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Quora is a Q&A platform that empowers people to share and grow the world’s knowledge. People come to Quora to ask questions about any subject, read high quality knowledge that's personalized and relevant to them, and share their own knowledge with others. Quora is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world. * Ask a question and get helpful answers * Follow topics and browse quality content * Learn from credible people with first-hand knowledge * Answer questions and share your knowledge with the world Have questions, problems, or feedback? Visit

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Quora review
Maths+ on 2020-01-28
I have generally enjoyed reading Quora. The ancient history section is particularly interesting for me. Today I read an interesting piece on politics called the White Elephant in the Room which discussed how people in forum should take a breath and relax and show respect and truly read what colleagues are saying. He suggested people might actually change their opinion on certain matters. I remember when I would drive from my home in New York to Yale University, I would listen to an Evangelical channel. My colleague it’s whom I shared an office asked me why. I need to know what people of a very different opinion think The section on education is overly repetitive, and most of the questions could be answered by a simple google. Though there is a great deal of repetition in general, there are some interesting points and opinions. I don’t know if this site has an administrator (which it needs for the repetitive questions) or works by some algorithm. Anyway, no one is forced to respond to every question that might be one’s area. The atmosphere is relaxed and have not seen any disrespect or nastiness that are part of other forums.
User interface drives me crazy
seriousfarang on 2020-01-28
Lots of social media apps annoy me because I am reading something interesting, close the app for 5 minutes, open it again and the screen refreshes and often I cannot find the item again. Besides that issue, often when I’m trying to find where I left off in the comments of an answer, and I’m swiping my finger up in order to scroll to the end, I reach the bottom of the page (not the last comment, because I have not even expanded all the many comment “nests”—just the bottom of the comments visible so far) and inadvertently swipe the entire thread up and it disappears, never to be found again. Why are there no “expand all comments” buttons on many social media apps? Why does the same gesture (swiping up) both take me to the spot where I left off but also accidentally make the post I’m reading disappear? Why is it so hard to find things I started but did not finish reading (unless I had the chance to interact with it in some way, meaning it would show in my activity)? Am I the only person who finds these behaviors so frustrating? Every time there’s an update, I hope they have finally fixed these issues, but so far no luck.
Biased left-wing propaganda echo chamber & unusable website.
Michael Robert Dolgon on 2020-01-28
This app makes the website totally unusable. You are forced to download it, even if you do have an account and are logged in on the website, because there are pop ups that you cannot close that will only allow you to close the tab or download the app. I suppose it’s for the best anyway, this entire platform is a giant echo chamber/hugbox built for the #resistance conspiracy cat ladies and “Russian collusion” fan fiction writers of the world, who will fiercely downvote your post to oblivion lest you contribute anything resembling factual, cited information and burst their self-congratulatory bubble. If you are looking for a place to have your questions answered by self-appointed “experts” and other such dregs of the bottom 1/5th of the IQ range, where the idea of quality contributions are the same copy-pasted generic prattle or pseudo-intellectual bombastic answers from respondents attempting to appear like wisened, respected academics and *not* the unimpressive, 45+ year-old part-time retail managers living in their parents’ homes posing as “experts”, this is the place for you! If not, avoid at all costs.
Forced to be here
SirKayden on 2020-01-28
While I prefer reddit and the app (Apollo), I tend to google things and stumble on Quora once in a while. The mobile site is great. However I wanted to expand a comment and was forced to download the app to read the last two sentences. I would only use this app once or twice a month and hate taking up space just to read a comment. As with Yelp and Pinterest this forced app integration is annoying. I google something click a link read it and move on. Instead I google something click Quora, read half, force to download app, sign in, go back to google, click link , open in Quora, finish , delete app. Something that should have been so simple turned out to be painful and complicated and *80% of the time I just go to another source. I choose to use reddit browser or app I’m not forced to. The app itself is not bad. It’s just the premise behind it!
Annoying App-Email Problems.
Ghvskkfaxgnjtdvgadf on 2020-01-28
I am writing this here because I don’t know where else to put it. I get emails from this company with personalized articles that I may want to read every day. However, when I click on an article that I find interesting and begin to read, there is a screen that I am not able to pass that tells me to download this app. The problem with this is that when I click an article from my email it doesn’t take me straight to the app so I’m forced to read it on my browser but then when I read it on my browser it tells me to download the app which means that I lose the article forever. This is greatly frustrating to me and I have decided to deal with it no longer so I am not only deleting the app but unsubscribing from the email list. Thank you.
Too much crap
Aikido Lady on 2020-01-28
I enjoy Quora, but as it is a website, I prefer not to download the app so I save space on phone for apps I actually use. Now Quora designers in all their wisdom have decided that anyone without the app can’t view more than 10 stories before you are either forced to get the app or not read what you want. Well, that’s not going to work for me. You see, theres this little site called Reddit. It’s basically the same thing as Quora, but developers there aren’t trying to force me to get an app that takes up a surprisingly large amount of space on my phone! So goodbye, Quora. I have enough people making demands in my life and trying to limit my actions without taking it from you too.
Arkngthamz on 2020-01-28
Really shines how dedicated quora is to force feeding you unneccesary crap. First, they force you to log in so you can see other people's public opinion in order for them to generate traffic to their website. Now, they shove you this stupid app cause why not? You would think that the first one was inconvenient and unneccesary enough but wow, how they've outdone themselves! Great, amazing method quora has, strong-arming people to bring them in their ecosystem. 10/10 Would recommend to people who haven't even heard of it just for the sake of annoying them. Just like what big daddy quora wanted.
Shoved the app down your throat ~ makes it impossible for you to enjoy
neversinglenicknameistaken on 2020-01-28
1 star because I want to read a thing or two and like the content but your are way way way to persistent on trying to get the app. I am reading online yes on my phone. I don’t want the app. Stop making it impossible to just enjoy it online on my mobile. Makes me not want to use your platform at all. You literally force the app. Don’t allow me to continue on my mobile. Sometimes people don’t want to download the app for space purposes like myself who has none on there phone. Respect it. Change that throat shoving “download the app” tactic asap because I will certainly get fed up soon and go to reddit.
Great for reading
gatchipatchi on 2020-01-28
Not great for writing answers on an iPhone SE. I get stuck on a loop. Additionally when the app suggests topics for your question, some go past the screen and arent accesible because you cant scroll. Very valuable for research, especially for health and history related questions. I'm confused why the best rated answer isnt always at the top, but its usually at least second. UPDATE As i am writing this review i received an email telling me about an answer to my question i didnt realize i actually submitted. Confusing and frustrating, but at least it posted.
Stop forcing me
TXGamerTX on 2020-01-28
Yes I have the app, no i dont open it daily. But guess what- I will open it when I want. I do read my email daily. I receive Quora emails on subjects it thinks i want to read. Sure- I dont mind, click bait, whatever. But STOP forcing me to open the app while I’m reading the email you sent me! You wont let me read the content! Now im upset. I will not only delete the app, but unsubscribe from your emails for sure. Why not- your emails are only designed to lead me to the app. At least in my case, the intent completely backfired on you. Im sure im not the only one.

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