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Jun, 2022



Reddit is the place where people come together to have the most authentic and interesting conversations on the internet—Where gaming communities, nostalgic internet forums, bloggers, meme-makers, and fandoms mingle alongside video streamers, support groups, news junkies, armchair experts, seasoned professionals, and artists and creators of all types. With over 100,000 communities about every topic you could think of (and a few you’d probably never think of if it wasn’t for the creativity of strangers on the internet), Reddit is the place where you can dive into anything and connect with people on any topic. A few things you’ll find on Reddit… ■ Thousands of communities Whether you're into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet's cutest animals, there's a community on Reddit for you. ■ Laughs, lols, and plenty of ridiculousness Lose track of vast amounts of time as you find memes, bananas for scale, bread stapled to trees, cat videos, and more of the absurd and oddly absorbing. ■ The best discussions The real action is always in the comments. Reddit’s discussion threads are where community members jump in to provide commentary, humor, and insight. ■ Answers to questions you’re too afraid to ask in public Recipes, street fashion, career help, fitness plans, and more—find ideas and inspiration for whatever you want to do. ■ Live video streams, chats, and talks Want to know what people are doing right now? Streaming videos, live chats, and live audio conversations give you a variety of ways to connect with people in the moment. ■ Crowd-sourced points of view on just about everything Product reviewers, music critics, sports fans, or doge enthusiasts—find people that obsess and care about whatever it is you’re interested in. ■ Anonymous profiles so you can do you On Reddit, you (not your job, number of friends, or social status) define who you are. ■ Lots and lots of cats Reddit Premium: Purchase Reddit Premium and enjoy an ads-free experience, 700 coins for every month you’re subscribed, and access to premium avatar gear, r/lounge, custom app icons, and more. Payment will be charged on a recurring monthly or annual basis to your Apple ID account. Your monthly or annual Premium subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. Cancel anytime in your device’s Account Settings. No partial refunds. Privacy Policy: User Agreement: Content Policy: Download the official Reddit app today.

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Abusive and Discriminatory
LevitationX on 2022-07-03
If you are not a liberal or leftist, do not waste your time downloading this. Everything the top review said about retaliatory mods is 100% fact. You feel like an outcast that’s not allowed to step outside of your little box of the few conservative subs and if you do, you’re permanently banned instantly. If you say anything to the mods about it, they taunt you in messages and then mute you so you can’t say anything back after they’ve insulted you and name called you. This is absolutely DISGUSTING and this is the kind of behavior that I feel would drive someone to bring a lawsuit against Reddit because this kind of thing would get you immediately fired in pretty much any other company. But on Reddit, these mods have completely unchecked authority and there is no recourse and not a single thing you can do about them abusing their power. Ask yourself, do you really want to be a part of something like that? On this site, you either agree with the majority or you get abused, censored, and taunted. Again, this is behavior from MODERATORS. They hide behind their power and taunt you and disable your ability to say anything back. So they can continue to message you over and over and you can’t reply because they circumvent blocks by using mod privledges to call you derogatory names through the notification system. This happened for the third time in the r/comics sub. The first was in the r/facepalm sub, and the second was in some witch sub which wasn’t actually about witches but liberal memes or something. If you thought Twitter censorship was bad, this is no better.
Social experiments
Chasekidd on 2022-07-03
This app uses your browsing history to track what you like and suggest things for you on your feed. That’s whatever, every site does that now and I really don’t care. The problem is, I have an extreme phobia of bugs. If I see a post about bugs I downvote, press the see fewer posts like this etc. I do zero googling of insects obviously, I have no interaction with any posts relating to bugs. So for a week now, my entire feed has been insect posts. Roaches, maggots, bed bugs. Even suggesting sub reddits specifically catered to sharing these kinds of images. With the algorithms being as advanced as they are to the point of being invasive most the time, there’s no way Reddit isn’t aware of my phobia, and yet my feed is full of bugs. This is 100% a social experiment to see if their users will stop using the app when exposed to things they don’t like. Well congrats I’m deleting my account and the app.
Reddit app bugs ruining the app.
ekinsman93 on 2022-07-03
The app use to be great. It’s been a few days now, but it’s not working correctly. It’s not loading pictures posted by users. I can see word posts fine. I can navigate between subreddits fine. But when it comes to pictures, videos, and GIFs they won’t load. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes it will show a black square saying “picture was deleted” but if click on the picture…it appears. So the black square is a bug clearly. I updated the app today….still never fixed it. Can’t hardly use the app if I can’t even see what’s being posted. IF Reddit ever fixes it, I’ll change my review.
Stop forcing your app on me
Zoidberg MD on 2022-07-03
No company has remotely tried to push there app on me like Reddit does. While it was annoying at first, it’s down right intolerable now. They destroyed a perfectly good mobile site that was working perfect for years. It all comes down to money, which makes sense since they’re a business, but this is pure greed. If they had a true competitor I’d drop reddit in a heartbeat. Update: the mobile site is just getting worse and worse to force you onto there app. It worked perfect a decade ago, and now it’s garbage. The app is garbage too. I wish there was an alternative to Reddit
Better than the hub and possibly twitter
utcycyctcyc on 2022-07-03
I have to say this application is way better than twitter and Phub however one complain I do have is the lack of sound when I see a Latina with a giant booty and click on the post and see it has no sound instant mood killer cause all I hear is my family talking in the background cause of the lack of sound and it has me crying and saying “why can’t Reddit have sound” I became suicidal because e of the zero sound I was desperate so I searched up sound on the search bar and found “sounding” I was traumatized. Over all great app 4/5
Can you guys please stop fixing things that aren’t broken?
Cooodyy on 2022-07-03
The app works beautifully, but for some reason you folks feel like changing things just for the sake of changing things. Whether it’s switching the side of your profile, saved, settings, etc or messing with other settings that we’re all so used to. This most recent update took away the ability to show the “card” view when using the search bar in subreddits. Why? Some things you change I understand, but this one makes no sense. All it does is take away a functionality to make the UI more tailored to the individual.
Can no longer view comments on iOS app
RyanUniqueID1 on 2022-07-03
Tapping a post or the comment icon for a post no longer opens the comments for a post. It simply opens up a fullscreen preview of the post that cannot be dismissed without using a hidden gesture. Awful experience. This app has become effectively useless. And I can no longer open comments or post discussions. And great… Now posts will auto switch to the next one while you are reading the comments if there is a video on the post. INFURIATING.
Just really fun
Mr.Migile on 2022-07-03
I honestly just think the app is so fun, especially for people with multiple interests. There is a subreddit for about anything you can imagine. Cool place to connect with people of the same interest, in the same town, or school. I will say if you are a parent tho to block NSFW pages for your children because some stuff is a little in appropriate. Like I said just about anything is on here so be safe and smart.
Politically Biased
長中国 on 2022-07-03
Don’t expect to be able to have any kind of conversation or debate if you are moderate or even slightly right leaning. The moderators are all biased and will kick you off if they disagree with you, but if someone is harassing, threatening or attempts to dox you, they will find nothing wrong. I’m sure there are plenty of places for political conversation and diversity of ideas but this ain’t it.
App is worse than just using internet
nnbnnnnnnnnnnniifigvb on 2022-07-03
I scroll all day on web no problems with Reddit, the second I have to download app to see unreviewed content the app constantly stops working and shuts down or closes. Just allow people to see content on regular internet your stupid adds are already all over Reddit, no point in downloading app if I still see stupid adds that seem to be only for Rich people, who probably don’t even use Reddit.

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