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May, 2020


May, 2020



Poly Bridge, the hit indie bridge-building physics title with dozens of hours of gameplay. "A must play for anyone interested in puzzle games." - TheGamingReview * 105 Campaign Levels * Sandbox * 22 Achievements * Hydraulic Pistons * Moving Drawbridges * Swings, Jumps, and Classic Bridges Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles! Play the fully featured campaign with 100+ levels of challenging physics puzzles or make your own puzzles and bridge designs in the Sandbox. Success begins by getting cars to their destinations by any means; build suspensions, ramps and jumps, double-deckers, moving drawbridges, and much more. Complete every level under budget and with a sturdy, unbreaking bridge, to become a Poly Bridge Master Engineer... and unlock the secret world.

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You blink and your ten grand over budget
Augumom on 2020-06-02
How do i even play this? You do what they tell you, in the way they tell you. You go over budget and get 1 star in the level
Fun brain game on iPad Pro but...
ApolloCosmos on 2020-06-02
The ability to select and rotate on the iPad would make it better.
joaosabadin78 on 2020-06-02
too far away is my d***
Emilyinslc on 2020-06-02
Also add leaderboards
Good game
1039484736182(: on 2020-06-02
My dad is addicted
Love this game can’t wait for part 2
Hectord27 on 2020-06-02
Keep at it devs
by sean!!!!!!!!!! on 2020-06-02

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