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May, 2020


May, 2020



Play with just one finger. Connect all the plugs to a matching socket. But, as in real life, it isn't as easy as it sounds! Puzzle game with one finger control. Easy to play, hard to master.

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Make it better
Water1095 on 2020-06-05
Ok I thought that the game would get, ( I beat the first one hundred level in one day ) but it is way to easy I NEED A CHALLENGE. Here are some of my complaints, ads, more ads, and why do you need to charge a chest, and why are you repeating levels that proves laziness, and more ads, and why do we have to kill rats not all rats will eat cords, and we can move papers so why can’t we move the papers with are hands people aren’t that lazy, and worst of all even more ads, like how many ads does one game need. So if anyone who is reading this and wants a challenge this is not a good puzzle game. AND MORE ADS. And why does the phone stop charging if the rat just sees it that makes no sense and remove at least half of the ads because this is like a ad simulator, so makers please at least read this (witch probably will not happen so this is just gonna be one of those things they just ignore so why do I even bother writing this. So I will delete this annoying, ad filled, rat killing game.
Ads Galore
Leocastro71 on 2020-06-05
I honestly had an interest in playing this game. I liked the concept of it but literally after every single level it is just ad after ad after ad. Look I get it, the developers need to make money off of their free app and to do that they need to have some ads but when you are spending 5 seconds beating a level and 15 seconds watching an ad it’s a bit much. I uninstalled the game ASAP because it’s not worth the time. You will hardly get any game time out of this app. If I could give it no stars I would but 1 star will have to do.
Constant ads
ICT SuperNebula on 2020-06-05
I love this game and it is super fun and addicting but there is only one issue. There is constantly ads popping up that I can’t skip and it is interrupting the fact that I can’t even play. Legit every time I beat a level which takes like 2-4 seconds right after I claim the coins you wanna know what happens? I get an ad that lasts about 20 seconds and it really makes me mad because I can’t play the dang game. Like why make a game when legit all you do is watch ads. The ads are more consistent than the game itself.
i downloaded when this had 1 review.
zoie on 2020-06-05
About a month ago i was going deep into the app store games and found this game. all you did was drag a cable to an outlet. at the time the game only had 1 review. the game was so bad that after 15 level they started repeating. not to mention the levels were so easy that it was impossible to fail. there was also so many advertisements! I deleted the game and hoped to never see it again. Now all of a sudden i look on the top free games and it’s #1. how did this mindless game get so popular?!?!
vbsbvihfsfs on 2020-06-05
1. PLZ why is there so much ads??? What money is ur life? Explain ur selfs 2. WHI DO U THINK U ARE MAKING THE EASIEST GAME ON EARTH AND TELL US OH ARE U TIRED OF ADS THEN BUY PREMUM. 3. Tell me y is it just me or everyone that know how to charge a phone? 4. WHY ARE U REPEATING THE LEVELS EVERY SINGLE TIME?? GET UR LAZY BUTT UP AND DO SOMETHING FOR ONCE 5. (Game ads) HARDER THAN U THINK. Us that is the easiest thing on planet earth to do. 6. This game is boring “harder than u think”
Level 107 in one day
reaper on 2020-06-05
Ok so I like the game a lot but it’s just a little bit to easy I mean I probably shouldn’t just go expert gamer on it but still yeah good game bit to easy. Still good game I’m sure there was lots of effort put into the game and I don’t know anything about game development and I sure it’s hard to make a game so I say good job I probably won’t be able to make a game or be a game dev but I want to sry this review was dragged out I just wanted to say it’s a good fun game to play.
Not at all challenging and TOO MANY ADS.
kailzkid on 2020-06-05
This game could have been fun if it was in any way challenging. I have yet to come across a level that takes more than 5-10 seconds to complete and there is an ad after EVERY SINGLE level, even one that I literally completed in 1 move, less than 3 seconds. It might have been a mindless game to enjoy without having to think too hard, but the constant ads are sooooo annoying it ruins any enjoyment you might have gotten from the game.
This game is trash
Geisjsdj on 2020-06-05
some of the levels the cord is literally too short to even actually beat the stupid levels making it almost unplayable and it has the same problem with ads as most other games of the same type just stupid games that are super simple to play through littered with ads of other games made by the same and or similarly stupid companies that spew this garbage out for days two bug thumbs down
0130084 on 2020-06-05
I think it is stupid that we can’t get the gifts/awards without watching and ad I think if we earned the award we shouldn’t need to watch something for it we should just get it. It’s annoying that I can’t get what I want (the gift and awards) because the ads won’t play. I hope they will make a change to this game and if they don’t I will not recommend this game to anyone
Good Game But Way to Many Ads
Will's Pi**ed off on 2020-06-05
This game is great but the ads are the most annoying thing I’ve expireneced. When I was playing, I at least got an ad ever single time I completed a level and some of these levels are so easy that a todler could easily figure out. So basically it’s finishing a level in 10 seconds, then an ad that last another 10 seconds and repeat that every single time........

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