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Give desperately needed makeovers to help people achieve their dreams! Choose highly fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture! Deal with dramatic characters like egotistical fashion icons, scheming assistants, or stubborn clients in dire need of a new wardrobe. Play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help find that perfect look! And don't forget to customize your own signature style with your avatar! CHOOSE from lots of fashionable clothes to create the perfect look! MAKEOVER helpless clients and give them the confidence to follow their dreams! DECORATE a person's room as well as their appearance! DRAMA is everywhere, be ready to meet some extreme personalities! SOLVE addictive puzzles with challenging obstacles! STYLIZE your avatar to stand out on the red carpet! VISIT FRIENDS and see how they dressed their avatar! BLAST through levels with exciting power-ups with explosive benefits!

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Money Trap, Too difficult to enjoy.
Winddragon777 on 2021-04-20
First off, I enjoyed this game for the first character. It was a pleasant level of difficulty; you earn cash by playing a Candy-Crush-esque matching puzzle, then spend that cash to give the person and their home a makeover. (I noticed that they were playing to boring/harmful/racist beauty standards (take glasses off and get rid of freckles/birthmarks to make beautiful, comb out and straighten natural hair, etc), but I decided to keep on playing.) By the second and third character, the level of money you needed for things that seemed rather simple had increased exponentially: removing pictures off the walls cost money, giving someone a face mask AND THEN removing the face mask cost money, taking off glasses cost money! Tiny things that should’ve been 50 coins cost upwards of 200-300. It was ridiculous... Especially because the puzzle game had gotten far, far too difficult and complicated. After redoing several puzzles over and over again, I think I figured out that the in-game-difficulty algorithm will try to make you use ‘gems’ to buy more turns to figure out the puzzle (you get a measly +5 turns), but if you keep retrying the puzzle without gems, the 3rd or 4th time around it suddenly, miraculously, gets *far* easier. Everything points you to use gems, and they’re not cheap. I bought a 500gem/$2 packet before realizing it barely got me anywhere (you need 300 gems to get +5 turns in the game, so really I only bought myself a tiny thing). Boosters cost gems, you have a limited number of lives if you fail at the puzzle game (which happens more and more the more you play)... and to get more lives, you use gems. I really, really wanted to enjoy this game, to have it as a 20-minutes-a-day to relax after a rather stressful schedule. I’ve seen games that utilize in-app-purchases (DragonVale is a golden standard), but this is RIDICULOUS. The game becomes tedious and frustrating UNLESS you spend your money, which the developers should be ashamed of. It feels as if they made a genuinely enjoyable game with a fun story and ruined it to pry money out of customers’ hands. If the developers even read these reviews, here’s a suggestion, as a professional game designer: Give people an option to unlock a PLAYABLE game upfront for $10-20, something where the puzzles are easier and the increase in makeover cash per character is gradual. I know these 3D models, coding, game story flow, and illustrations cost a lot of money, but don’t screw over your customers to make a buck. Your game is cute, but it’s not worth $100+ in IAP just to get to character 5 or 6.
Have only seen ads and already can tell the creators have done something wrong
~Jaden The Girl on 2021-04-20
So I have not yet downloaded this app, and I don’t need to! But I do need to say something that proves this game is DESPERATE for some downloads Once when I was playing another game on my phone, an ad for this app popped up. It was inappropriate if you know what I mean. If this app is gonna be desperate enough to feature THAT content, then why should I trust these rude, cut-throat people? If people (some might be on their parents’ phone) 5-9 years old saw that kind of content, that would be bad! This app is risking so much by featuring that content; 5-9 years old is a BIG range of age, people! Another reason these app creators are “not-the-best” is because there ads are kind of saying “change yourself and people will like you more” or “how about we cause some drama?” Neither are good things to hear or see. God created you on purpose FOR a purpose. Your appearance was made just the way he wanted it to be made. Drama is not a good thing. Drama is basically someone saying “I’m bored. I’m gonna stir up some trouble so I can feel better, since I don’t care about others more than myself” How about we be better people and NOT download this app, since it’s not a need, it’s a want. And wants can be dealt with. It’s not that I’m saying this game doesn’t look fun, it’s just that if you weren’t to download it, you might thank yourself and say “it’s probably better this way” Thank you for reading Bye :) ~Jade The Woman
Please make the Levels Easier
Lolllipopss24xxx on 2021-04-20
Someone else reviewed this and said that pretty soon the game gets impossible... it is true. I absolutely love this game and it is the first game I found in a long time that I actually wanted to spend my time playing. The truth is that I would spend money on this game if I could be sure I would pass the levels. But the truth is you’ve lost my money because it is so hard to even get through the levels with the boosters when you get to the third person. In addition, it costs sooooo much money to even do one makeover for a person. As a person who loves this game, GAME-MAKERS, you need to make the levels easier and decrease the coin prices for the makeovers. I would’ve spent my real money on this game because I enjoy it so much, but now I most likely will delete it because I can’t pass the levels with the boosters at all. And it will be pointless because I will have to spend more of my real money because the makeovers in the game cost 900 coins to do one simple thing. Hopefully you update this game and make some changes because I would’ve recommended this game to my friends. Now it will be off my phone in the next week.. sorry.
