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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



It is a brand new free Plinko game with infinite fun. All you need to do is simply clicking on the screen. Drop down a small ball, and you may get a big prize! The more you play, the more rewards you will win! What are you waiting for? Download now and enjoy Plinko master! Gameplay features: *Fast: drop the balls constantly. *Prize: get through the prize box and start the slots to win your prize. *This game does not cost any real money. *Playing this game does not imply future success in "Real Money Gambling".

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So far ok
Urtinyfriend on 2020-07-15
I’ll say 3 stars for now. It’s pretty straight forward. You need $100 to cash out. It accumulates kinda fast. Only played about a week so far and already almost to $80. I’m prepared for what other reviews have said saying that the green coins stop showing up around $84. However the gold coins are plentiful. And each one is worth 5. And sometimes you can double it. And you need 5 million gold coins to cash out I think $100 gift card. I just reached 1 million. And then I’m 21/25 fruits to get $1,000 but I have very little faith there. In short after 1 week (not playing every day though) Almost $80 out of $100 to cash out Just over 1 out of 5 million to get $100 gift card And 21/25 fruits to get $1,000. You can watch a video to get 30 new Plinko coins but eventually the videos run out. The main positive I can say for this is that it’s straight forward what you need to cash out. I just play this when I’m waiting for other games crafting time or energy to rebuild. I’ll update this when/if I get to cash out.
Big scam
DivineS6 on 2020-07-15
This game is a complete ripoff!!! In game it gives you a chart of % statistics of hitting certain rewards. You’ll noticed as you play early on this chart seems to be fairly accurate with the amount you roll different rewards from the fruits and the green money coins. As you get closer to the $100 pay out tho this chart becomes less accurate as it becomes almost impossible to roll any green coin rewards which have the equivalent to a single cent value but very possible to roll 80 of the same fruit which have zero money value individually. The % chance of rolling let’s say even 10 of the green coins which is 10 cents becomes almost impossible when early on it is very easy to roll not saying you roll it every other roll but the amount you do roll it compared to your other rolls early on is pretty accurate to the chart. Unlike once you get close to $100 it becomes almost impossible to hit those green coin rolls. I’m at $90 and haven’t hit a green coin roll in 3 or 4 days. Plenty of ads tho.
Straight up scam.
PE.OW. on 2020-07-15
You will not win any money playing this. I decided to try to for a couple of days and it’s horrible now. At first download, it says you have to get 4,000,000 coins to get the Amazon card, and as of 5 minutes ago when I got to 2,000,000 coins, the amount needed jumped up to 5,000,000 coins without giving any notification. It hiked the price up that much to keep you from getting anything out of it. Ive also not gotten any new fruit after being stuck at 21/25 fruit for at least 5 days, and the buckets at the bottom of the pegs don’t spawn any unique fruit. The game has also stopped giving any coin blocks from the buckets or from the Wheel after I got to 90.00 dollars. The chance to get money from the wheel in 2,20,200 dollars is completely fake too, I have not gotten any of them a single time. Do not waste your time playing this “game” as the crappy people behind it have no intention of giving anyone money. 0/5 if I could rate it that. DO NOT PLAY ANY GAMES FROM THIS “COMPANY”!
It’s a trick.
B-Leann on 2020-07-15
I liked this game to begin with. For the first like 3 days I was averaging about $20 a day and then it gradually got less and less and I didn’t realize it at first but then once I hit $90 it stopped completely and I haven’t had any money opportunities since. No winning of the green dots on the slots or in the tubes if the ball goes in. They let it get really good really quickly so you think you might actually win something and it’s not like all the other games. And then when you’re extremely close it stops so they don’t have to pay you. I was also collecting the fruit very quickly as well, I have 21/25 and that just stopped suddenly too because I got to close to actually winning it. It’s not about odds and chances. It’s about luring you in to play this game and then never giving you the earnings. It’s sad when people make a fortune from tricking and lying to other people. It’s a shame really.
DeluxeTails on 2020-07-15
This game is a fake. Apparently if you get $100 worth of the green money coins you will win $100 money for PayPal. Once you get to the higher points of green money coins this game will not give you any more of the green coins. I’ve been stuck at 90.02 of the green money coins and it’s been a week and haven’t gotten not one!! One green coin is 0.01 and I haven’t gotten that?!? BS!! I’ve maxed the pink balls to drop by watching all 30 ads a day to get me 900+ pink balls to drop. There is no way I couldn’t get not ONE green money coin from 900+ pink balls. THEY DONT SPAWN!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! I’ve been playing this game for about three weeks now and at first I wasn’t playing much but then I started getting a lot of the green coins so I played more. This game is a [email protected]$&ing bait!! Joke
Timbo7777$ on 2020-07-15
I finally gave into this game and downloaded it. Buts it’s not like their redoiciulious STUPID AD’s make it out to. I can barely start playing the game which doesn’t and I do mean (DOES NOT) give you any instructions on what your supposed to be doing or what the OBJECTIVE IS, in order obtain a portion of their so call giving away of 2,000,000 million dollars a week. It basically a game of WATCHING ADVERTISEMENTS, while THEY reap the rewards from advertisements companies BY GETTING YOU TO WATCH MORE ADVERTISEMENTS. That’s right boys and girls the more times an advertisement is played they more MONEY THEY (the APP DEVELOPERS) make, not you them, they make the money while you get suckered into watching a advertisement.
Did people really think they were going to make money playing this game?
bretimus on 2020-07-15
It’s 2020. Do you really believe you’re going to make money off of this game? The commercials are insanely cheap production and cheesy af. And all I see here are comments about how they can’t make any money. Honestly, what did you expect? The goal is for you to play these games and watch commercials so the developers can get paid. I’m sure you can see the business concept here. But what is in it for you? I’m honestly baffled that you guys think this game will pay you. Go to Walmart and tell the cashier to wait for a minute while you play this game and get some money. See what happens.
Total scam
Djcoak6071 on 2020-07-15
So being the skeptic that I am, I assumed it wouldn’t really pay out. I guess when I noticed in their ads with people showing checks from 2016 confirmed that. I figured I’d give it a try anyway. I am at $90 with the cash payout happening at $100 and the cash availability is almost nill. As you get closer to payout the cash balls vanish, the slots are all but impossible to hit and they never hit on anything that will allow you to win. So stop wasting your time and move on, you’re chances of actually getting paid are zero or close to it.
Scam (as others have said)
ia_teacher on 2020-07-15
Don’t waste your time on this!! As others have said you can only accumulate so much before the game refuses to give you any green money pegs. For me, I got to $90.30 and thought “awesome only $9.70 to go and I can cash out” well..... not so fast. No matter how much I play now I NEVER get the green pegs nor do I spin anything on the slots that gives me green pegs. Also, once I got to 21 fruits I can’t get anymore either. Bottom line: If you want to play the game just to play go for it. If you want to make money: fugetaboutit!!!!!!
wdvahxxonwcgxb on 2020-07-15
I saw an add for it and it looked promising, I played for a few weeks and eventually got to about 84$ (you need to get to 100$ to cash out) after I got to around 85$ to removed to green balls witch are the way to make cash in the game. Basically it makes you waste time and watch vids to get more ball just to cut you off. There’s also a feature where if you get 25 fruits from the slot machine you get 1000$ I’ve gotten 21 fruits so far and I haven’t got any new ones. I do not suggest to download this game don’t waste your time.

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