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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Rec Room - Join the Club Rec Room is the best place to build and play games together. Party up with friends from all around the world to chat, hang out, explore MILLIONS of player-created rooms, or build something new and amazing to share with us all. Rec Room is free, and cross plays on everything from phones to VR headsets. It’s the social app you play like a video game! - Customize and dress up your cute Rec Room avatar to express your style - Discover challenging, fun or straight up weird games made by creators just like you - Try your skill with the Maker Pen, the tool used by Rec Room creators to design and build everything from puppies to helicopters to entire worlds! - Join the best community - Rec Room is a fun and welcoming place for people from all walks of life! Let us help you find people you’ll LOVE to hang out with. Come and join the club! Rec Room is compatible with iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR; iPad (2017, 2018), iPad Air 2 and iPad Air (2018); iPad Mini (2019); iPad Pro; iPod Touch (2019) Rec Room DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPod Touch (2015); iPad Air (2013); iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4

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It’s a really good game!
Blue_Wolf1758 on 2022-07-01
Rec room is a really good game and I would recommend people to buy it but when I’m playing mobile it tends to crash sometimes and it’s kind of annoying when your playing Rec Royals solo and you crash. Otherwise I think it’s a amazing game! Also I think it would be really cool if you were able to choose your front hair and back hair so the whole hair would be in your style! But the thing is that people are cursing, being racist, and being sexual and itsss really uncomfortable…. I was playing dodgeball and this dude how sounded like he was in his 50s started calling me a wh*re and saying inappropriate stuff and cursing a lot at people…also there are a lot of little kids making adult accounts so they can talk to people I was hanging out with someone named deadshotvr and he kept saying I was so pretty and cute it kind of made me uncomfortable so I said that I have a boyfriend anddd he said that I was a b*tch and a cheater because I was apparently “dating him” and he asked how old I was and because of the way he was acting I was sure it was a little kid anddd turns out he was fricking five years old!! So I think it’s a really good game but there are some things that could be fixed…
Best game ever download it on 2022-07-01
This is the best game I could ever download I’m here to support rec room thick and thin but there’s one slight little problem it keeps saying I have voice chat on but I can’t hear anyone and I don’t think anyone can hear me which is actually really weird but I just ignore it but that it’s a really good game I really suggest getting it it’s the most funnest game you could ever get you could get it on Xbox I think PS five I know you can get a oculus a mobile phone any color mobile device to really cool because I’ve always one oculus I can finally play a VR game through my mobile device which is really cool so I would suggest getting this game it’s really good
Never give up keep trying!
NGUKP on 2022-07-01
Im here also to support rec room i know some people at school or in your class might say “ I cant believe you don’t play roblox” and i know how that feels last year everyone in my class had a sibling snd played roblox and i felt left out but when i started rec room i said “ i don’t care if people play roblox, i play rec room, im unique and im proud to be unique.” So I’m dont being rude to the developers or people who play roblox, im just saying that some people dont like roblox and thats ok it’s their opinion on what they think. NGUKP NEVER GIVE UP KEEP TRYING!!!! From: NGUKP-NEVER GIVE UP KEEP TRYING
Game Changer.
Mandxla. on 2022-07-01
This game changed my expectations of games forever. This game included everything I wanted such as fun games, creating games, making friends, and just having fun in general. Most of the people are funny and kind (in a way hehe) and its an amazing game. This game definitely exceeded my expectations and lead me to make a bunch of friends. I also the amazing cross-play with almost all gaming platforms, one thing I ask is to add it to switch since it would help your game a lot. This game is better than roblox for sure and I hope to keep playing for a very long time.
nobody who? on 2022-07-01
So I was playing a game, mixing my own business, and I decided to say hello to one person, and this other person comes up and tells me”EWWWWW YOU ARE UDER-AGED” and then they reported me saying that I was under-aged and should have a junior account, even though I barely chatted and never even said anything rude or threatening to them, and the same thing happend twice, so then when I got into rec room, I saw that I was switched to a junior account, even though my username was not inappropriate or anything, so overall, I think this game gets a one star👎🏻
Rec room the best
landero gomez on 2022-07-01
Rec room is my favorite game and I joined on October the game is better than Roblox keep the good work rec room this game is better than all games can you also add like a hotel in rec room when you join the game you spawn in the hotel they give you your ticket of your dorm room and you go to the elevator type the first number of your ticket in elevator it we’ll take you your dorm room it would be awesome but your stell awesome with your updateds your better than Roblox keep up the good work rec room and have a great rec day.
HONEST REVIEW @shadysalamander
Abidia on 2022-07-01
Hey, so this is my completely honest opinion of Rec Room,So my friends told me recroom was fun so I downloaded it and I found it fun and addictive but whenever I enter a server AKA a game on Rec Room it keeps sending me back to my iPad's Home Screen!!! At first I thought it was a glitch so I reloaded the screen and kept playing but then it kept happening again until it stoped for like 5 hours or something and every-time I play with my friends it happens it’s so annoying plz fix this. Thanks for reading , @shadysalamander
The Internet
Tanibabyy49 on 2022-07-01
Now don’t get me wrong rec room is a very fun game and I would recommend but there is just one slight problem. When I tried to log in it said “failed to connect to rec net”. And I was confused but I kept trying over and over again,I tried looking it up or turning my phone on and off but it just won’t budge. And get this I’ve been playing with my friends on this game and nothing like this never happened. My internet has full bars so I don’t know what the problem is. I would like this to get fixed.
good game but has alot of gliches
yqyqyqyqyqyqyqyyqyyqyqyqyyqy on 2022-07-01
so about this game i really love it and so much games you can play on here but the problem is that every time i try to go into the game it always says sorry we cannot reconnect even tho my wifi works and after a few days later it says i have to update it so i press the button and IT SAYS I DONT HAVE TO UPDATE IT so i turn my ipad all the way down then i go back to rec room and it still says I NEED TO UPDATE IT EVEN THO I DONT so can yall please help me or what i need do to anyway bye<3
god tier game
Deacon Slemp on 2022-07-01
other games like this lime roblox or vrchat have nothing on rec room. the character customization is the only part where its lacking, due to its lack of community, but theyre improving on it. its very easy for players who are new to making games in rec room to learn to and make games. you can make simple games with no circuits (this games version of coding, its way easier) or make a more complex game with interact able objects. honestly i could ramble on and on

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