The Psychological Manipulation is Exhausting
TheDreadedAnna on 2021-04-20
The longer I play this game, the more lame it becomes. I completely understand the need to make enough money to keep an app afloat, but the amount of manipulative ways the makers of this app try to get money out of you is just wearying. Go ahead and charge 5 bucks to open up more options to the app, but the constant manipulation of levels, so that you feel pressure to buy more tries or to buy boosters to win levels, is inundating. In order to not spend hundreds of dollars on an app that really isn’t all that thrilling, you need to stay “stuck” on some levels for a couple of days. Once they figure out you’re not going to budge and buy ways through a level, you’ll find all resources you need to win that level magically appear. However, that means this game is even less fun than other jewel matching games, because you’re ultimately playing the levels to do the makeovers, but they’ll keep you on some levels, with really no chance of winning without buying helps, for 24-48 hours. I enjoy thinking through the esthetics, especially of crafting the space areas, but this game is really not worth it.
Impossible to play
maddieswages on 2021-04-20
The game starts off great- it peaks to the interest of those who like interior decorating and makeovers. The tutorial is helpful, and you start off by getting to redesign this character and remodel her room. You must play mini games to earn the money to style these characters and their rooms, but for me, the second characters’s mini games almost become impossible without power ups. You are gifted a certain amount of power ups sometimes, but once you run out of power ups the game is impossible to beat. There is a way to get another 5 moves after losing, but it requires gems that you must purchase. Basically, in order to play you’d have to have lots of patience and be good at strategy, or spend loads of money buying gems to purchase more power ups. I simply just wanted a game that I could remodel and makeover. Game devs please listen to your reviewers and please make it to where the levels are not near impossible to beat.
Good but could be better
F4boys on 2021-04-20
I love the game challenges. They are unique. The downside is that sometimes you have to buy gems in order to finish the level. I’m on level 460, so I’ve spent a bit on this game. What could be better.... not having to “pay” to remove each item by itself. For example: “remove glasses” or “pick up trash” or “remove couch” or “remove shirt”, etc. Instead it would be nice to just “clean room” or do items in large groups. Another thing that could be better has to do with rewards. I love the rewards. However, when I earn the time reward, I don’t always have the time to do it right then. For example, last night I won the hour reward. It would be nice to have a storage spot for those to be used when the player has the time to play. That was frustrating, because I lost an hour of “free play” time. I hope these are something that can be fixed soon.
This game is fun but it’s not
UnknownAnonymous… on 2021-04-20
Fun game, I like the story and the character makeover, but the puzzles are too challenging. The main point of the game is too makeover someone, but in order to get coins, u need to do puzzles, and the puzzles are even harder then games made for puzzles. You also only have 3 lives only, so if u don’t complete it, then u have to wait. It took me one day to complete lv 27( so low level and so hard) played the next few levels easily, and I’m stuck again. And in order to get like 5 more moves, u need to get gems, which are rare to get. And I don’t know if it tries to taunt me, but I swear every time I’m one move off and have to restart, and it drives me out of my mind! If ur gonna make the puzzles hard, purpose ur game on puzzles, because the players want to do makeovers, not puzzles that make their brain hurt.
this game is VERY flawed
Uuuuuuhhghghghbnb on 2021-04-20
i’m on level 53 and i can’t pass it. i’ve tried using powerups, used all my diamonds, and played it so many times. i don’t know who even plays this game past the third person without spending real money because it’s impossible to pass the levels and they only give you 300 coins each level while charging more than that for each task, such as “remove hat” and “wash hair”. if the levels weren’t impossible to pass then the game would be more interesting but they just keep getting harder and the game isn’t enjoyable anymore. i’m going to delete it. it’s clear the game makers don’t care to make an enjoyable game and only care about making money otherwise they wouldn’t make it so difficult to play without having to spend actual money. very very disappointing as i really enjoyed the game up until this point.
elisanyu on 2021-04-20
The game is very sweet and intriguing with one always wanting to play and go far. But it is instead VERY frustrating and demoralizing when you play like 15times just to pass a level,especially when you see you have just one obstacle to destroy but the game makes it very difficult to have your win. I’m at level 161 because I struggled ALOT as I really love the game. I’m in a place where I’m not able to buy gems online(Cameroon-Africa) which makes it all the more difficult. So please if you can try to make the levels more ACCESSIBLE, it’ll be a win-win situation for both we the players and you (I have people here who started the game but later on abandoned it as it was practically impossible for them to pass a level). Hope something changes because the game is really interesting.
Fun but :/
mxo89 on 2021-04-20
I admit that the game is fun when you see your projects before and after you finish. But you have to play like candy crush first to get your money and start your projects... The disappointing is not that, if not the fact that each level is impossible! With a very limited number of movements! What do you use to do a lot of power up if they don't help on many occasions? Most levels have only 20 or 30 movements, so you have to get 5 glasses that are below 3 fabric levels. Get 3 cameras and 50 kisses with 20 movements! I have often stayed at 1 move and I cannot go on because there is no way to continue playing without diamonds whose only way to get them in with real money. In conclusion: fun game but you need to spend real money to pass levels.

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