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Pinterest is the place to explore inspiration. You can: - Discover new ideas - Save what inspires you - Shop based on your taste - Find new creators - Share what you love Explore billions of ideas to turn your dreams into reality. On Pinterest, the possibilities are endless: Design your outdoor oasis. Nail your spring nailscapes. Hack your home organization. Browse your next car purchase. Create a life you love. Why wait? Download today to create a life you love.

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i love this app!!! a few suggestions…
The Flying Nugget on 2022-07-03
hi!!! i am a teenager who uses pinterest pretty much constantly. i’ve enjoyed building my account and boards, learning more about my interests, and connecting with people over experiences / interests. for me, pinterest has been a safe space for me to express myself and take comfort in the fact that i’m not alone. it taught me how to crochet, helped me improve my style, and brought me joy overall. however, i have a few suggestions / complaints about the features and how they are now… 1. please bring back trying pins!!! - it was so fun to engage with a post through a funny reaction pic or share a pic of you trying the idea. idk why this feature was removed but i really miss it. 2. please let me add descriptions to individual sections within boards - this is a little thing but i feel like it would be really helpful for organization purposes etc. 3. bring back the more ideas tabs at the top of the home page - a while ago (i don’t even know how long at this point) on your home page there used to be tabs that led directly to more ideas for your different frequently used boards. this made more ideas pages so accessible!!! this is probably the feature i miss the most. 4. the watch page - i’m personally really not a fan of this feature. if i wanted to watch tiktok, i would go to tiktok. it’s just kind of annoying and there are a lot better things we could have in its place. the only other thing i have to say is thank you for the pronoun feature! it’s really nice, inclusive, and easy to use. i’m glad that pinterest is taking steps like this to be welcoming to the lgbtq+ community! that’s all i have! thank you for reading this review, i hope my comments are taken into consideration!!! <3
Love the app, but it is not perfect AT ALL ...
stan seventeen and nct on 2022-07-03
LOOK i love pinterest, i started using this app regularly in 2020 but dear GOD are there a lot of flaws. A main one that a lot of ppl seem to agree on is the amount of ads... look pinterest we get it y'all have to eat to but there's A LOT of ads, and they overshadow the actual pins since there's so many of em!! Another issue i've had is how i can't customize which boards i wanna see in my home screen.. it's always up to the app to decide which boards will appear in my homescreen. Sometimes it will let me actually click done and it still doesn't appear!! I don't even have the option to remove boards from the homescreen it's rlly annoying ...(idk if this is a glitch on my acc or if it's pinterest doing this). Another MASSIVE issue for me is when the home screen refreshes even though i don't swipe down?? I've lost so many great pins bcuz of this option please remove it.... make it like other social medias where the home screen doesn't refresh unless u swipe down... Also according to others in the reviews, there used to be an option to search up boards by names... whyd u remove it?? that is such a great option?? Also plz let us report people for other things that aren't spam for the love of god.... There are a lot of pretty good updates like the sections update, picking ur board cover update and more, but the flaws are really annoying...
Not what it used to be
travels2 on 2022-07-03
Pinterest is just turning into Tumblr and will probably die out with excessive spam and ads and everything else ruining it. They also have a ton of pretty suggestive pins in the main feed all the time (yes I’m aware it’s tailored to users and I’m fine with it) yet I’m getting my own pins flagged and removed for sexual content when half of it is just from Instagram or similar. Not sure what the difference is really. Seems like as long as you are selling a product or ad, the sexuality is fine for you. My board is private and nobody else follows it. I don’t really see what the issue is. You guys remember what happened to Tumblr? I wouldn’t want to be them if I were you guys. Also I submitted this as an email but it just bounces back and there’s no actual support for Pinterest at all. Kind of a joke really for a supposedly big tech company. Really gone downhill in the last few years.
