years. She’s coming over soon so she should be able to help me out. I get so much inspiration for my new life, I just moved, so nobody knows me and I can change how people see me, like my attitude and style. I have so much stuff that I like and plan on trying now! Kudos to whoever made this!
Needs to delete update now!
Beztyvera on 2021-04-11
I like Pinterest. It was an amazing app and it was easy to look for things. But when they came out with the new update it deleted my account which now I can’t get back on. And now I have to transfer everything from that account to my new one. And what’s hurtful was that he had my quince theme there and now I can’t even change or add things. And also when I add a pic to a board he say quick add, and when I change it to a board it say create a section, but I already a bunch of sections. So I’m begging that you change it now because the new update is very confusing!!!
Love the app just encounter some issues
I want the fonts.... on 2021-04-11
I love Pinterest so much I have for years. I've loved some features and have seen some that I loved go. Overall it's a great app. What's been taking away from the experience recently is the home page. My following tab (where I only see the boards I follow) has disappeared completely. Also when I switch tabs from like search to home it refreshes which is annoying when I lose a pin bc I accidentally clicked the wrong button. These aren't huge issues they just make my experience a little less enjoyable.
bnfashionista on 2021-04-11
I rarely write reviews, but this new feature is infuriating. I use Pinterest multiple times everyday (I’m a quilter + getting married, so I’m constantly looking for inspiration) and I’m so frustrated with the quick save feature that I can promise I will not be using the app as often - not saying this as a threat, but more to say that the extra hassle of having to reassign pins that automatically go to quick save is inconvenient enough that I now genuinely dislike using the app. What an awful idea. Such a bummer.
Hate the new updates!
jfortin410 on 2021-04-11
I used to love the Pinterest app, but the Dec. 2020 update was NOT it. - “Filter By” option is no longer available. This means you can’t search pins by boards or pinners anymore. This update alone made me delete the app. - “Following” option is no longer available. Why do I even follow people if I can’t see a feed of what they are pinning? - Search engine is now catered towards ads / shopping. Please consider what your consumers actually use the app for before making changes that no one wants.
Frustrating app
MamaHogue on 2021-04-11
I avoid updating this app because most of the time I hate the changes. One happy exception is the ability to organize my boards, love that one! However, today was an exercise in frustration. 1-The content suggestions in the search tab are gone, there’s no way to refine a search to find exactly what I want. 2-Most of the pins in my most recent search were from stores or websites. I’m not interested in shopping on Pinterest. I come here for ideas and inspiration to create things on my own.

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