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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Easily tune in to local radio stations and to radio stations from all over the world, using a unique analog-like tuner. • Internet Connection Required Features: • Unique analog-like FM/AM tuner • Use remote control to seek stations • Supports multiple countries at the same time • Name of playing song when available • Favorite stations • Alarm clock • Sleep timer Subscription Details: • Subscribe to unlock all features for RadioApp Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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Needed a portable FM this failed
PrincessSlushy on 2020-09-20
My family and I were going to a Drive-In movie theater, where the audio required an FM radio. I downloaded the app in hopes to use this with a portable speaker. Unfortunately, I could not get the app to pick up the FM station that was broadcasting the movie. Wound up having to sit in the car instead of enjoying the beautiful evening weather.
Unable to use as tunner
wanting a good texting app on 2020-09-20
You can only listen to Pre-Selected and pre-programmed radio stations. Not actually useful as a tuner. What’s the point of advertising this app as a tuner where you can’t tune to any selected frequency. If I wanted pre-programmed stations I’d just download that app. Lame as the interface is so lovely.
Why no AM
Dj Breez-ee on 2020-09-20
I love the operating system. Feels right on point. The problem I had with the app is when I am either in Louisiana or Texas working I can’t listen to the AM stations I’m looking for. Update your channels and I will surely come back and also would even promote this app. Good Day.
010412 on 2020-09-20
I LOVE the edge-to-edge interface of this app. Please never change it to include chrome/bezels around. I also like the simple, dial-like interface. The haptic feedback is just perfect, and I love the details like the radio-like sounds when scrolling the station bar. Nice touches!
Not that great.
ssdddfghfxvbjkcddjkvcfdfsj on 2020-09-20
I chose this radio because it was simple but after a while it started not letting me connect to other stations. It wasn’t just where I was at but soon I could only listen to one station. When the music was on I liked the station but it was the only one I could access.
Kept randomly playing music
brendera14 on 2020-09-20
The app would just randomly start playing music. My phone was on the charger on do not disturb and it just started playing Christian music in the middle of the night. I don’t even listen to that station.Super weird. This happened multiple times. Uninstalled.
'Chabo on 2020-09-20
Expressed my issues with this app to developer and no change. Got premium but it’s still annoying with bunch of adverts.... idk but Radio Garden app is way better and its free.. Wasted my money on this....
Would be good but
gotfood on 2020-09-20
This would be a great app if it worked most station are unavailable even the popular ones. I thought it was because I had the fee version. But that was not it just a neat dial only a few stations
Wasted Money
PJ767 on 2020-09-20
I wanted this app to listen to an FM channel that is transmitted from local FM transmitter. It didn’t work not even a little bit. I wasted my money on this app.
zngghihfeguihdeghugfswdhu on 2020-09-20
Listen to regular radio I don’t have too pay a subscription to listen to quality music ! The during the free trial the station is unavailable ....

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