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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Are you ready to experience a unique car driving gameplay? Start with your SUV and unlock new vehicles as you progress through the game, playing different and unique levels. Drive your favorite vehicles, and navigate your way around new challenging environments. We welcome all racing car game fans to experience this new driving game! Real Drive 3D is the best car simulation game of 2021 which will give you a unique arcade experience. Become a pro driver and master your parking skills in this new classic car simulator! Use your extreme stunt sports ability to navigate your way through a virtual multi-story environment. Start with a 4x4, be it a Prado or an SUV, and get the ultimate driving school experience! Learn to park with a manual gear shift. Make sure not to crash or burnout - drive safely especially when you are driving offroad. Fasten your seat belt and unleash your inner racer by taking control of extreme vehicles in this parking mania. Challenge yourself with the rooftop levels or have fun in amusing virtual environments. Parking from one level to another has never been so much fun! The game features a wide selection of cars. Get ready to show your driving skills in this feature-packed parking jam with multiple sedans, pickup trucks, muscle cars, some 4x4s, and – to top it off – many speedy supercars! GAME FEATURES - Modern hyper-casual controls: Easy one-finger control for a new and unique experience - Addictive controls: Hold to drive, release to brake - Portrait mode: For single-handed gameplay - Vehicles include: Truck, Jeep, SUV, off-road vehicles, hypercars, and an exclusive sports car

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It’s fun, but battery draining.
TieLuna on 2021-03-03
I don’t normally write reviews, so you must of done something to get me to write one. This is a lot of fun, it really is. As I’m writing this, I’m on level 35. And I only really have, maybe, three complaints? First one being how much it drains my battery life. I went from 90 to about in the 20s-30s within the matter of minutes of playing. I know it’s not my battery since I can run multiple of apps and it not go that far down like it did while playing. (And yes, it was the only app open.) Second - I personally love how many ads that pop up, since it’s not like you get one after every level. It’s like, after every few? I haven’t really counted. But I hate that I have to wait a good few seconds to collect my coins and then wait for the “new car” thing to go away so I can play my next level, which segways into my next topic. Third - The new car mechanic. I know y’all are looking for money and stuff, but I wish we could spend our coins on the new cars that get shown instead of having to watch ads for them. I mean, you could make it two options, and do like some other apps do and make it a raffle type thing. Spend so many amount of coins to participate in a random thing to unlock a car and add a feature to get more coins or roll again by watching ads. I hope this all makes sense, and if I have any further complaints I’ll come back. Oh, and I would love for there being a change in speed. I’m not taking credit for this idea as someone else said it, but I would still love the feature if we could have it.
dbsisk2005 on 2021-03-03
I don’t know what happened, but I’m on level 112 and I can’t even keep playing because the car just falls through the floor. It doesn’t even land on ground or anything and then I can’t move. Also a few levels before when I went on top of things to get to the finish line, I wasn’t able to see where I was going and I could only see the top, the ceiling I guess, and it was all gray. I didn’t know where I was going.
Doesn’t function right, too many ads
RyanS0780 on 2021-03-03
You get an ad after every level which is super annoying. I understand here and there but you spend more time watching ads than playing. Also, at the end of each round it gives you the option for extra coins or extra vehicles by watching an ad and every time it says no ad available and you lose the extra offerings. Nothing but a bait and switch game to make you buy things to play.
VII-Astro on 2021-03-03
I see why this game has a low review. There are a lot of ads too many if you ask me and I have to watch a video just to get a car or truck in the game. The only thing I like about the game is how the physics of the car feel. I don’t want to put a lot of effort in writing this review because when you play the game it’s self explanatory on why this has a low rating.
great app a lot of glitches though
Need more space!! on 2021-03-03
i really like this app but its sooo glitchy like i will finish a level then the screen turns black and my phone never glitches my phones storage also is not even half way full so for this app i give it a 4 good app but really glitchy and i dont know what the problem is with it cuz theres nothing wrong with my phone
Fun but it Repeats...
3819471 on 2021-03-03
The game after like, 75 or so levels it starts to repeat. I am on level 225 but I’m literally doing stoping and going then the level is over.. But it is a lot of fun to play, you really do feel like you are driving the car. I was quite addicted to this game until it started to repeat
Repeats levels after a few
Jagsgauzba on 2021-03-03
This game tells you they will get a lot of your information from your phone for playing it and afterwards after playing & passing about 30 levels then it just all repeats the same courses all over again while the “levels” keep going up even tho it’s all the same levels as before
Awesome game just one thing
jifenhuoehuhggnhu9dn on 2021-03-03
I love the game. There is just one thing. I’m one level 44 and in the end if you take a turn right without crossing the finish line there are no boundaries and you can explore the whole area of that level. And you don’t lose the level or lives. Your free to explore.
it’s gets annoying as you progress
Aadi gamer 121 on 2021-03-03
after each round you have to watch an ad, and after that it says you have a “free car available” that takes its own time even if you don’t want to watch the ad. basically it gets to the point where there are more ads than play time.
Two things
pls more cars and no hackers on 2021-03-03
Uhm so it’s pretty great but i got hacked and need more cars pls.One time i was playing this and i couldn’t move then another person joined me and they said they were a hacker then it kicked me out and had a smiley face!!

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