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Apr, 2021


Apr, 2021



Can you stop the Insurgency? From the creator of Plague Inc. comes a unique and deeply engaging political/military strategic simulation. The war is ‘over’ - but we all know that doesn’t mean anything. To stabilise the country, you need to balance military and civilian priorities to win the hearts and minds of the people, whilst also stopping insurgents from seizing power! Rebel Inc. is the brand new game from the creator of ‘Plague Inc.’ - one of the most popular paid games ever with over 130 million players. Brilliantly executed with beautiful graphics and critically acclaimed gameplay - Rebel Inc. offers a deeply engaging, strategic challenge inspired by the complexities and consequences of modern counter insurgency. ◈◈◈ #1 top paid game globally ◈◈◈ ▶ “Rebel Inc. lets everyone wrestle with the messy challenges of post-conflict recovery and better understand the complex realities of building peace.” - World Bank Global Lead for Stability, Peace and Security ▶ "Highly rewarding spiritual sequel to one of the App Store's biggest hits." - Pocket Tactics ▶ "Surprisingly sophisticated... even better than some of the stabilization training software I have seen in government use" - PAXsims ▶ "Rebel Inc. is fascinating and fun" - ▶ "Another great game and a worthy successor to Plague Inc" - App Store review ▶ "If you love strategy games then this is the game for you" - App Store review ▶ "Brilliant game, the gameplay is interesting and the strategy is intuitive!" - App Store review ▶ "Unlike anything I’ve played on here before" - App Store review ◈◈◈ Features: ● Stabilise 7 richly modeled regions ● Innovative representation of counter insurgency tactics ● Fund realistic initiatives to empower the local government ● Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world based on extensive research ● Intelligent strategic and tactical AI ● Sophisticated narrative algorithms shaped by your decisions ● 8 unique governors with radically different abilities ● Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system ● Full Save/Load functionality ● Internet connectivity not required An important note: Although a fictional game, Rebel Inc. looks at important real world issues and we have made every effort to deal with them sensitively. The game has been extensively researched and has been developed in cooperation with leading regional politicians, business people and journalists as well as international charities, experts and governments. Rebel Inc. is now fully localised in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Russian. Special sale price to celebrate the launch of the game! ◈◈◈ I’ve got lots of plans for updates! Get in touch and let me know what you want to see. James (the designer) Contact me here: Follow me on Twitter:

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A cool concept with poor execution.
UpperCaseC on 2021-05-13
I’ve been of fan of this developer since Plague Inc. When I heard they were making a new game using similar game mechanics about rooting out an insurgency, I though it sounded like a great idea. And it does. Sadly, this game is just way too difficult to enjoy. I consistently find myself pinning the insurgents in a corner of the map, yet I’ll still be hemorrhaging support from the locals because of “low stability.” I understand that the point is to take your time and stabilize regions overtime, but I feel like if you have successfully got the insurgents stuck in a corner with their back against the wall, your support should receive some sort of buff or at least marginal increase with regards to how good the military is keeping the insurgents at bay. For this reason, I’m unfortunately going to have to delete Rebel Inc. I’d still recommend Plague Inc. That game is very well balanced yet still challenging.
Good but hard
chezz gamer on 2021-05-13
It is so hard my eyeballs get so confused that they get sucked from my eyeballs and it feels so hard that the sun might explode if it played this game and my single brain cell can’t understand what is going on like in the 2nd thing like what the dirt is inflammation like is that like some economy crap I cannot even get past the 2nd thing like what the dirt it so hard my legs have melted right then and there like can you imagine and yes I am writing these things with thought NOT JUST SPAMMING LIKE A MADMAN but anyways I need to try again nice talk bye
Nice Game!
coolguy8166 on 2021-05-13
Before this came out, I used to play Plague. Inc. (Really liked that game too, it was fun infecting others) Anyways, Rebel Inc was fun! You would have to stop from getting corruption and something else (I forgot what it was called) and upgrade to get soldiers to battle against insurgents. One of the tabs (think it was region) opened by itself every once in a while but everything else was fine.
My thoughts on this great game
The killr177 on 2021-05-13
So this game great game the price of the game is balanced insurgence little OP I love just ordering around soldiers and building garrisons but one time when I was going to get on it and then my game just started crashing every time I got on the game great game but please fix this I really wanna play this game some more
Ppouo on 2021-05-13
I bought the cheats, I’d like to use the cheats. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care about the complexity and challenge. I want something to lose myself in from time to time and win...everytime. That’s it. The cheats make it more fun...and i PAYED YOU ALREADY for them. Enable it for the rest of the game.
Binary Banana on 2021-05-13
Really good game. I think most people who give it bad reviews don’t understand how insurgents work. You aren’t supposed to destroy the insurgents early game, just force them out of urban and rural zones. Later when you have a large enough military you can march in and surround them.
哈關 on 2021-05-13
The stages in the Brutal play is unreasonable and unreal. Somehow, the situation is crazier than the reality. Did the “digital people” in the game really have their need? There is still a huge space for the improvements of the game balance.
Repetitive and Broken
Jekglirjgdnskorpejsnnd on 2021-05-13
Currently clearing mega brutal on all maps. There is a set strategy that works most of the time, leaving very little room for fun gameplay. Insurgents actually broken, it is possible to lose with maximum upgrades.
Favorite Game
always movin on 2021-05-13
This is one of my favorite mobile games ever, I have lots of fun playing and enjoy the challenge. My only problem is that I cannot play the newly added map, other than that I have nothing bad to say about the game
Nerf Insurgence
justarevirwer123321 on 2021-05-13
Absolutely addictive game but insurgence needs to be toned down. Spending the whole game trying to control them and end up losing; hard to put down and end up traveling past my coalition forces.

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