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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Open your very own pizzeria! Knead the dough, place the toppings and bake the most delicious pizza of all time. Can you become the best pizzaiolo?

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Better than Good Pizza Great Pizza!!!
Taro Lord on 2020-04-09
I used to play Good Pizza Great Pizza back when it was still newly released and was unknown to the masses. But ever since it became popular, the devs decided to make it harder to progress each level by lowering the profits you make each round. I deleted it because Good Pizza Great Pizza is now pay-to-win unfortunately. On the other hand, although this game is not top notch, it is capable of filling the gap that Good Pizza Great Pizza has left in my heart (seriously, it WAS a good game). So much that I was compelled to leave a review, which I normally don’t for games. I believe that the other bad reviews here are only like that because those people have not yet played and experienced the P2W madness in Good Pizza Great Pizza. Devs if you are reading this, keep up the good work and try not to go HAM when it comes to in app purchases.
on 2020-04-09
I saw an ad for this game on my phone, it said that it required billing info for “in-app purchases,” so I decided I would enter it, I just wanted to play the game.. I know it wasn’t supposed to charge me, because it would say “5.99” or whatever the price, but it said “GET” I clicked “GET,” but all of a sudden I got a notification from g-mail saying I got charged 17.59...... TWICE! I can’t get it back either, that was so much money and I’m so upset. What a scam...
Just can’t with this game
SOlson2012 on 2020-04-09
Besides the absurd amount of ads (one being played after every single pizza made), this game has nothing to it. I would say I enjoy it if it hadn’t been the large amount of ads and the annoying graphic errors. When you stretch out the pizza dough, it pulls it beyond the border and glitches beyond reason. Now I don’t know if it has to do with me playing on an older iPad or having little storage left, but whatever it is, it needs to be fixed.
Ash59386 on 2020-04-09
Game is super glitchy. Ads don’t open or finish completely forcing the user to end the game. I’ve had to repeat the same round 5 different times due to having to close out the game at various times. Super annoying! I do think it’s fun when you can actually get through a round though! Wish you could see what ingredients the customers are expecting instead of having to guess resulting in a lower star score
poop on 2020-04-09
Sooo for starters when I started the game it already had way to many ads... like I didn’t even get to the part when I could make my pizza yet. But I do the pizzas sometimes ads pop up! Like umm the heck? But I would say just fix the ads pls.. way to many at a time and it takes up all your time but other than that it’s alright. But the game is pretty cool to! But yea just fix the ads really..
LOVE the game, HATE the ads!
i havent got to use it much on 2020-04-09
The game is great its super fun to play! I play it when I'm board! However there’s WAY to many ads I HATE THEM! thats the only reason its 4/5 stars it’d be a 5/5 if it weren’t for the ads! Over all the game is wonderful! But i cant seem to figure out if you ALWAYS put sauce on the pizza of only if they ask for it, SAME WITH THE CHEESE! But in the end it’s an excellent game, ITS AWESOME!
Impossible to spread pizza dough
socoolgames! on 2020-04-09
My little sister plays this game and keeps asking me to help her spread the dough. So I help her but the dough keeps glitching and it’s annoying. Like, I CANT KEEP DOING THIS! I DONT HAVE TIME TO HELP MY LITTLE SISTER SPREAD THE DOUGH IF ITS GONNA KEEP GLITCHING LIKE THAT! ITS SO ANNOYING!!! I hope you fix this or I’m not gonna let my sister play this game. PLEASE FIX THIS.
I grinded cash for nothing
r-a-l-p-h w-i-g-g-u-m on 2020-04-09
When I saw the ingredient shop I thought it would be a cool feature. I thought there would be a lot more sauces, cheeses, etc... but no, I grinded a long time to find out that there were no more than 3 cheeses and sauces I was disappointed and left with over 7000+ dollars in my bank yet nothing to spend it on, anyway, amazing game needs more ingredients
It’s okay, but there are better games out there
Maria_Mata on 2020-04-09
The game was okay, I love the textures of the food and how the game is laid out. But there are too many ads and I can't pay to remove them, and it’s just too easy with very limited instruction. I’d honestly prefer to play Papas Pizzeria on the computer, heck I’ll even pay for the mobile version if it’s anything like the PC version
It’s so weird but funny
billie eyelash ;) on 2020-04-09
So I was trying this out because I was bored and the dough of the pizza once I tapped it it goes crazy. I’m only on day 3 and it happened more than twice. My ingredients ( I think) were on top of the pizza and the pizza didn’t fit in the box! I think this is really funny though just fix it please?

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