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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive! No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay. Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for iOS devices. Note: Landscape and portrait mode can be toggled in the settings menu during gameplay, or by tapping the icon at the top right of the start screen.

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Love It!
Music_Lights on 2021-03-06
I was hesitant to get this game at first since I’m not an app purchasing kind of person but what can I say. This game is so much fun! I’ve been playing for 2 whole days. I can’t believe it was only 2.99! The best part is it’s a one time fee. Which I think more apps should be doing instead of tricking the user into buying crazy ad ons. I honestly say it is more fun then Sim City 5 and that’s saying a lot. It takes me back to the days of playing Sim City 4 on my computer. The maps are very good size and and I love how each map city has a special trait like, best for mining or tourist attraction. Transferring money between cities is so great. It’s something I’ve wanted in city building games since forever. The quests are also super funny and I love them! The only thing I would change about this game is the upgraded zone designs. When I upgrade a residential or commercial lot, most of the buildings end up looking the same. I have like multiples of the same sky scrappers and mega malls. It kinda makes the map look quite boring. Before upgrading it actually looks better with more variety of building designs. Hopefully a few more building designs will be added to this. Other then that, this game is awesome. It is the best mobile city building game I have ever played. Coming from someone who started playing city build games since Sim City 3000, I recommend this game to everyone who is looking for an easy to learn but very fun and enriching mobile city building game. Or someone who is looking for a city building game to play on the go or when traveling.
Zy'Ianni on 2021-03-06
Okay, I’ve only played for about 30 minutes and I already love the game. It’s not like the other games that make you wait HOURS or DAYS for a house to finish building . No, it takes NOT EVEN TEN seconds to build a house. I’m astonished at the fact that there are no ads, you don’t have to buy ANYTHING with real money (besides the game), and the citizens have short conversations which I think is pretty cool. One of the citizens said, “I hope no one finds this body” or something like that. Anyway, this game is DEFINITELY worth the purchase and I swear you will not regret it. You also get an option for sandbox mode which basically just means you get to do whatever you want without having to unlock it.
Burningtoast on 2021-03-06
It is really a great game and worth the purchase. It’s very detailed and has fun little animations and characters. They don’t bombard you with in app purchases. It’s not like other games where you have to wait hours for things to build or pay money to skip.
Awesome Game
david_dimes on 2021-03-06
I love this game. i only play it though when i’m really sad and trying to escape reality for awhile. thanks for making such a great game
It needs more content
XJOSHXCUTXYOUX on 2021-03-06
Release a pocket city 2 with more content because I love the pay once approach.
“No micro transactions “
MajorJackass on 2021-03-06
That says it right there.. FINALLY a return to paying for a game once. Bravo!
Please make more!
Holtpower on 2021-03-06
My only complaint is that I want more
devlssadvocate on 2021-03-06
Good game

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