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Turn your free time into earnings with the Postmates Fleet app— deliver goods from local merchants to customers. No schedules, no offices, just you and the open road. You can drive, bike, scoot, or walk. Earn on your own schedule. It’s free to sign up and fast to get started. There are no fees or time commitments, so you take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery. Clear earnings, instant deposits. See how much you earned after each delivery and exactly how your earnings were calculated. Get free weekly deposits or cash out instantly anytime you want. All the tools you need. Sign up and we’ll send you a free delivery bag and prepaid card so you can deliver food, drinks, retail, and more—from anywhere in your city—literally. Sign up now and start earning today. Download the app, enter some basic details and start delivering. It’s that easy. You’ll be on your way in no time.

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Long waits for support; Card stunts deliveries
martmusico on 2020-06-03
Support is atrocious, and with over 60-minute waits for so-called live phone support for help with a pending delivery, is ultimately pointless to have. Email isn’t any better because only a couple of lines are visible in an email response, and login to Postmates’ site is required read the full message, and upon doing so, an email reply within the website is nowhere to be found. I advise against the Postmates Prepaid card because while it may open up the number of places from which you can deliver, it lowers the number of deliveries that a fleet driver can make in any given block of time because, with few exceptions, it requires you to place an order once you arrive at the establishment, and entails a 20-45 minute wait after placing the order in person, or the same amount of time or longer in a popular establishment drive-thru. Also, Postmates stacks deliveries, meaning you can get one or more orders from the same or a second establishment before you’ve delivered the first. That slows the time to delivery for the first order in the series, and drives up the wait for that first customer while driving down both the satisfaction of that first order-placer, and with it, the likelihood of a tip for that first order. You can’t reject a second or third order from an establishment for which you have accepted an order, and that’s okay, but same consequence of lower likelihood of tip from whichever customer had to wait the unreasonable amount of time. The app does allow you to communicate with customers, but if they don’t respond, support is unavailable. Unlike ride share, there’s no way to rate customers or avoid the non-tippers’ orders again, so after a couple of non-tip experiences from one establishment, you may feel like rejecting all future orders from that establishment. Location markers are incorrect about 10% of the time and you can’t drop off an order unless you’re at the marker on the map that Postmates has deemed correct, and if you call for Support, well, ha, good luck (and fat chance). Thorough delivery instructions are few and far between; Postmates could stand to require fields like gate code or no gate and how to locate poorly marked buildings and entrances. Postmates seems to have worked out how its customers (the establishments and the order-placers) can have a good experience, but support for its fleet drivers is sorely lacking. While I appreciate the ability to make money through the Postmates platform, a thorough analysis of the wear and mileage expended on a vehicle in comparison to the revenue, coupled with the lack of support for its fleet drivers, makes Postmates just one of many options, and by no means a standout among gig economy companies. Perhaps in this current economic environment, Postmates has judged the natural attrition of its fleet drivers due to Postmates’ lack of support as inconsequential. But fleet drivers could also be delivery or establishment prospects, or otherwise able to direct such prospects or potential fleet drivers to or away from Postmates.
Won’t even acknowledge I needed help.
BigBreah on 2020-06-03
I had a delivery to an ice cream place, paid for the ice cream. Tried to hit complete. Complete wouldn’t work. I tried over and over to try to get it to work. No result. I texted the customer to contact them and see if they could contact postmates. He couldn’t get through either. Finally the app said, we will have somebody contact you shortly 5 mins turns into 20. So I texted the customer and asked what his address was so I could just take it to him and I thought the app would sort itself out. Take it to the guy, he says he would take care of me with the tip. I said okay, then went home. I look at the app three hours later thinking it resolved itself and I got paid. No! The apps still saying someone will be reaching to contact you for support. Fast forward to the next day. I go running take a shower, and wanted to do some postmates before I went to my other job. Nope the apps still running the same deli every saying someone will reach out to me soon. 2 hours later the app resolved itself and tells me that the delivery was canceled. And I got $1.48 for everything that had just happened. So I stay relaxed and reached out to the fleet delivery line. Through an EMAIL!!! I CANT EVEN GET IN TOUCH WITH THE COMPANY TO SAY I DIDN'T GET PAID!!! SO TODAY THE LADY WITH THE SUPPORT LINE FINALLY GETS BACK WITH ME AND SAYS THAT THEY CANT PAY BECAUSE THE DELIVERY WAS NOT COMPLETED. I do not understand in any way shape or form what has transpired. I feel as though I have gotten ripped off for my time. The app had a major glitch and I will not return to doing deliveries for them until this issue is resolved. On another note I had proof that I went to the guys house. Sent that in as well and now there telling me I have to wait 72 hours before somebody will be able to get back in touch with me. WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN!!??? Do I just not get paid for my deliveries??? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND...
Missed requests if not on app
eh Q on 2020-06-03
Was browsing twitter. Had 6 incoming requests and all were gone or disappeared by the time I went to the app. If your not on the app good luck trying to make any income. What’s up with that? Oh well zero stars!! Algorithms is soooo messed up... go south first when 2 orders are close to the restaurant, go pick an order when a drop off is right around the corner, clients get cold food and I don’t get tipped due to that. Must wait 10 mins before order is ready just cancel. If you get a pickup from fat shack Seattle just cancel. It’s always a guarantee 15-20 min wait time. If you get a pickup from a burger place in UW they either hand out the food to the wrong driver or the driver cancels the order and keeps the food or the app glitches out. Either way Postmates needs to charge double for the drivers that take and keep the food cuz a burger place will not remake the food so you end up taking a negative hit trying to sort things out but just end up canceling the order. FYI ignore a burger place and fat shack.
