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May, 2020


May, 2020



Wander into wonder with Randonautica, the official app of the Randonauts. Randonautica takes you on a journey of true randomness. The adventure is yours to have and the legend will be yours to tell. Welcome, future Randonauts! This app provides you with totally random coordinates within a set radius. You can then choose if you’d like to adventure to the point. It’s been said by the Randonaut community that breaking out of what’s called your “probability-tunnel” can bring about meaningful experiences and provide great fun while journeying into the world around you. 

Just getting started? Here are some of the features of using the app: - The app uses both a pseudo and quantum entropy sources for randomization - The app provides a set of coordinates that can be opened in a map to navigate to or the user can digitally explore the coordinates - The app allows the user to submit a trip report and share to social media

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Worth Your Time
Alex_theLion214 on 2020-06-05
If you are new to randonauting I suggest you check out the official subreddit and do your research on the terms used and what the act of randonauting is. With that being said, I’ve personally found the app to work great with most of my experiences! It’s nice to get out and explore and find interesting things that you most likely never would’ve found otherwise. You can also leave a review of your trip inside the app if you wish. However, there are times where the point generated will not be accessible, (e.g. point generated is inside private property or app will tell you there were no points generated), but you have to keep in mind that these are randomly generated numbers and will not work 100% of the time. Whenever this happens it’s easy to just regenerate a new location. I highly recommend to all who are looking for ways to walk between reality to start here.
SO. FRICKING. COOL. perfect for urbex!
dreamistar on 2020-06-05
First of all, kudos to the SMALL team of VOLUNTEERS who have worked super hard to expand their server to over 300k people in only THREE DAYS!!!!!!!! Second, this is SO interesting. i've never considered myself as a super spiritual person, but i am really interested in the universe/vibrations/intentions/etc. and i LOVE urban exploring and hiking but i quickly ran out of places to go in a very big city. but with this, my boyfriend and i have limitless places to go (with caution of course!!!). on our second try, it brough us to an ACTUAL SWAMP in central ohio!!!! i had no idea swamps could even exist in ohio, let alone in the middle of a city! absolutely crazy to me, i love this app SO MUCH, and thank you for all of the hard work to let us enjoy it!
It’s not a “scary” app!!
guccinitortellini on 2020-06-05
I love the idea behind this app! It’s good for what it is currently, there are a few bugs but nothing major. I’m sure they’ll continue improve it, being that the app suddenly went viral. Give them a chance! Just a heads up, a lot of people on social media are using this app and saying they’re getting lead to creepy or negative places and making a ~thing~ of it. If you already have that idea in your head and then use the app, there’s a good chance you’ll subconsciously lead yourself to negative and scary places! Relax! Have fun with it! Think of love and light, ask for positive signs! There’s enough bad going on in the world right now, why would you purposefully look for more?
karli_kl on 2020-06-05
SOOO i hear a lot of people saying it’s a bad app because it doesn’t work, this app just recently became very very popular! MILLIONS of people are downloading it & MILLIONS of people are playing it everyday. It’s going to buffer & be slow at the moment. The app wasn’t made that long ago. People need time to analyze how to app will work when it’s LOADED with people wanting to play 24/7. Give them some time to fix the app. My friend has an android & i have an iphone. His phone will work 24/7 & super fast, but mine buffers & wont work unless it’s past 9:30-10:00 pm. It’s super fun, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL & DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE PLAYING. happy randonating!!!
Well worth it
A1A12345654321 on 2020-06-05
I know a lot of people have been giving this app negative ratings due to it crashing, but thats because this app has had half a million downloads in a short amount of time (because of great recommendations!!). The owners of this app is a smaller company, so they’re working on everything they can do to catch up. Don’t let these negative reviews deter you from downloading it. It’s actually really interesting, and its great entertainment for quarantine. I’ve really enjoyed it, and I know others that have too... if you don’t believe me just check out the tiktoks under #randonaut and see for yourself!!
what an experience !!!
jas22202 on 2020-06-05
this app is amazing bruh.... i went randonauting with a friend today (social distancing ofc ofc) today, and the coordinates took us to an old cemetery in my town our intention was to see purple lilacs and a yellow animal...... and at the cemetary there was a purple lilac bush and yellow bees so cool and such a fun journey to take. definitely opened my eyes to parts of the world i never would have thought about. i seriously recommend going randonauting, especially if you're a spiritual person, or even if you just want to break habits and go somewhere new! i can't wait to go again!!!
It’s ok
Piggiechow on 2020-06-05
I mean, it does what it’s supposed to. But don’t expect any crazy, whacky experiences. I can only assume that the best way to use this app is to use it in an area that you’ve never been to before. I used my area as my location and honestly, it’s not all that exciting because I recognize all of the places it would want me to go. I must’ve generated at least 50 points and at least 70% of them were in the street. A few were areas I can’t even get to. Like I said, to get the most out of this app, you most likely should use it if you’re traveling and won’t expect the places you’re going to.
momo24601 on 2020-06-05
I just discovered this app, and so far it has been both a fun and amazing experience for me and my friends and family. Not only does it give us the chance to get outside and do something beyond our “normal” routine, but it’s also been something exciting and fun that we would never have tried if not for being quarantined and so forth. So thank you to the team & developers who came up with this fun and exciting idea to get us adults and our kiddos outside, eager to explore—I’m telling everyone I know about this app, thank you for making me feel like a kid again!
I thought this was a joke
skitzoshorty on 2020-06-05
I kid you not I found out about the app on tiktok and thought it was clickbait. I messed around with it and nothing too crazy happened. Until I was taken to a location that was my great grandmothers actual grave. I had the intention of finding something forgotten. It works. I literally did not believe this was real until my 3rd time going randonauting. If it doesn’t work for you, try having a clear intention on what you want to find. Also, the subreddit r/randonauts has great examples of just how real it is.
sw5421 on 2020-06-05
Guys this app is so scary. The first time me and my friends have ever used it it gave us coordinates in the middle of a lake that my friend lives right near, so we decided why not take the kayaks out and see what’s up with it. So my friends and I kayak out to the spot in the middle of this weird lake and realized the point it gave us was the exact spot a woman was murdered on a boat and dumped into the lake last year. This app is super creepy and I was so freaked out. Do not buy it.

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