Cool but just one thing
qweenangel on 2022-07-03
Um so okay Pinterest is such an amazing app like I would say all of the compliments any other review would say but I would like to get to the point… (hehe sorry) I use an iPad for Pinterest but I would like to post things y’know but it seems like on an iPad your app is very well suited for posting. What I mean by this is on a phone you can post videos and post several things in one. But when I try to post vids or several things put together it won’t let me, I can only post a picture by its self.(I mean several things as in I guess a folder? Where you press a pin and you can tap to the right and it will show you things conceited to that photo and if you wanna go back tap to the left.) So in your next update or so on, may you please fix this problem of letting iPads have a wider range of posting? Thank you!
Amazing app, annoying glitches
koda2135 on 2022-07-03
I love this app, pinterest is my go-to for when i need a recipe or “aesthetic” picture. Ive been using this app for almost 7 years now! There’s just one problem. I noticed when i got my new phone (google pixel 4 - IPhone 13 pro) that the layout changed, and when i pin an image or video, the app completely freaks out. when it tells me its saving the pin, it presents a seizure inducing flash to the top half of my screen. Sometimes it doesn’t, but it does most of the time. And when this happens, it paralyzes controls to the app (cant go back, cant click anything, etc). Like i said, i love Pinterest , and if the issue is resolved id love to change my review to 5 stars. i can provide an example if necessary.
Lost everything!
MissouriBlue on 2022-07-03
I don’t know what happened to everything I have saved for years but it is all gone!!!! I have always loved and used this sight since it started, so much easier than cookbooks and recipe cards. My favorites were all at my fingertips, everything from great recipes, cleaning tips, sewing, krafts, how to take care of plants, gardening, health and exercise tips, you name it, I saved it. A few days ago you had me sign in again, which I never had to do before, and everything just vanished, gone and now I have to start from scratch. It will take me years to remember or find most of what I have lost. Right now I am so mad and disgusted I could just scream. Thanks for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fix image search
Lezliezz on 2022-07-03
This app has been the biggest sense of inspiration to me ever since i laid my fingertips on it, i have never ever had a problem, until lately; Lately the Image search feature has not been working for our desire. Usually when i want to find a specific image and save it in a board, i usually image search it and the exact image pops up and i can save it to a board (plus listing more images that look alike) but lately i cant find the exact image as a pin, and it used to work always like magic, this is no coincidence i believe, this may be a major mistake that i would appreciate you fix, otherwise everything works flawlessly and is by far my most treasured app. Thank you for understanding.
I am dumb.
RATS YOU ARE SO IGLY on 2022-07-03
Good overall but I deleted my acc cuz it got boring right right and I try making a new acc but it’s not letting me it keeps saying’looks like your already logged in!’ But I deleted my acc so I don’t what is happening and I try and try but nothing it is sad cuz I deleted my acc but it’s not letting make a acc I clicked deleted acc and nothing it keeps saying log back in. So idk what to do at all it is sad tho cuz I deleted my acc and everything but still nothing but also it’s kinda dumb how Pinterest lets the NSFW,Porn and stuff really should get it fixed and please stop recommending me feet pics it’s just disappointing.but have a good day or a good night.
Good app, but bad changes
FlowerPower🌸🌸🌸 on 2022-07-03
Longtime user and have always loved it, but yes, there have been a lot of bad updates. The constant ads are annoying, but even worse is how touchy the boards/sections have become. Every time I’m scrolling through one, the app randomly thinks that I’m trying to close that board, and sends me back to the last page. Which means I have to start scrolling from the top all over again. And the cycle repeats. Very annoying. Also, why are there mute buttons on some videos but not all? And why is it so difficult to start (some) videos over from the beginning?
Cannot login
makdiewnfbf on 2022-07-03
Love pinterest but ever since switching my phone I cannot login without getting a notification i’m “logging in too fast” and to come back in 30 minutes to try again later (which of course does not work). I know my account information is correct, but I can’t login using google because i’m unsure of my gmail password. I don’t use that email anymore, but i still use my pinterest account and don’t want to lose all my pins.

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