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May, 2020



Join 12 million+ people who are making new friends with Profoundly, all over the world. Profoundly is not just another social networking app. We at Profoundly believe that humans are much more than just images and true relationships start with conversations, not swiping. HOW DOES IT WORK? • We help you break the ice with fun and interesting icebreakers where only your imagination is the limit. • We help you match with people nearby who have similar interests so you never run out of words and ideas to talk. • Rediscover your friendships by sharing anonymous confessions, secrets and life experiences with your Facebook friends. • Engage in long conversations to collect hearts and reveal your partner’s photos. Profoundly has millions of users from around the world (with 800k new users joining every month), exchanging over 40 million messages every day. MORE FEATURES? BECOME A PREMIUM MEMBER • As a PREMIUM member, you can create unlimited stories and icebreakers. • Unlimited replies to interesting icebreakers and stories. • Find new matches 578% faster. • 4x more random daily chats to make even more friends. • Skip the wait and view your partner’s photos upfront. • Send unlimited private replies and anonymous texts to your Facebook friends. 1 week subscription : $9.99 1 month subscription : $19.9 3 months subscription : $29.9 6 months subscription : $49.9 Share Profoundly with your friends and who knows you might receive that message from your crush next time? Also leave a review on App Store and Facebook to help us make Profoundly even more fun and secure. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION Your personal information is securely stored and not shared with any other user or third parties. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Terms and Conditions : Privacy Policy :

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A list of wrongs.
Christina Moe on 2020-06-02
What can i say about profoundly? Well take a sit and i hope you don't have to use the bathroom because i have a lot to say.... 1. Profiles: Not only should profile pictures not be laid out vertically but the fact that people can post nudity is outstandingly annoying and ridiculous. Nobody wants to see your “john hancock” it’s an unpleasant sight for sore eyes. There’s also no way of changing your name or age which can be difficult if your facebook name is unreadable. 2. Chats: Expecting people to pay to release pictures is actually pretty smart but if they have money to blow off with then it’s just defeating the purpose. To have to talk to these unbelievably uninteresting people is torture just to see if you even find them attractive or not. 3. People: This one is the real kicker. I have been reported for doing absolutely nothing wrong so many times, my eyes permanently see a 7 hour ban. I suggest having reports scanned and screened first before allowing a ban or a permanent blockage. It’s quite unfair and possibly could promote bullying if someone doesn’t like you for no reason. I have been harassed by a David with a yellow smiley profile picture more than enough times to make me hate this app entirely. Harassing me by constantly contacting me with “who cares” in every post I make. Yes, I delete the chats but to get them so frequently, it gets tiring to delete every single one. Which is why I left. I got tired of it. These people on here make you uncomfortable. This is not a place for anyone to enjoy. It’s full of scamming sugar daddies/mommas and scamming “women” and “men” alongside with a sprinkle of insanely horny “men” who act arrogant, unwelcoming and amazingly brain dead. No one reads what you’re here for. No one acts appropriately or normal. I may be weird but even a weird person like me knows how to act accordingly. These people have no boundaries and don’t respect anyone else’s. If this all sounds like your type of playing field then please enjoy this app as much as you possibly can. But if it’s not your cup of tea, drop it, leave it, delete it and forget it. It’s not worth your time or effort or money. I suggest applying stricter rules to your app if you want it to be successful. I’m leaving. It’s not for me and I’m not coming back. I just hope this app gets the adjustment it needs for future participants.✌️
This app keeps getting worse and worse
Nickname.Mike. Already taken on 2020-06-02
This app has been a trash show since it began. The majority of the posts are spam bots advertising various forms of Snapchat and such. With this newest update, they’re basically trying to bully people into buying premium. You can’t see anyone’s picture til you message them. You only get to reply to 3 people per 6/8 hours. They took a great idea and turned it into a hot mess.
Good app gone bad
J Zuza on 2020-06-02
This app use to be good. I met some nice people on it and made a few friends. But then the developers became money hungry you have to buy premium to do pretty much anything now, it’s pointless to have this anymore unless you buy the premium.
Inbox malfunctioning
swev jones on 2020-06-02
My inbox has not accepted mssgs for two day straight. And this is the second time in one week this has happened. Can you please correct the problem.
Inbox malfunctioning
swev jones on 2020-06-02
I am a premium member that can’t see any pictures and my inbox hasn’t been able to open for 4 days now

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