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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Once you pop, you can't stop! PopStar! is/was #1 board game in Japan, #1 board game in France, #1 board game in Hong Kong, #1 board game in China, #1 board game in Singapore, #1 board game in Taiwan, #1 board game in Malaysia, #1 board game in Luxembourg, #1 board game in Macau, #1 board game in Uruguay and so on. _______________________________________ Fantastic fun!!! (by Phlegm Hacker) "Now my current favorite game! Strategic, addictive and challenging fun for everyone! Replay value is high! I keep improving! This should be on everyone's iPhone! Good job!" ADDICTING!!!!! (by 3rdcoasthoney) "I really love this game. it's very addicting!! Can't put it down. I play it everyday!" PopStar! (by silvercream) "PopStar! is the best game I've ever played on my iPod Touch. This game is so addicting and I love this game A LOT." _______________________________________ How to Play: - Just tap two or more blocks of the same color. - There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage. _______________________________________ Tips on Scoring: - Remember just two rules below: 1. The more blocks you pop, the more score you will get 2. Try to clear all block, you will get a lot of bonus. Example of Rule #1 (Formula: Score = Blocks * Blocks * 5) 2 Blocks = 20 3 Blocks = 45 4 Blocks = 80 ... 10 Blocks = 500 ... 20 Blocks = 2000 Example of Rule #2 (Formula: Bonus = 2000 - Blocks * Blocks * 20) 10 Blocks Left = 0 9 Blocks Left = 380 8 Blocks Left = 720 ... All Block Cleared = 2000 _______________________________________ Features: - Autosave when terminated or get a call - Supports iPhone iOS 4 - All available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad _______________________________________ You can check out a video of the gameplay at

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Plz Fix
WarpDrive72 on 2020-07-13
The game doesn’t work anymore. I can only play the lite version. Lite version only has plays up to 5 stage. I am very disappointed

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