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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Easily tune in to local radio stations and to radio stations from all over the world, using a unique analog-like tuner. • Internet Connection Required Features: • Unique analog-like FM/AM tuner • Use remote control to seek stations • Supports multiple countries at the same time • Name of playing song when available • Favorite stations • Alarm clock • Sleep timer Subscription Details: • Subscribe to unlock all features for RadioApp Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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One of the best apps I have EVER used!
NathanBailey73 on 2020-10-24
I am an international studies major studying German and this has become one my best studying tools for international language exposure! Having the world’s radio at my fingertips has given me a feeling of belonging anywhere I want to listen to. The subscription is very economical and highly worth it if you pay for the whole year! I use this app for several hours a day and absolutely adore it!
Changes stations automatically
bato124 on 2020-10-24
Picking a station is in my opinion basic functionality and there’s a bug where one of my stations has changed to a different one with the same frequency and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve already said this to the developer they have said there’s nothing I can do about it (the solution they suggested lasted me a couple of days) so maybe this will encourage them to fix the app.
Great app!
WatAJok on 2020-10-24
The layout is great. Works flawlessly, especially in my area where most newer cars can’t pick up anything other than country stations. The battery drain is a little heavy, so keep a cord handy if listening for a long period time as I do.
I’m not a big fan and how there’s ads now before you start a station.
RedTony98 on 2020-10-24
Keep the banner ads but get rid of that, That’s really annoying that it plays an ad right before every station starts. Why did you introduce some thing like this this to begin with? It just completely ruined the seamless experience!
No stations available
Soulfulll on 2020-10-24
Not one of the very popular stations that I listen to in Birmingham, AL are available. Wanted to use this in preparation for a drive-in movie but if you don’t have popular stations available it’s already a bust.
trieelos on 2020-10-24
This app is terrible!!! I paid for the year subscription service and now my favorite channel just randomly doesn’t work yet it works on all the free radio apps?! Don’t pay for this it’s garbage
Uninstalled after just a few hours
Heavy business user on 2020-10-24
This app has a mind of it's own. It randomly started playing a radio station after I completely closed the app so it was not running in the background -- this happened twice.
Do crazy things
nomad_andy on 2020-10-24
From the last update to this time, the App turn on, when i even turn on the music or open the app. I have an iPhone 5s with ios 12. I really love the app, please fix this issue
"Station unavailable"
Cadie Bree on 2020-10-24
I loved this app so much, for about 4 days. For some reason the station I listen to was unavailable? Anyways I love this app but please fix the station unavailable part.
Station not available yet
Hervey4 on 2020-10-24
Got the app and the first station I wanted to listen to 740 AM give me the message ,”station not available yet” Does this mean it’s coming? If so when?

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