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May, 2021


May, 2021



Poparazzi is a new photo sharing network where your friends are your paparazzi and you are theirs. Your profile on Poparazzi is created by your friends when they take photos of you. On the flip side, you create your friends' profiles when you take photos of them. Let's get it poppin! For more information, visit

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Good idea, poor execution. Genuinely concerned about being unable to delete my account.
SowrKiwi on 2021-06-17
The app idea was an interesting concept and I had fun with it for a day or two. Eventually the app lost its fun and I realized there’s not a lot to do with it. Because you are automatically connected to anyone in your contacts, people I barely knew would be on my front page and I could not do much about it. Overall it was not the best so I decided to delete my account. I also fear that because so many people can post onto my page, the floodgates can be opened to account raids that I cannot prevent with photos possibly not even of myself that are graphic or something of that sort. However when I went to delete my account it kept denying me the ability to delete my account. I started by entering my phone number, then using the verification that was sent to my phone number. After all that went through it would simply deny my request. I’m concerned that I’ll be stuck with this app, and due to my fear of an account raid, I refuse to leave my account unattended.
Boring and Forced
gotparticles on 2021-06-17
This app is pointless and boring. It completely eliminates the fun aspects of social media like customization and instead forces everyone into a generic profile. Additionally, the functionality within the app in limited. The only way to interact with other users on the app is through emojis … what a meaningful way to converse. The app uses websockets for views, which appears to be unnecessary and strange considering none of the user interface appears or needs to be updating in real time. Finally, the app provides no easy way to delete an account. The only way to accomplish this according to their terms is to email and ask for account deletion.
an annoying bug
zain hanna on 2021-06-17
I really love Poparazzi but today I have gotten this annoying bug where every single pop that has been posted today had 1 view which was really weird and I usually get more than 1 view. I tried contacting Poparazzi Support but it never worked. They messaged me that they had an algorithm and not all views show as your amount of views that is shown on your profile but doesn’t it seem a little weird that each post has 1 view and has 5-300 likes. That is a huge gap. Poparazzi please fix this and I hope it is a glitch and not some everlasting bug on the app to me. I hope it isn’t just me who is going through this. POPARAZZI FIX THIS
Created an account with a photo from one of my contacts and then added me as a friend
ksksjebdnx on 2021-06-17
They sent me a friend request from someone using the contact photo of one of my friends in my contacts. That is beyond creepy and uncomfortable. There is no way to delete your account. You send them an email and they direct you to input your phone number so they can send a code to verify your identity and then don’t tell you you have to add your country code first and don’t let you attempt to put the phone number in again. then they send you an email labeled with a “bug” number so I input that as my code for verifying my identity and after 1 failed attempt I am locked out for 24 hours. No help from their service team.
Do not get this app if you have people you no longer talk with
Notanything on 2021-06-17
This app added people without my consent and those people do not like me. The people posted a video of me on their account without my consent. These people are dangerous and I have not been in contact with them and because of this app I now am. Do not get this app. You can’t even have a private account and there’s not a “delete account” option. This app needs to be deleted. Also I have these people blocked and said no to the app syncing to my contacts and these people were still added.
In love but has some flaws
heyitslulu1246 on 2021-06-17
This app is so fun, I love embarrassing my friends but I can tell lots of things could go wrong with this app. If someone’s friends post something that the persons acc there posting on doesn’t like this could lead to fights and be a huge problem. I also wish this app didn’t follow people in my contacts without my constant. Also there’s no selfie mode in the lense and this can be super annoying. I also wish this app saved the photos you take and post to your camera roll.
Roozleberry on 2021-06-17
this app has brought me and my friends true joy. it is just fun to share embarrassing pictures of each other. and it’s a great way to not feel insecure about yourself because lots and lots of people see your pictures. and the way that they made our profile like pictures that people take of us is just so cool. I recommend this app so much!!!!
It does not work
[email protected]@ on 2021-06-17
The concept of this app is really cool all my friends have it and they love it I never got it when they got it so I decided to get it. But apparently they’re not excepting applications so what am I supposed to do just sit there waiting for them to start doing that?????????
shaqleenoleen on 2021-06-17
And don’t show other people besides our follows on the front page with our followers, may e make a separate tab for recommended follow eres and then we can ire all their pictures there!!!! I’m h*gh but seriously other than that I love the app so fun!
Can’t delete Acct, make private & syncs your contacts
Party Palace on 2021-06-17
Terrible app should be shut down. There is no way to delete your Acct. Even if you say you don’t want to sync your contacts it does anyway. You also can’t make your Acct private. Terrible app for teens. Very unsafe! Would give zero stars if I could!

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