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Nov, 2021


Nov, 2021



Rec Room - Join the Club Rec Room is the best place to build and play games together. Party up with friends from all around the world to chat, hang out, explore MILLIONS of player-created rooms, or build something new and amazing to share with us all. Rec Room is free, and cross plays on everything from phones to VR headsets. It’s the social app you play like a video game! - Customize and dress up your cute Rec Room avatar to express your style - Discover challenging, fun or straight up weird games made by creators just like you - Try your skill with the Maker Pen, the tool used by Rec Room creators to design and build everything from puppies to helicopters to entire worlds! - Join the best community - Rec Room is a fun and welcoming place for people from all walks of life! Let us help you find people you’ll LOVE to hang out with. Come and join the club! Rec Room is compatible with iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR; iPad (2017, 2018), iPad Air 2 and iPad Air (2018); iPad Mini (2019); iPad Pro; iPod Touch (2019) Rec Room DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPod Touch (2015); iPad Air (2013); iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4

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Good game!
DaSuSyBakApOtAtO on 2021-12-06
I really like this game and when I first got it I played it nonstop and I have been playing it for a couple of weeks and it is already really fun for me and if u enjoy it I do to if u hate red room and download it and did not delete this app then delete it because the creator worked hard on rec room and I can tell by the details of the game and put all of his/her effort in the game and if u don’t care about that then delete the app and if u like the app I do to(like I said befor) and we can play together and we can play enything in rec room and it’s going to be fun.If u liked this comment ty because it’s a great game!
Lamb boat on 2021-12-06
ok thanks for letting me know i is doing well and i will be there in about the church and i will be there in about the church and i will be there in about the church and i will be there at all around noon and then will be there in about the church and then i and then i will be there for church for a while thank y’all so so sweet and i for you and i will be there soon as we are praying still love you so very nice 👍🏼 you are doing great 👍🏼 and hugs 🫂 love 💕 i and thank goodness 😅 i and your sister in your life love 💕 hugs 🫂 thank goodness 😅 love 💕 i will 😍🥰🥰😛🙂😞🙃😟😛🤩😇☹️😇🤩🙂
Amazing game but…
Jshdhgdnd on 2021-12-06
Ok so I really love this game, it’s definitely one of my favorite games to play, however I feel as though the controls are not very well balanced, so playing on mobile I love how easy it is to make stuff with the maker pen but the movement on mobile is really clunky, but then on things like PS4 movement is very easy but creating objects with the maker pen is near impossible, and I know that’s something the really can’t be helped but I think the mobile controls do still need a little optimization. However overall 10/10 one of my favorite games to play
CarrieRosiePosie on 2021-12-06
I love the game raccoon it’s so funny you can teleport anywhere you can even see unicorns you can even play paintball laser tag or catch the flag this game is so much fun I love it I only don’t like about this game that when you download it it says microphone access but I just clicked on aloud so I just love this game yay love this game so so so much this rec room game is so cool and I Love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is just so cool and so much fun!!! And I just think you should download it I think you’ll love this for boys and girls.
Good But I think This should be Added For Jr. Accounts
Maxxspeed131 on 2021-12-06
So I’m a junior account My name is Ezra I really like trains And I Have two Accounts One on my nana’s VR And one on my tablet. But I Don’t like When Someone kills me when I’m innocent in prison Life I want to Tell them that I was innocent But I’m a Jr. So I can’t :( But that doesn’t stop me from playing! I Think you should Update Rec room So Jr. Accounts Can voice chat with Each Other And Censor Bad words And only Jr. accounts Can Talk With Each other I would Really like it Pls do it!
Great, but need a lot of fixes
Mistervets on 2021-12-06
Rec room is great for VR and Phone, but there is some cons. 1. If your VR dies and you didn’t save the room, the room gets corrupted a bit and it doesn’t save correctly. This happened to me. I was on my phone going to my dorm. Then everything was a bit sideways. 2. When restoring rooms, make it less confusing, because if you pick a random restored room, it’s probably gonna be a empty room or a wrong save. And that’s it.
3ur on 2021-12-06
Bro like I can’t even invite my friend It says older version my friend tried to updated and the game was already updated like everything is working fine but the thing it says older version can’t invite my friend I need help I need help to get my friend to play with me in rec room this is bugged we tried everything it won’t work please reply developer
84!:6!::86:)§?¿:;\683 on 2021-12-06
Hi when rec room started you guy’s added cool stuff but we all want back the gif camera YouTubers are talking about it to please add it back and one thing I saw the COACHES ACOUNT WAS HACKED AGAIN and I saw the FORBIDDEN ONE please figure out who’s the hacker and remove the forbidden one my account name is Mrgloydgame.
Can't actually use token you earn
icyshawti on 2021-12-06
Games are laggy and barely work on the phone, which isn't all that bad but the tokens you earn from actual gameplay are useless unless you pay money for a plus account. It's a trash system imo just posting as a heads-up so you don't save up tokens you actually earned for an item you won't be able to purchase anyway.
Budd0811 on 2021-12-06
So I just got this game called rec room so I wanted to check this game out cause my friend was playing it and she told me to play it too so I went on the game and my game gave me a mic to chat to people so yeah and you should also play rec room cuz it’s sooooooooooooooooo much fun TRY IT TRY IT NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

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