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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Pocket God Journey To Uranus is an interactive universe that you can explore, discover your godly powers, and play games. Feed the volcano god on Earth! Fight a war on Uranus! Ward off robots from another universe! Navigate the high-tech highways of Mercury! And more! Some games are inspired by your favorite classic video games. And don't forget you can still name your pygmies and just mess with them! Like Pocket God, the Journey to Uranus universe will keep expanding. More planets, interactions and games to come! What do you want to see added? Check out for more information! or join our twitter! And if you are one of the hold-outs, be sure to check out the original Pocket God on the app store, only 99cents. It now has the addicting Challenge of the Gods! PGU Episode List: Episode 1: Journey To Uranus Episode 2: Electric Booga-loo. Episode 3: Mecury Rising Episode 4: Quantum Entanglement Episode 5: Planet of the Dead Episdoe 6: Decapithon Upcoming: More god powers on the planets, as well as space. More games! More aliens! More robots!

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Won’t Load
wientwshruehsh on 2020-07-04
This game is amazing and fun to play. But I have noticed since the game hasn’t been updated in 4 years the game won’t load on iPhone 6 and up. I’m not sure why it won’t load but don’t get the game now until it is fixed. Other than that the game is fun to play and I do recommend it if you haven’t played it already.
App won’t even load
bradytuckk on 2020-07-04
The app stays on the first loading screen and won’t let me play it i paid money for this game and i should be able to play it. i have an iPhone X so it’s not because my phone is old
Game won’t load
shane baruch on 2020-07-04
The game will now load on my iPhone X and I would like to get a refund if possible if they arnt planing to fix it
95867593985949 on 2020-07-04

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