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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



59 unique high quality and effective Hog Calls right in your pocket. You can play them individually. The real Hog calls app provides you REAL Hog hunting calls at your fingertips. These Hog calls are clear, crisp and recorded from REAL Hog. 59 unique Hog calls included. Connect the app to your speaker and amplifier system to play the Hog hunting calls loud. Bluetooth Compatible. Included Calls: Wild Hog Distress Hog Grunts 1 Hog Grunts 2 Begging Hogs Young Hog Distress Hog Feeding Frenzy Hog Fight 01 wild hog Sound 1.mp3 02 wild hog Sound 2.mp3 03 wild hog Sound 3.mp3 04 wild hog Sound 4.mp3 05 wild hog Sound 5.mp3 06 wild hog Sound 6.mp3 07 wild hog Sound 7.mp3 08 wild hog Sound 8.mp3 Abrupt Breathy Snorts.mp3 Abrupt Grunts.mp3 Baby Piglet .mp3 Female,Grunts,Squeals,Agitated,Choppy.mp3 Female,Grunts,Squeals,Tiny,Stacatto.mp3 Grunt deep.mp3 Grunt to Scream,Peak,Terror.mp3 Grunt,Low,Soft.mp3 Grunt,Scream,Approach.mp3 Grunt,Squeal,Chatter,Snort,Settle Down.mp3 Grunt,Squeal,Choppy,Tense.mp3 Grunt,Squeal,Choppy.mp3 Grunt,Squeal,Tiny,Hyperventilate.mp3 Grunt,Squeal,Tiny,Small.mp3 Grunt,Squeal,Undecided.mp3 Guttural Grunts Crowing Fowl.mp3 hog.mp3 Large,Grunt,Chuff.mp3 Large,Grunts,Breathless.mp3 Large,Grunts,Chomp.mp3 Large,Grunts,Explore.mp3 Large,Grunts,Fast,Die.mp3 Large,Grunts,Mouth.mp3 Large,Grunts,Oink.mp3 Large,Grunts,Rapid.mp3 Large,Grunts,Rich.mp3 Large,Grunts,Swallow.mp3 Male Grunts Deep.mp3 Male,Grunt,Low,Indifferent.mp3 Male,Grunt,Squeal,Snort.mp3 Male,Grunt,Squeals,Tiny,Chatter.mp3 Male,Grunt,Throaty,Groan,Disinterested.mp3 Male,Grunt.mp3 Pig-sound.mp3 Sound Effect - Pig Squealing.wav animal_sounds_04-pig.mp3 Javelina Huffing.mp3 andrpig.wav Javelinas Feeding.mp3 Baby Cow Calf.mp3 Pig Crying.wav pig.wav pig2.mp3 Pig02.wav Pig 2.mp3 pig7.wav Squealing and Oinking.wav Wild Hog Distress.mp3 Pig.mp3 Piglets.mp3 woodpig.wav

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