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Sep, 2020



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Can’t create subs anymore
StarSuperSaiyan on 2020-10-26
People who say you can’t create subs on mobile are idiots. There is literally an option in the same menus from which you create your profile. Anyway, reddit is a good app...but I have 2 complaints. 1: I think it is time to let those who use the mobile app make rules. Why can’t we? There is literally no reason for this. 2: There is some sort of bug or glitch. I can’t create subs anymore. It says something went wrong, but my internet is fine and all the rest of of reddit works perfectly. Please fix this immediately.
App is ok. Platform is frustrating.
Zaose on 2020-10-26
Mostly annoying as all hell to click on something on the webpage and it FORCES you to use the app to read everything - so you click use the app. Oh but the app doesn’t know what you were looking at, so now I’m staring at Reddit’s main page and can’t get to what I was reading. Super lame. Of your going to FORCE the app on people then you better make it work right. Lame. Actually I was going to give this 3 stars (app works alright) but this issue is so frustrating it gets one star.
Absolute garbage
+)DonnieD(+ on 2020-10-26
It is a terrible company and a lowlife company the fact that they have these garbage apps that force you to use the app and they have a deal with lowlife Apple to force you to have to use this garbage up so you can’t avoid their stupid advertisement with an ad blocker means that redit and all the people that work for them are lowlife losers I only have this app so I can actually use the van read it but I actually hope y’all just go out of business
Pdawes on 2020-10-26
Was fine but as of October 2020 they removed the ability to sort comment sections by controversial. The main subs downvote any comments that go against the hivemind into oblivion and sorting by controversial is the only way to read opinions that go against the narrative. Them doing this in the leadup to an election knowing full well it is essentially silencing conservative voices is despicable.
Please remove the chat icon!
UFchan on 2020-10-26
I’ve been a Reddit user for 6 years and never want to chat on Reddit, please remove the chat icon, or make it optional. Thank you! I hate to see the red dot on the top right corner of the icon and have no idea how to remove the red dot. Also please make the message icon optional. Maybe you can make a light version for users like me? I would like to pay up to $5 for the functions mentioned above.
Chat Feature is a hit and miss
bloodydenial on 2020-10-26
The app works well for the most part aside from crashing randomly every few days. My main complaint is that the chat feature usually works or it doesn’t. If I share a post with a friend in chat, or vice versa, the chat tends to freeze and won’t move otherwise. Restarting my phone and app doesn’t help either. It tends to randomly fix itself but it can definitely be a better user experience.
More heavily censored than North Korea
Wakspiddlevak on 2020-10-26
The users and owners of reddit are so terrified of wrongthink that it's basically impossible for new users to even use the website. Most subreddits only allow posting if you have thousands of "karma" and it's impossible to get thousands of karma without posting. That's called a catch-22 This app is going the way of MySpace and it's not even worth bothering with.
Hate new comment sorting
Emmazingly5 on 2020-10-26
Why is it limited to “BEST”, “NEW”, “TOP”? AITA and RELATIONSHIP ADVICE are two subs where questions and answers come up all the time. How do you sort through 1000s of comments? What if I want to read the controversial comments to see how insane they are? This makes no sense. It’s also just an ugly oversized banner that seems out of place. Bring back the other sorting options please!!!!
consuela jefe rodeiguez on 2020-10-26
Reddit was ok, for a while it was not whitewashed and you could read opinions. Recently they’ve removed some of the key features of the app, so you won’t see opinions anymore. You will only see the echo chamber that is the hive mind of creepy people who have no experience in anything. Please, do not download this app if you want to stay unbiased.
Just another liberal machine
MrMarcosMiranda on 2020-10-26
Reddit is overtly liberal and anti-patriotism, conservatism, constitutionalism and facts. Why can’t big tech companies simply allow people to intelligently and respectfully hold different points of view on civil issues? The left-wing fascist infiltration in all layers of our fabric should highly concern all decent and educated Americans.

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