Account hacked, earnings stolen
lenny3103 on 2020-06-03
PLEASE don’t sign up to deliver for Postmates. I won’t be ordering through them anymore either. My account was apparently hacked, because there’s a bank account I’ve never seen before on it. When I saw it, I emailed support so they could remove it from my account. It was still being “verified” anyway, so I assumed someone would notice that the bank account was in a different name than I used to sign up for Postmates. Wrong. I didn’t receive a response from support, the hacker’s bank account cleared, and they cashed out my earnings. Thank god it wasn’t very much money, but regardless, a crime occurred and Postmates doesn’t care. It looks like I’m not the only person this has happened to. Even if I wanted to deliver again, I couldn’t because all my earnings would go straight to this hacker’s bank account. Don’t risk it— the pay is so poor, and it might be stolen anyway. You’d think a company would take financial crimes seriously, but clearly Postmates does not. Stay far away.
great app
deebvvv on 2020-06-03
i have seend everybody reviews but postmates sent me one task complete 65 deliveries in 15 days and earn upto $425 and they pay me $425 in total and tips were mine in $425 tips was not included they paid me full amount right away i completed my 65 deliveries. and then in the mean time they gave everyone one task between 5 to 9 pm earn $3 bonus on every delivery and they gave me money on every delivery its not a scam or nothing like that people join this app work with this app and earn some money belive me they give task like every week so you can make upto $300 to $600 a week it depends on you how long you gonna work with that thanks to you postmates in this coronavirus situation you gave a better job like boss in this job you are your own boss i personally dont do the walmart deliveries it’s tough i only do the restaurant and fast food deliveries and i make good money i am happy with postmates god bless
bakeremma on 2020-06-03
I only signed up to help myself out finically with everything going on, and I’m severely frustrated with the app and the whole entire postmates and fleet. You HAVE to have every single notification set on to be able to go online. Which I think is ridiculous because you’re only getting notification if the app is OPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE! So you get blown up allllll day at all hours for silly promos and “it’s peak” which seems to be alllll the time, so it’s extremely frustrating having to receive 8 notification from them in a day and not a single one is for a food delivery. Oh and speaking of food deliveries, when it’s apparently “peak” there’s absolutely NO ORDERS!! This app is ridiculous. The only good think I have to say about it, the option to be able to pay out that day is pretty nice. Other than that, awful app and it glitches frequently, so good luck. You’re better off with a different delivery app.
Lots of Scammers. Current have made -$40
Theanimegirlediting on 2020-06-03
I just started doing Postmates because i needed to make money during this pandemic and immediately after starting I was shocked with how little they pay you. Driving everywhere and waiting 20 minutes in line to order a super complicated order only to get less than $4. After the second day when the tips started to come in I was a lot happier, but not overly excited. You probably average $7 a delievery if people are generous with tips. Last night my weekend of earning was stolen from me by a scammer pretending to be a postmate rep freezing my account. Postmates has done and will do nothing about this lost earning. Current I’ve made -$40 due the gas I’ve paid to drive everywhere. Super frustrated. Many people are dealing with this so you’d think we’d get some notice in an email about what’s going or some protection thru a text or something rather than being expected to read the fine print in the help center.
Laughable pay
Ministrrr on 2020-06-03
In 2019 the company would pay their drivers a minimum of $4 per delivery, regardless of how little time or how close the delivery was. If you were to spend more time on a delivery, or travel more miles, you would get increasingly more money, $6-$12 per delivery. Now in 2020, there is no minimum payout. They’ll pay you as little as $2 and change for deliveries that can take half an hour. It’s disgusting and shameful. What’s more concerning is that there isn’t an end on site; they always seem to be implementing ways that they can pay drivers less, and make themselves the most profit. A true example of a shady, grimy, “piss on the little guys” corporation. This is only a fraction of the injustices this company commits to its drivers. I won’t go in depth because other people have written reviews on other specifics.
Don’t work for another horrible gig company like this
Bound/04 on 2020-06-03
Another Uber / Lyft in disguise. The users have more rights and they can treat you like crap. As contractor drivers Tips can be good but horrible at times when a customers just orders two fancy milkshakes from cookout or fries and a coke from McDonald’s and they want a 19 minute delivery and you get paid $3.00 for the delivery and the customer is so thankful they add a 0.00 or $2.00 tip. How pathetic is that. Or you have a 9 to 10 minute trip to a restaurant to order and pay for the customers food order and the restaurant tells you there’s 25 to 45 minutes wait for the food. And you don’t get paid for the wait and the customer expects it and the delivery charge paid is lousy plus the tip from the customer. You’ll be sent to really really bad parts of town to crack houses or heavy crime ridden places.
Serious technical issues & terrible customer service
profpetsitter on 2020-06-03
Enjoyed it for a month but today I was locked out of my account, saying my password isn’t valid. I tried resetting my password by clicking the email me a link option but I never got an email with reset instructions. Customer service is absolutely terrible. They just send the same automated responses. They kept telling me over & over to type in my email to get the reset link like I’m an idiot and can’t figure that out myself. I told them it doesn’t work, but still just got automated impersonal responses. I called support and they tried sending me an email to reset the password I never changed in the first place, still nothing. So I’m locked out for no reason and can’t reset my password, that I never changed, and support can’t do anything about it. Pretty ridiculous right.

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