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Pinterest is the place to explore inspiration. You can: - Discover new ideas - Save what inspires you - Shop based on your taste - Watch and learn Explore billions of ideas to turn your dreams into reality. On Pinterest, the possibilities are endless: Design your outdoor oasis. Nail your spring nailscapes. Hack your home organization. Create a life you love. Why wait? Download today to create a life you love.

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Annoying Notifications
SilentThunder on 2023-03-26
1. I have contacted Pinterest support before because even with turning off notifications inside the app, there are still notifications that pop up even though I have turned every one off. Every time someone pins my pin the red bubble is there. I don’t care if someone pins my pin so if I’ve turned notifications off then I shouldn’t see the stupid red bubble. Give me the option to turn everything off. They said they’ve had this complaint from many users before but still haven’t changed it. 2. With the latest update it moves my boards around according to where I last pinned. Have my boards arranged in a certain order according to how often I access them, but Pinterest has decided that if I recently put a pin in one of my boards I must now want that in the top of my boards section. Some users might like this but I don’t. If these were actual physical bulletin boards I had on a wall in my home I wouldn’t want to move them around. Please put it back the way it was or give users the option to turn that feature off. Update as of March 24th 2023: The above is still an issue. New problem. I am being required to enter my birthday in order to use Pinterest so they can taylor my experience and target me with ads. I really don’t want this and shouldn’t have to add it just to browse whatever I want.
Literal Worst Social Media
SoTotallySAO on 2023-03-26
Many parents will only allow their child to use Pinterest as a first social media. THIS IS A GRAVE MISTAKE. On my time on the app, I have seen copious amount of drugs (from weed to straight up cocaine), pedophilia memes, Fetish nsfw content, regular nsfw content that is just cropped a bit, (drawn) gore and unironic literal cannibalism memes. I have not once searched for a single one of these, so I cannot even imagine what a child looking for something troubling could find. Reporting such content doesn't seem to be a regular practice of the user-base, either, sadly. Other problems include reposters not crediting the artists they stole from and businesses taking that off of Pinterest for their own profit. There are also unashamed pedophiles on the site, unfortunately. Additionally, related to the previous issue, certain search terms relating to a multitude of Japanese fashion subcultures have had their search results removed completely. Weird thing to do for your company's incompetency. Please teach your children comprehensive internet safety, restricting their internet usage in such a way will not help, this is a life skill they will need to learn, please let it be the easy way.
From bad to worse
Simonevdt on 2023-03-26
ETA: lousy app with a history of seriously awful updates. Now it says I can’t use it unless I enter my birthdate. Well guess what? I am NOT entering my birthday. I see no good reason for this. I just downloaded the latest update and now the app crashes every few minutes. Pictures either load slowly or not at all, and it's a lot slower than it was before I downloaded the update. I don't understand how you can do consistently make the app worse. Surely the law of averages would make at least an occasional update an improvement. I also don't understand why it immediately returns to the top of the home screen if I leave it for a few minutes. I find it much easier and faster to open links in my browser, but I'd like to be able to return to where I was in the app. Pinterest is painfully slow at opening links, plus now it crashes every few minutes. Please stop with the lousy least until you hire someone who knows what he or she is doing. Ideally, the app would go back a few updates to where it actually worked. I used to love Pinterest, and I still like the premise. However, every update makes it a little worse.
I LOVE Pinterest - Don’t Get Me Wrong
VictoriaRMalyn on 2023-03-26
I have used Pinterest for more than 10 years at this point - I absolutely ADORE Pinterest for multiple reasons - from visual vacation packing/grocery lists, to mood boards, to aesthetic discovery, I use Pinterest for everything! That said, though, I’m seeing an issue where if I use certain words in a search query, I get an error message with “zero results,” and recommendations that have ~nothing~ to do with what I’m looking for. (i.e, Easter baskets, friendship bracelets, Ramadan ideas, tea party finger sandwiches…) Specifically the word “bikini” seems to be the issue. After trying variations of the search (bikini, goth bikini, checkerboard bikini, athletic bikini, floral bikini,) it yielded the same failure message, which is super sad! I use Pinterest to shop and compare items, and not being able to search for bikinis using Pinterest for the upcoming Summer is a big bummer! As a long-time fan, of course I plan to continue utilizing Pinterest, but I’d love to be able to use it to it’s fullest potential!
