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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or designing your dream home, Planner 5D has you covered! Create detailed 2D & 3D floor plans, browse a 5000+ item catalog, and create photo-realistic images of your projects. With over 2 million downloads, Planner 5D makes interior design easier than ever! Features: • Drag and drop design in both 2D & 3D modes • User-friendly features that do not require special skills • Create a completely unique home - from the floorplan to the finishing details • Browse the regularly updated 5000+ item catalog complete with furniture, appliances, decor, household items, landscape features and more • Create exceptionally detailed and personalized design in both the interior and exterior of your project • “Snapshot” function to create photo-realistic images of your projects with realistic lighting, textures, and shadows • Sign in with Google+ or Facebook to work on your projects on any platform, including your laptop or other mobile device • Switch between Metric and Imperial systems of measurement • Save and share your projects with friends, family and home professionals • Work on downloaded projects offline • Completely Ad-free • Multi-language Free Version • 2D and 3D editor • 150+ item catalog • Unlimited number of projects • Multi-platform synchronization • 600+ item catalog of colors, textures and patterns to personalize your design Premium Version • Access to the entire 5000+ item catalog • Ability to alter the size and appearance of all furniture Other Features • Apple Pencil support • 3D Touch support • Follows Apple Design Guidelines • Split-screen multitasking on iPad • Basic Accessibility features for the visually impaired If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: [email protected] Or send a message to our support team by tapping on the button "Report a Problem" in the profile screen. Follow us! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Planner 5D can be used without an active subscription with a limited catalog and without an ability to customize furniture. Premium features can be enabled with a Monthly subscription for $4.99 or Yearly subscription for $9.99 (prices vary by region) Payment for your subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off no later than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Subscriptions and auto-renewal can be managed/turned-off at the iTunes account settings. Price for subscription may vary by location. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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What have you done?!
CheekyLeaky333 on 2020-09-22
I have had this app for about 5 years; I don’t remember how much it cost, but it been worth every penny to me. I’ve enjoyed it almost daily. I actually designed my home using this program and it’s at the architect at this very moment getting an official rendering. I casually updated the app tonight as I’ve done numerous times before and am horrified! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! Almost all of the doors and openings in all my plans are messed up, going the wrong way, and will not even go to where they were/supposed to be if I try to fix them. There is also absolutely NO REASON the doors and other items should be so sensitive to sizing changes with a light touch one way or the other. If you are planning for a 30 inch door (plus 4 inch trim on each side) for a total of 38 inches, for example, it is very important that it stays that way. But if you try to move something it’s way too easy to change the size on the object and then you don’t know what size you have it at. This is annoying and ridiculous, frankly. I am so disappointed in this latest update. Is there a way to get all my years’ worth of plans fixed right? Or even better, get my app back to the way it was before the update? I was using it just today...all fine and great...updated it...DISASTER!
Lost money & excitement
The Organized Home on 2020-09-22
I started out really enjoying using this app and am now, after repeated outreach to report an issue, to get help, AND now to be charged $9.99 for renderings (that I apparently used, but could not access) and $59.99 for the annual subscription to access everything (so I thought), I am passed being frustrated. Support for issue resolution/reporting is slow and unhelpful and I am wondering now how many others have paid for the subscription and got taken??? Though not perfect, I have not had this experience with any other app subscription that I have. I have little patience with companies who don’t treat customers with care or pay attention to requests for information. At this point, I really hope that someone will respond to this review and/or refund all of the money that I have already paid and received no value from.
Really good
Hey Sue Crusto on 2020-09-22
This app is really great. It lets me design a dream house, and it is pretty nice, and easy to use. I have started using premium, and trust me, it’s worth it! I can easily move furniture around, and change size and dimension of rooms, and since they measure in inches, I just have to think in fractions. They have an awesome choice of furniture, and with the paid for part, I have 50 renders and 50 textures. This is an AWESOME app! My only complaint is, they don’t have stepping stones. But otherwise, I highly recommend this app!
Going to hell
kenD1498 on 2020-09-22
So, I’ve had this app for quite a long time already, I paid for life time ‘cause I wanted to use everything it has to offer but... lastly I’ve been haven’t a looooooot of issues with it, from the textures to the walls not lining up as I need or the lacking of some items that I would love it had, such as railings for balconies and stuff like that but, I would love it if they could fix that problem with the textures, I had my own textures well edited so they could fit perfectly, now they look soooo bad and I can’t stand it..
Wall sizes are not based on inside measurements
Shunny14 on 2020-09-22
Seems like a great app. Looks good. But took me months to realize that the measurements of walls are not based on the inside length which one might measure from inside the house. So if you’re looking to plan your new place from inside measurements everything will be slightly off. There’s an image on website version that explains this, but then that image doesn’t adhere to your preference for feet/inches. Without any preferences to change that it’s always going to be hard to feel confident in measurements.
Useless without additional features
AndrewThomasS on 2020-09-22
This program does not allow for building basements. How can this be useful for home design with such a basic feature missing? Additionally, there are serious issues with placing items/doors/shutters/banister on a multi-floor structure. To have items appear properly on the second floor in 3D, you have to place them on the first floor of 2D; any items placed on the second floor would appear on the “roof” in 3D. Useless. I requested a refund after 3 days of use.
What is this?!!
rolokat7 on 2020-09-22
I got this app to express my love for architecture and instead I was spammed by the game for a stupid subscription. What is the point of getting this game if you are not ready to pay a stupid amount of money for little things like making a yellow chair red. Honestly this is a disappointment and disgrace. I played it for probably 20 minutes and already deleted it, decided it was worth one star, and now this rating.
Favorite app. Minor issues
lopeztm on 2020-09-22
Absolutely love this app. My only issues is some of the furniture in the catalogue does not appear in 3D mode the same way it’s displayed in the catalogue. For example; the fire places are lit in the catalogue but when I click it to place into my rooms it is not lit. It would be nice if they would transfer the same way they’re displayed.
Love using it, but recommend some updates
personnansnsn on 2020-09-22
I absolutely adore this app and I’ve been using it for years. It’s 100% worth it to upgrade to the full version, I don’t regret it! I do wish they would work on some more exterior designing items, I’d love to see some decks and porches, railing for those, just overall more items and decor for outdoors. Pools, firepits, etc.
hejsbbkbc on 2020-09-22
I gave this the rating I did bc when I unlocked items they would lock again if I am unlocking items they should be accessible at all times it’s shouldn’t be unlocked for a day then locked again the next I think you should also be able to rotate rooms and the the premium is too high of a cost

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