Make this age thing optional!!
Ella :\ on 2023-03-26
I LOVE Pinterest. But the age thing just ruined the whole thing. I hated how i had no choice to say no to putting in my age and I HAD to do it. I perder not to put my age, but I could not continue using the app without it!!! So what I did was put a random age that I don’t remember and it said I was too young and DELETED my account. THIS IS SO HORRIBLE!!!! I can’t use my account and I hade to make a NEW account. Everything I had saved was gone and I don’t know if I’ll be using this app again. REMOVE this feature and it would be so much better!!! I’m personally not a young person but my sister also uses Pinterest and LOVES it. But now we can’t use it because of this stupid rule. I think I speak for many young users that this is unnecessary! I would appreciate it if you could remove this feature, or even better, MAKE IT OPTIONAL to put in your age!!!!!
So fun until it de-activates your acount
Lunagirl28 on 2023-03-26
I had so much fun on this app, made friends, and started conversations with followers, then today i decided to put in my birthday bc i was fine with it, AND YOU FRICKN’ DE-ACTIVATED MY ACCOUNT? If you were THAT YOUNG i understand but im mature and can handle more than i should, i’ve seen worse things on YOUTUBE THAN PINTREST. You could have atleast let my account stay and just limit search things and limit posting in taht case BUT NO, YOU CHOSE TO DE-ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT BC IM ‘TO YOUNG’ so yeah, thanks pintrest! Ruined my night. Oh and plus if you respind to me saying “im sorry for the inconvince but you can re-activate your acount by contacting us” guess what? Not EVERYONE can contact people, so yeah, put in my birthday wrong and my family wont let me contact you to get my acc back, even if i do im never using your app again.
I love this app, but it needs some fixes
Aethric on 2023-03-26
My biggest issue with this app, are the advertisements and the suggested for you. I am a Christian woman, and I don’t want to see all kinds of pins about lgbt and “pro choice.” Every time I try to tune my feed more and filter what comes through into my suggested feed, it pulls up pins I have pinned, that have nothing to do with the controversial topic, and asks if I want to delete any of mine. It’s frustrating. You used to have a button under the hide feature, that said that something was offensive for us. That tuned the feed to keep us with what we liked. You took that away, and now there’s no way to keep the junk out of my feed. I want to look at recipes, diy projects, and Bible verses. Not at freaks. Other than that, it’s a good app.
I loooove Pinterest but I have on huge problem so please please help me. So I have this app called bark and my parents installed it so if something inappropriate pops up the app alerts them about it. So I download Pinterest and make an account, I log in on bark, and then I’m all set and it works when I open the app. Then I put my phone down for 2 seconds and then nothing is loading nothings working my wi fi is all good I have no idea what caused this!!! So then I log out on Pinterest and bark. Then log back in then it works then I put my phone down and 2 seconds later the same thing happens!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please please if you know how to fix this please tell me!!!
we love! but…
oliveoilsuffle on 2023-03-26
okay so i’ve always literally adored pinterest like yes it’s just always been so great!!! but the thing is this app ALWAYS HAS bugs or problems. like rn i’m looking up “downtown girl” or “clean girl” and it doesn’t show up whatssoever and says that it’s not a thing but it’s CLEARLY an aesthetic like pls stop! it’s just so hard to use this app when it’s constantly bugging and doesn’t work at all. and it’s constantly updating and the entire app changes every time i use it. sometimes comments don’t work, sometimes there’s the pinterest watch thing.. i hate it. pls bring normal pinterest back 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Not what it used to be
NY6983 on 2023-03-26
I have had Pinterest for about 10 years. It was very simple ad-free and I have loved their ideas and content. However it’s always requiring me to log in or put in my birthdate for “age related” content. I used another date and it deactivated my account, good job Pinterest. The date was older than 13 years old yet your app said 12+ years??? you’re asking me to verify my identity by submitting a photo of my government issued ID or birth certificate?? Lol I’m not applying for a passport through this app. It’s all good, big brother needs to look for other ways to keep an account. Thank you.

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